Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough: Kids Room and Master Bedroom, Judgement Shadow Puzzle, and How To Get the Keycards

Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough: Kids Room and Master Bedroom, Judgement Shadow Puzzle, and How To Get the Keycards

Finding the Attic remote control and solving the Judgement shadow puzzle in Resident Evil 7. Get the keycards with this Resident Evil 7 walkthrough.

Having been introduced to the son of the Baker family, Lucas, your next objective in Resident Evil 7 is to find two keycards in order to reach his lair, which can be found in the Kids Room and the Master Bedroom, both behind Snake Doors. These two rooms can be done in either order, but we'll be tackling the Kids Room first in this Resident Evil 7 guide.

Refer to the previous page to find out how to get hold of the snake key, and visit the main Resident Evil 7 walkthrough page for our guides to the rest of the game.

Make your way to the Main Hall, keeping an eye out for the pair of Molded that are now patrolling the area. Dispatch or avoid them as you see fit – bear in mind the one with the pincer will take a few more shots to go down – and head upstairs and west to the corridor outside the Recreation Room. The Kid's Room is the Snake Door to the south, so use the Snake Key and head on inside.

Where to find the Attic Remote Control in Resident Evil 7

Make sure to pick up and read the "Lucas Journal" file from the desk to the east, and the "Torn Page from Journal" on the desk to the west, and nab a lock pick from inside the vase on the shelf. If you read those two files, you probably already have a good idea that what you're looking for is the lamp on the table in the middle of the room. Pick it up and rotate it until you can see underneath the shade to find a button, which you should press.

This will drop down a ladder in the corner of the room. Head on up and open the cupboard in front of you to obtain the "Happy Birthday" VHS. Behind you there's a Mr Everywhere on the right wall, just above the ladder. Meanwhile in the corner by the ladder, there's a toy axe and a toy shotgun – these aren't essential by any means, but if you've got the inventory space grab them. If you've been paying attention, you can probably guess where we're going to use one of them, but we'll deal with that later.

Solving the Judgement Shadow Puzzle in Resident Evil 7

For now, make your way to the end of the attic where you'll see what should now be a familiar sight – another Shadow Puzzle. This time, the sculpture is already in place, so all you have to do is rotate it until it resembles the executioner's silhouette on the wall. Once you've done that, the house next to it will pop up, revealing the Keycard (Blue.)

You're now free to leave the Kids Bedroom and, if you want, return to a safe room to deposit your things – here may be the best time to return to the Main Hall and replace the Broken Shotgun with the Toy Shotgun, but you won't be able to repair it yet, so leave it in an item box once you do. Be warned too if you head to the safe room in the trailer that two Molded will now be patrolling the yard too, so be wary of them.

Next up is the Master Bedroom. Head to the East Side of the Main Hall back in the Main House and open the Snake Door with the Snake Key. Pick up all the loot you find – we found various consumables in the Master Bedroom including a herb inside the desk and a lockpick inside a box on the table. Then head into the Storage Room – on the left of this room is another Treasure Photo that you'll need to repair the Broken Shotgun we nabbed earlier. We can't get to the location it shows yet, so don't worry about finding it for now. Also in this storage room is a herb in a drawer, and – crucially – another backpack on the metal shelf against the wall, giving you even more inventory space, make sure you nab it before you continue.

Once you've done that, head over to the globe, which should have a "Clock Memo" file attached to it. Give it a read, as it hints at the next puzzle: "The same time as all the other clocks." – head down to the clock in the Main Hall, and return to the Master Bedroom to set the clock on the table to the same time – for us, it was 10:15. Upon doing this, the bed will move and reveal a secret passage, that'll take you to the workshop in the B1 Processing Area.

Grab the Keycard (Red) from the table, and some Enhanced Handgun Ammo from the locker opposite, and unlock the door so you can leave. Watch out for some more Molded attacking you as you try and leave the basement, and make your way back once more to the Main Hall. The phone will ring as you get there, so answer it and then head back to the trailer and the safe room within – keeping an eye out for the Molded in the yard if you didn't dispatch them earlier.

With both keycards in hand, you're almost ready to move onto Lucas' lair, but first we've got a videotape to watch – this one's a little bit more essential viewing – so get the Happy Birthday tape out from either your inventory or the item storage, and pop it in the VCR before heading to the next part of our Resident Evil 7 walkthrough.

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