Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough: Main Hall, Finding the Dog Heads, and Solving The First Shadow Puzzle

Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough: Main Hall, Finding the Dog Heads, and Solving The First Shadow Puzzle

Meet the Molded and get your collectible collection started in earnest. How to solve the shadow puzzle in Resident Evil 7.

With your first battle with Jack behind you, your next task is to find the three dog heads to fit in the door to get outside the main house so you can explore the rest of the Baker estate. Here's where and how to find them, during which you'll have your first encounter with Resident Evil 7's most "zombie-like" enemies, The Molded.

For the previous part of this guide, check out our opening guide to the Main House, how to access the main hall,and how to face Immortal Jack. For the full rundown on tackling everything in the game, head over the complete Resident Evil 7 walkthrough.

Upon entering the main hall, take a look to your left to be introduced to the "Mr Everywhere" statue. These are the game's collectables, dotted throughout the game. As the note attached says, the game wants you to shoot it, so do so – or use a knife to save ammo. Getting them all will nab you an achievement – for the full list of locations, check out our guide to finding all the Mr. Everywhere bobbleheads.

Once you've done that feel free to start exploring the main hall and pick up any items you may find – there should be a herb, gunpowder and an Antique Coin to pick up next to the statue, in the wardrobe and in the drawers respectively. At some point while exploring the phone on the table over by the front doors will ring, so pick it up and listen to the dialogue before continuing on. After the conversation, head towards the north-east door. It'll be locked, but next to it you should find the clock pendulum, so make sure to pick it up so it's in your inventory, you'll be needing it very soon.

Finding the Dog Heads in Resident Evil 7

Just off from the main hall you should see a pedestal with a light – this is the first of the game's shadow puzzles, but you can't tackle it yet so just make a note of its location for now (or you can try using your knife on it for another achievement.) You may also notice a statue holding a shotgun in a nod to the famous puzzle from Resident Evil 1. However, trying to take the shotgun will cause you to become trapped in this room so again, just make a note of its location for now. Finally, you should also be able to find a couple of handy Chem Fluid between these two points of interest, so make sure to grab them too and read any files lying around.

Clock Pendulum in hand, return back through the double doors you came into the Main Hall from and head to the living room. Then place the pendulum into the clock to get the White Dogs Head. Return to the main hall with it in hand and immediately place it into the door at the front of the hall with the dog motif on it so as to free some space in your inventory.

Now you want to head up the stairs, and head through the west door to the upstairs corridor. Up here, head right and along the outside and then enter the Recreation Room. Head south in this room, and find the book on the shelf – examine it and rotate it until you're looking at the pages, which will then give you a prompt to open it up, revealing the Blue Dog's Head.

Now you've got that, proceed to mop up the other items in this room, including two files named "Jack's Memo" and "Jack's Journal" – the latter is in a drawer to the east – an Antique Coin in the north east corner near a Mr Everywhere bobblehead, and Gunpowder in a bin to the south. You should also notice a door adorned with scorpions on it, which is locked for now, so make a mental note of it, you'll be coming back here later.

Finally at the bar is a TV and VHS player, with the "Mia" tape conveniently placed nearby. This tape isn't an essential viewing (unless you're going for the Be Kind, Rewind trophy), though it certainly will prove helpful if you decide to watch it, so feel free to either watch it now or store it away to see it later – if you're doing it now, check out here for our Mia Tape Walkthrough Guide.

Now it's time to find the third and final Dog's Head. Leave the Recreation Room and head south east towards the bathroom – check the drawers for consumables along the way before you enter, and make sure you have some inventory space. If you're looking a little overburdened, you may notice the broken banister – drop down there for a handy shortcut back to the laundry safe room and drop some things off in the box, and on your way back feel free to put the Blue Dog's Head in the door back in the Main Hall.

Once you're ready, head into the bathroom and grab the items around the sides first – there should be handgun ammo in the drawer and an Antique Coin in the toilet. Once you've got these, drain the bathtub in the middle of the room to reveal a Wooden Statuette. However, as you go to pick it up Jack will make reappearance. After he demonstrates his gift, move around the bathtub to escape him – and be aware he'll now be patrolling around the main hall throughout the next bit, so make sure to avoid him as much as possible. A good tip once leaving the bathroom is to head down the broken banister shortcut we mentioned earlier to get to the laundry safe room – don't worry, he won't follow you into here.

Sky Hunter Shadow Puzzle Solution - How to Solve the Shadow Puzzle

Once you've shaken Jack, make your way cautiously back to the main hall and head to the Shadow Puzzle pedestal mentioned earlier. Use the Wooden Statuette on the pedestal, and then your goal is to rotate the sculpture until the shadow matches the Hawk on the wall. Once you've done that, a passage will open up between the walls, so head right on through it to the other side to find yourself in the Drawing Room.

Nab the stuff from in here – a Chem Fluid in the fridge, Handgun Ammo in the breakable crate, Shotgun Shells underneath the painting, a Herb in the corner and some Psychostimulants which makes finding items a lot easier by having them show up as markers in your vision for a limited time. Finally, look out for another Mr Everywhere bobblehead just next to the door with the crow on it too.

In the next room to the west, you should find an Antique Coin in the ash tray on the table, and gunpowder in the trays on the right. Once you've nabbed these, head north into the Monitoring Room, and notice the walls are covered in an icky black substance. As you move further into the room, you'll hear a noise and come across your first encounter with The Molded. Feel free to either fight this guy or run past him – if you do take him on, a few shots to the head will see him go down, but conserving ammo may be the better option at this point. Whichever you choose, head through the door, around the corridor to the north and into the corner room. This is a safe room, so our moldy friend won't follow us in here.

Take the opportunity to save your game and manage your inventory and raid this room for items – there should be some consumables in the wardrobe and Travis' Memo in the drawer – make sure to flip it over and read both sides if you're going for The Devil is in the Details trophy to read every file in one playthrough.

Then you're ready to leave the room and head down the stairs into the B1 Processing Area, which is the next part of our guide.

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