Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough: Incinerator Room, Processing Area, and Where to Find the Shotgun and Scorpion Key

Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough: Incinerator Room, Processing Area, and Where to Find the Shotgun and Scorpion Key

Our full walkthrough to the unwelcoming world of Resident Evil 7 continues with this guide to finding the shotgun and the Scorpion Key.

Two dog heads down and one to go, but before we can get it we're going to need the Scorpion Key to open a few new doors in the house, fight some Molded and solve a tricky puzzle. Follow this Resident Evil 7 guide and you'll also find the shotgun.

(If you've landed on the wrong page and aren't this far into the game yet, head back to our guide to getting the first dog heads or over to the main Resident Evil 7 walkthrough page for all our guides and tips.

Heading down the stairs and along this linear path through the corridor – soon enough you'll encounter another Molded. This one is in your way, so you're going to have to take it down – a few well placed shots to the head should do it, and don't forget to block so you take less damage from its attacks. When you've taken care of him, head into the door on the right and enter the Incinerator Room.

Above the sink you'll find a note, and a clue on how to solve this puzzle. The note reads "three as and a handprint." Simply put, you need to look at each incinerator to find the name, and find the one with three as – Tamara. So, open that one at the end and the one in the middle with the bloody handprint. This will open the one on the far left (labelled "Travis") – be ready when it does though, because a stronger variant of the Molded will pop out.

Dispatch him – he'll probably take a few more shots than the ones you've encountered so far – and you'll be able to get the Dissection Key from where he was hiding, so take it. We could use it right now, but first we're going to tool ourselves up. So, leave the Incinerator room and head south. The door on your left is locked, and there's another area also on the left that leads to the Boiler Room and Dissection Room, but that's filled with Molded so for now we're going to get a few supplies to make our lives a bit easier.

The Scorpion Key location in Resident Evil 7

Carry on down the corridor and interact with the corrugated divide at the end to reach an open room with a few goodies. There should be an Antique Coin in the piece of broken wall on your left, and some consumables in the destructible crates dotted around as well as a map of the Processing Area. Your eye will likely be drawn to the suspicious package of (we presume) meat further in this room, and with good reason – sticking out of it you'll find the Scorpion Key, which lets you open the doors adorned with Scorpions throughout the house.

Before leaving, check the rack in the corner for a "Treasure Photo" – if you don't recognise the location depicted, it's the fireplace in the 1F Drawing Room, back where you came out of when you completed the Hawk shadow puzzle. Return there and examine a stone in the upper left of the fireplace to get some Steroids, which are used to increase your maximum health permanently.

Before you head there though, make sure to pick up the various consumables you should find dotted around – there's a herb in the cage. Head to the south west door, picking up the Chem Fluid in the cabinet along the way - this path will lead you to a locked snake door you can't open yet, but you'll also find some handy Psychostimulants and some Shotgun Shells, as well as a Mr Everywhere bobblehead to smash.

Once you've collected all that, you could now proceed to the Dissection Room, but we advise making a slight backtrack to the Main Hall to pick up that shotgun we saw earlier. So, Scorpion Key in hand, make your way all the way back upstairs to the Main Hall (feel free to sort your inventory and save in the Safe Room at the top of the stairs on your way) and head upstairs to the Recreation Room on the west side of the house from before. Keep an eye out though, because Jack will be patrolling the area, so make sure you avoid him as best you can – he's not worth wasting ammo on, as he won't stay down for very long.

How to get the Shotgun in Resident Evil 7

Once you make it back to the Recreation Room, head for the door adorned with Scorpions and unlock it with your new key. Inside, you'll find plenty of useful items, including consumables such as ammo and Chem Fluid, and a couple of files named "Memo About Relief" and the "Doctor's Letter". The main thing we're here for should be immediately obvious – the Broken Shotgun directly to the side as you come in, so grab it and make your way back downstairs to the Main Hall – again, avoiding Jack as you go.

Back in the main hall, it should be pretty obvious what you're doing next; head to the statue holding the working Shotgun, take it and immediately replace it with the Broken Shotgun. Et voila: a new – and very effective – means of taking down the Molded. Head back to the Processing Area with your new toy – again feel free to stop off at the safe room on the way – and prepare to enter the Boiler Room and Dissection Room.

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