Resident Evil 7 Madhouse Walkthrough: Main House Changes

Resident Evil 7 Madhouse Walkthrough: Main House Changes

This is what's different in the Main House in Madhouse mode of Resident Evil 7. Use this guide to survive Madhouse mode.

Once you beat Resident Evil 7 once, you unlock Madhouse mode, which increases the difficulty of the game. But it also remixes some elements such as item and enemy placement, making what was once familiar slightly more unfamiliar.

It doesn't start right away – the beginning sequence in the Guest House is nearly identical to Normal mode – but once you get dragged to the Main House, things get moved around. This Resident Evil 7 Madhouse guide will show you the differences you can expect in Madhouse mode all the way through your first expedition in the Main House.

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Resident Evil 7 Madhouse Mode Guide

Since most of what you do is identical to normal play, these walkthroughs will detail the differences between Madhouse and playing normally. For complete walkthroughs of what's covered here, check out the following links:

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Cassette Tapes in Resident Evil 7 Madhouse Mode

Normally in Resident Evil 7, you can save at any tape recorder an unlimited amount of times, but in Madhouse mode, you are limited by the number of Cassette Tapes you have. One save consumes one Cassette Tape much like Ink Ribbons in the old Resident Evil games. You'll usually find them next to the save points. Make sure you ration them well, only using one when you know you're about to go through a tough section. The first tapes you find are in the Guest House by the stairs to the Attic, and you'll also find them in the two save rooms in the Main House. You'll also find one in the Processing Area in the room where the Scorpion Key was in the normal game. That's seven saves that you have at your disposal before you open the dog head door. Make them count.

The Scorpion Key and the Shotgun in Resident Evil 7 Madhouse Mode

Speaking of the Scorpion Key, its location is now completely different. In fact, you'll see it as soon as you walk into the Main Hall. The catch is that it's locked in the same kind of bird cage that you can buy upgrades from. Here it costs three Antique Coins to get the Scorpion Key, which will grant you access to the Shotgun immediately, as well as unlocking the shortcut to the Processing Center, effectively negating the need to solve the shadow puzzle with the Wooden Statuette from the upstairs Bathroom.

Since you can get the Scorpion Key immediately upon entering the Main Hall, that means that you can get the Shotgun right away as well. You get it the same way as before: by getting the Broken Shotgun from Grandma's Room and replacing the working Shotgun with the broken one. However, you can also get the Broken Shotgun back earlier, as the Model Shotgun is now found in the Dissection Room in the Processing Area.

Enemy Encounters and Jack in Resident Evil 7 Madhouse Mode

Your first fight with Jack in the Garage, where the Car Keys are laying out in the open on a tool rack, is now much harder, as the Car Keys are inside a locked toolbox on the rack. To gain access to it, you need to find the Lock Pick that's on another tool bench next to the garage door leading outside. You can then use the Lock Pick to open the toolbox and get the Car Keys.

Jack also surprises you soon after when you use the Ox Statuette and enter the Main Hall. Normally, when you start exploring past the Main Hall, you'll have most of the place to yourself until you pick up the Wooden Statuette from the Bathroom and Jack ambushes you. But in Madhouse mode, Jack comes back for you much earlier. In fact, as soon as you climb the stairs or take the Scorpion Key, Jack will emerge from the double doors toward where you last left him. This makes exploration a lot harder since you're hunted from the get go. Try to lose Jack before going through the Scorpion Door to the Processing Area, and make sure you go to Grandma's Room and get the Broken Shotgun. You can subdue Jack with enough gunfire, but you might not want to expend the resources, so running is generally the best option.

Enemies are also in different places and configurations. Instead of a straight stretch from the Scorpion Door to the Processing Area, you'll now come face to face with a 4-Legged Molded before you can make it to the save room. In the Incinerator Room in the Processing Area, you'll no longer be ambushed by a Molded when you solve the incinerator puzzle. Instead, you'll run into two as you attempt to leave the room. The Boiler Room now no longer has multiple Molded in it, but rather a single 4-Legged Molded.

For the next part of the Madhouse walkthrough, check out Resident Evil 7 Madhouse Walkthrough: Old House Changes.

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