Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough: Main House, Getting To the Main Hall, How To Beat Immortal Jack

Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough: Main House, Getting To the Main Hall, How To Beat Immortal Jack

Here's how you escape the clutches of Jack Baker and get to the Main Hall in Resident Evil 7. A walkthrough of the main house in Resident Evil 7.

After you defeat Mia in the Guest House's attic, Jack Baker knocks you out and drags you to the main house, which serves as a hub for much of the game. First, though, you have to escape the clutches of Jack and find a way to get to the Main Hall. In this Resident Evil 7 guide, we'll show you how to do just that.

If you haven't made it this far yet, head back to our page on getting through the guest house, rescuing Mia, and fighting her. You can find the full list of guides on our main Resident Evil 7 walkthrough.

How to Beat Jack in Resident Evil 7

Once you're free of your bonds grab the “Home-improvement Store Receipt” File from the wall nearby, then go into the Living Room next door and grab the Handgun Ammo and the “Newspaper Article – Missing People” from a pile of newspapers on the table. Also go to the kitchen and get the Herb in the bin there.

Exit into the corridor and follow it until you see Jack come around the corner and start messing with something by an end table. Immediately upon seeing him, backtrack until you're out of sight. He's on his way to return to the Dining Area, and once he sees you're not there, he will start hunting you. Hiding in the Living Room is a good option. Once you see him going another way, go back out into the hallway and go to the end table he was fiddling with before. Get the Hatch Key from here and go to the room connected to the Kitchen and use it on the hatch on the ground there.

If Jack spots you, you still have to get the key and get through the hatch, but all while Jack is chasing and attacking you. Keep your distance and try to wrangle him so that you have a clear shot to your destination. He may start busting through walls, creating massive holes in them. Use them to your advantage in order to get around him. If you have to get past him, run like hell so you don't take too much damage. It's likely that he'll catch you just as you make it to the hatch and cut off your leg. In this case, pick up the Leg and crawl towards him to pick up the Strong First Aid Med. Use it to reattach your leg, then quickly turn around and unlock the hatch. Once you're through the hatch, he'll leave you alone for the moment.

Go through this crawlspace area and pick up the Antique Coin on the lawnmower here. Keep going until you emerge in a Laundry Room that also functions as a safe room, complete with an Item Box and save point. As long as you're in this room, enemies won't come after you. Search this room for an Herb and a Chem Fluid. A box on a shelf that you can open while you're investigating it contains a Lock Pick. Try to leave the room, answer the phone, then actually leave the room.

Head down the corridor to the right and go to the window where you'll see a police officer knocking. He'll eventually give you a knife and tell you to meet him in the Garage. Go back to the staircase with a big sign that says “Garage” on it and descend. Cut the tape off the door opener and push it to gain access to the Garage.

Here you'll need to fight Jack, so pick up the G17 Handgun off the ground and run to the desk in the corner and grab the Car Keys. Put a bit of distance between you and Jack, then make a break for the car and start it. Use it to ram Jack over and over until a cutscene ends the fight. Climb the ladder that's now accessible and grab the Shotgun Shells and Ox Statuette before dropping down outside the Garage again. You can get the Ox Statuette out of a frame in a trolley by looking at the back of the frame and unscrewing it. Go to the double doors to the right of where you got the Hatch Key and use the Ox Statuette to gain access to the Main Hall.

Head on to find out how to solve the first shadow puzzle in Resident Evil 7.

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