Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough: Mia Tape and Getting Away from Marguerite

Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough: Mia Tape and Getting Away from Marguerite

How to survive the second optional VHS side-mission in Resident Evil 7. Learn how to get away from Marguerite in this walkthrough.

The Mia tape is one of several optional VHS tapes that you can find on your adventure in Resident Evil 7. Found in the Recreation Room of the main house during your hunt for the three Dog Heads. Playing as Mia, your aim in the tape is to make it through the Old House without being caught by Marguerite – this Resident Evil 7 guide will get you through in one piece while avoiding the matriarch of the Baker clan. If you need help in the main game, check out the main Resident Evil 7 walkthrough and guide page.

How to Get Away From Marguerite in Resident Evil 7

As soon as you gain control, head straight ahead into the Old House. Don't worry about items, you won't be picking anything up here. Once inside, head left and go through the door in the north, then head through this room to the only other door on the eastern side.

Once you're in this room, slowly creep around the corner, and Marguerite will enter from the door in front of you. Don't panic, just backtrack around the corner where you came from and duck behind the box until she passes by you through the door in front of you on the right. Once she's in there, come out from your hiding place and rather than follow her, head through the door she came in from in the first place.

Run through here, past another shadow puzzle, and head to the walkway outside and hide as far in the right corner as you possibly can. Marguerite won't be far away, and after her spiel, you'll hear Mia say "No, don't come over here." – don't worry, as long as you're tucked away enough Marguerite won't find you.

After she's finished talking and all is clear, head inside to the shadow puzzle and interact with the object on the stone plinth. Just like in the previous shadow puzzle you want to rotate the shape until it matches the silhouette on the wall – this time, it's a spider. Once you've done that, the wall should open up and you're free to proceed into the next area.

Upon moving forward, Marguerite will once again appear ahead of you. As soon as she does, quickly duck behind the pile of debris ahead. She'll walk slowly around this debris in a circle, so staying out of her sight carefully circle your way around it until you can break away from her sight when she gets to roughly the wall you came in from. Make a beeline for the far corner and drop into the small tunnel. Simply follow this tunnel to the end, and interact with the picture in the box on your right to make the lights go out and trigger the end of the videotape.

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