Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough: the Detention Room, How To Get the Grenade Launcher and the Snake Key

Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough: the Detention Room, How To Get the Grenade Launcher and the Snake Key

Finally, some decent firepower - and a choice of where to go next. Get the Grenade Launcher in Resident Evil 7 and find the Snake Key.

After a tough and hopefully final battle with Marguerite, your objective now is to find the D-Series Arm and get the Snake Key. This Resident Evil 7 guide will show you how to get the D-Series Arm and the Snake Key as well as probably one of the best weapons in the game – the Grenade Launcher.

If you've landed here a bit too early, our full Resident Evil 7 walkthrough will show you how to get past the last boss fight and get tooled up, and how to load up on all the collectibles to boot.

After setting the lantern on the scales, make your way forward and be sure to read the notes as you explore the Kids Room, the Diseased Room and, finally, the Detention Room. Inside the last one you'll find a creepy-looking dolls house in the corner. Examine it to find a clue that shows a crude map of the room you're in, indicating a secret hidden behind the bed.

Head there, crouch and look towards the wall, and you'll see a secret passage outline in the wall. Push it open and head on in to find a secret area with the D-Series Arm hidden inside. Once you've nabbed it, retreat back out of the Altar and make your way back through the house, though be aware that Molded will now appear on your route, so either avoid or shoot them as you see fit. About halfway out of the house, the phone will ring, so answer it before making your way back to the trailer in the yard.

Once you make it there, you'll receive yet another phone call. Answer it, and after the conversation check the fridge as instructed. Rotate the object until you find the note on the back, which tells you that you need to return to the Dissection Room in the Main House.

How to get Resident Evil 7's Grenade Launcher and Snake Key

Before you head there though, there's another Crow Door in the main house to open, so head back into the Main Hall, then to the eastern wing and then south to the Drawing Room. Use your Crow Key to unlock the door inside to make your way into Supplies where, as the name suggests, you'll find some supplies in the form of some consumables and the highlight – a working Grenade Launcher. Grab everything, then head to the north east Main House safe room to use the item box to sort your inventory and dump the Crow Key – you won't be needing it again.

From here, head down to the B1 Processing Area and back into the Boiler Room, keeping one eye out for the surprise Molded that tries to jump you from the wall as you go down the steps into the Morgue area. These Molded are slightly faster than any you've faced before, but the same rules for fighting them that you've used before still apply – keep back, and aim for the head. After dispatching it, head up to the Dissection Room, where you'll find a message from Lucas and an old friend. Investigate the corpse from the neck to obtain the Snake Key.

Now you've got the last of the animal keys, exit the room and watch out for the two enemies that are waiting on the stairs to the left – we advise avoiding them rather than wasting your ammo, so turn right and sprint down the steps and use the Snake Key on the Snake Door at the bottom.

Make your way back up to the Main House 1F safe room while avoiding any enemies, and do as you see fit. With the Snake Key now in our grasp, we can explore two new areas upstairs – the Kids Room and the Master Bedroom. It's up to you which order you explore these in.

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