Resident Evil 7 Madhouse Walkthrough: Old House Changes

Resident Evil 7 Madhouse Walkthrough: Old House Changes

Here's what's different in the Old House in Resident Evil 7's Madhouse mode.

Once you successfully dispatch Jack Baker in the Processing Center, you'll have cleared a major hurdle in Resident Evil 7's Madhouse mode. Now you can head out into the Yard and explore the Old House, where Mutated Marguerite is waiting. This Resident Evil 7 Madhouse Mode guide will cover the changes to the old house.

Resident Evil 7 Madhouse Old House Changes

Take the three dog heads and open the door to the Yard – don't forget to use the Model Shotgun you found in the Dissection Room to get the Broken Shotgun, as you'll be able to use it very soon. From here, there are some big differences from the regular Old House that can drastically change the way you play through the area.

For all the changes in Madhouse mode to the Main House, check out Resident Evil 7 Madhouse Walkthrough: Main House Changes. And for the walkthrough of the normal Old House, refer to these links:

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The Grenade Launcher is In the Trailer

Normally, you'd find the Grenade Launcher behind the crow door in the Main House after your business in the Old House is complete. Once you enter the trailer in the Yard for the first time, though, you'll come face to face with it lying there across from the entrance. This gives you a powerful weapon that you didn't have the first time through the Old House, but know that you're not going to find a ton of ammo for it. If you plan on using it, you're going to need to have some Strong Chem Fluid to combine with either Solid Fuel or Supplements, and there's only so much fluid to go around.

The Repair Kit is Now In A Different Spot

Normally, you need to rip a metal sheet off of the front of the deck in the Yard to get to a Repair Kit, but when you look in Madhouse mode, the Repair Kit is notably absent. It's now in a different location, but it didn't go too far. From the trailer, go to the left side of the house and look in the sizable alcove to the left of the dog head door. This isn't that big of a change, but the context in which you find the Repair Kit is much different than in the normal game. In Madhouse, you've already likely gotten the Broken Shotgun thanks to the Model Shotgun you found in the Dissection Room. This means that you can have access to the M21 Shotgun before you even enter the Old House, which is a huge boon on this harder difficulty setting.

For more information on how to use Repair Kits as well as their locations in the normal game, check out Resident Evil 7: How to Find and Use Repair Kits.

Molded Now Join the Bugs In the Old House

In the normal game, you merely had to contend with the insects infesting the house, but on Madhouse mode, you'll now have to deal with Molded as well. In the room by the water hole off of the entryway, you'll run into a blade-weilding Molded even as you attempt to avoid the many nests in the room. And when you use the Crank to create a shortcut in the entryway, two Molded will jump up in front of and behind you as you try to cross. Relying only on weapons that are effective against bugs isn't going to cut it in Madhouse mode.

The Broken Handgun is Now In the Greenhouse

After getting the Grenade Launcher from the trailer, you'll notice that the Broken Handgun that you got in the regular game there is gone. In Madhouse, you find it much later, on the second floor of the Greenhouse right before your fight with Mutated Marguerite. If you used the Repair Kit you found earlier on the Broken Shotgun already, you'll need to wait until later to repair it, but you may not care all that much. Playing in Madhouse mode means you've already cleared the game once and unlocked the Albert-01R, which is far more powerful than any of the handguns in the game. Only prioritize repairing the Broken Handgun in Madhouse if you really want an option that has more than three bullets per clip. Otherwise, stick with the Albert-01R.

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