Resident Evil 7: Old Videotape Guide - How To Find Eveline

Resident Evil 7: Old Videotape Guide - How To Find Eveline

How to make your way through the ship during Resident Evil 7's last tape. Follow this guide to find Eveline.

The final videotape of Resident Evil 7's main game is also the longest – and it's mandatory. In this Resident Evil 7 guide we'll walk through playing as Mia in the past trying to track down Eveline as she wrecks havoc on the ship transporting them to an unknown destination.

For the previous part of this Resident Evil 7 walkthrough, visit our guide to exploring the wrecked ship and finding the fuse.

Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough - How to Find Eveline

As with the other tapes, it opens with a cutscene. As soon as you regain control, read the "Orders" file on your desk along with some Machine Gun Ammo you should take. Speaking of, look in your inventory and you should find you're now equipped with said Machine Gun – and there's lots of ammo for it in this section, so feel free to be a bit more liberal with your shots.

Exit the room and you'll find yourself in another square corridor with many rooms branching off of it. As the cutscene tells you, your watch that normally shows your health now has a tracking function, and it's set to home in on Eveline. Head clockwise around the corridor (you'll pass an elevator, but you can't use it just yet) and enter the open door you'll see on the north side. In the south west there's a small gap, crawl through here to get past the locked door.

In this room you'll find a huge mass of mold on the floor that Mia will call "vomit" – examine it to reset the tracker. Leave the room, and continue to follow the corridor around to the east and head into the door on the left in a room with some bunk beds. Kill the Molded that's hanging around here, and collect the consumables lying around including some Supplements and a Herb. Head through the south door, and continue around until you come back to the elevator from earlier, which you can now call. Once you step in, a Molded will pay you a surprise visit, so dispatch it and then press the button to head to S2.

Once the elevator opens, follow the corridor and kill the Molded that turns up from the alcove on your left then carry on through the next corridor – another Molded will drop down dead ahead, so be ready. The door on the right is locked so don't bother with that, but before you head through the one on the left be sure to grab the pair of Remote Bombs in the cupboard on the wall at the end of this corridor.

Inside the next room, which appears to be an Engine Room of sorts, follow the path along up the stairs that spiral around, up and left. As you probably noticed when you entered, more Molded are spawning in along your route, so dispatch them as you go – feel free to use one of your new Remote Bombs if you like - until you reach the double doors at the top. Head on through, and along the next corridor, checking the locked door on your right as you do. You'll receive a phonecall telling you that you need to find some Corrosive to melt down the locks on the doors.

Head to the room at the end, interact with the corrugated divider to pull it out of the way and retrieve the three bottles of Corrosive behind it. Return to the door and use one of your Corrosives on the mechanism to open it up. Inside this room, check the only other door to find it's locked, then return from where you came to see Evelyn high tailing it and the ship's alarm will start blaring.

Make your way all the back to the elevator – taking a phone call along the way – and watch out for more Molded showing up in the room immediately after you hang up. Take care of them, and as you exit this room you should come across another door sealed with the same mechanism you used the Corrosive on before. Feel free to use another on here and collect the goodies – a pair of Remote Bombs another bottle of Corrosive and some Machine Gun Ammo – if you need them. Afterward, carry on back on the path to the elevator, taking care of a few more Molded along the way. Call it, and head on up to the only other button you can press – floor 3.

Before you get there, however, the elevator will break down and you'll be told the emergency safety lockdown system has been engaged – barriers will now be blocking your progress. Climb out of the elevator, and head west to the safe room that you began this videotape in for another short scene. Afterwards, head east back to the room with the bunk beds, and use the Corrosive on the cabinet on the corner for some more Remote Bombs and again on the next cabinet just around the corner – keeping an eye out for the claw-handed Molded that comes from the left.

Enter the double doors behind him and pass through into the next room after that. On the upper right wall ahead of you, you should see a trail that leads to a vent you can climb through, so do that and head through the door into the stairwell before heading upstairs.

Head through the door on the right once more and – just like before you started the VHS tape – pass through into the room with the TV, but this time carry on straight through into the next room to find Alan crouching on the floor. Approach him for another cutscene. Once you have control again, pass through the door in front of you, and head to the computer dead ahead. Interact with it, and after this scene carry on through the door in front of you and proceed forward into one final cutscene and the end of the videotape. Your next task is to fix the ship's elevator.

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