Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough: the Old House, the Crow Key, how to avoid Marguerite and get the Flamethrower - Spend Antique Coins

Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough: the Old House, the Crow Key, how to avoid Marguerite and get the Flamethrower - Spend Antique Coins

Get your sneak on as you craft your own flamethrower in Resident Evil 7. How to get the Crow Key and avoid Marguerite.

You've made it outside the main Baker residence, but their estate still has plenty left to explore. First off, it's time to return to the Old House and get reacquainted with Marguerite Baker and her many, many bugs. In this Resident Evil 7 guide we'll help you find the Crow key and get the Flamethrower.

This takes place right after the chainsaw Jack boss fight. If you're not sure where you are, our Resident Evil 7 walkthrough and tips page will hold all the answers.

After placing all three Dog Heads in the door and opening it up, you'll find yourself on the front porch of the Baker's house – immediately in front of you can see a trailer, but before that make a turn left and pick up the herb and gunpowder there. Then, come back to the door and investigate the pot on the right of the steps to nab yourself a lockpick. Finally, turn right into the corner, and you should find an Antique Coin laying in another pot on the grass.

Now head for the trailer. Just before you enter, there's a Mr Everywhere bobblehead just underneath the door and once inside, you'll find a few things to collect including a Broken Handgun on the bed, the "Zoe's Investigation Notes" on the pinboard and an Antique Coin on the table. Grab all these, and then feel free to take a look around. As you've probably gathered, the trailer is another safe room, but in addition to the Item Box and Tape Player to save at, there's also a VHS player and TV, and three curious birdcages.

How to spend Antique Coins in Resident Evil 7

These birdcages are where you spend those Antique Coins you've hopefully been gathering up so far. You won't have them all just yet, so don't worry – but if you nab enough you'll be able to claim each of the prizes contained within. The first – for 3 coins – contains Steroids for increasing your health, the second 5 coin stage contains a Stabilizer which will shorted your reloading speed and the final one for 9 coins contains the 44 Magnum – a strong pistol with a large kickback, but greater stopping power. If you have enough coins to get something at this point, feel free to do so, or save them for later – you'll be coming back here often, so it's your choice.

Feel free to dump some of your inventory in the item box if you need – it's worth noting that unlike other Resident Evil games, keys do not get disposed of once they've outlived their usefulness, so you may want to leave the Scorpion Key as you likely won't need it for a while. As you attempt to leave the trailer, the phone will ring – so answer it and listen to the conversation before leaving again.

Once outside the trailer, look straight ahead at the main house and look towards the left hand set of stairs. Slightly to the right of those stairs, at ground level, you should see a piece of corrugated iron used to repair a hole. Interact with it to rip it open, and you'll find a box inside the hole which you can smash to obtain a weapon repair kit. Use this on the Broken Handgun you recovered from the trailer earlier to get yourself a slightly upgraded M19 Pistol handgun.

Outside once more, head down the north east path and over the bridge – this will take you to a familiar sight if you played the Mia tape from earlier; the Old House. Smash the crates on the right for some ammo, and then step inside.

In a change from your visit during the Mia VHS, you'll now find the place literally crawling with bugs. Get out your knife and slash away the bigger ones in your path. You could go into the Living Room on the right, but it's currently filled with nests that launch painful swarms of insects and are tricky to clear right now, so instead make a left and head north and through the door by the pool in the middle of the room.

In this Guest Room, you'll find a warning written on the wall and a nest that will attack you with a swarm as you approach. You could destroy it with your current weapons, but for now it's easier to just run through the room to the door on the other side. You should recognise the next corridor from the Mia tape as the place where you hid behind the crate – this time go right into the Dining Room and scour the cupboards for consumables and collectibles including Solid Fuel, Shotgun Shells and, in the Lockpick drawer, a med pack. If you're feeling brave and not particularly arachnophobic, you can swipe away at the spiders on the locker too and get the goodies including a Strong Chem Fluid inside, but we advise coming back to this locker later when you're better equipped.

How to get the flamethrower in Resident Evil 7

Go north through the next door to find yourself back outside. Immediately turn right on the porch to find psychostimulants and a lockpick. After that, head up the walkway and turn right into the Water Station Outhouse where you should find a herb and a Burner Nozzle, which is the first component you'll need to make the flamethrower. Having acquired this, head back into the house and go east back through the Dining Room to the corridor and take the east door to the Gallery. Pick up the Old House map on the table to the left and swipe with your knife at any large insects that may try and come through the windows to attack you.

Run through the Gallery, make it outside and you'll find the Burner Grip – the second component of the Flamethrower. Combine the Grip with the Nozzle you found earlier, and you'll now have the Burner Flamethrower. If you need more ammo, you can also combine Chem Fluid with Solid Fuel. There should also be some Shotgun Ammo and Chem Fuel on the right to pick up too.

Just across the bridge to the west is a safe point, so head on in to find a backpack which will give you more inventory slots – which is likely very welcome at this point with your new toy – and feel free to organise your stuff and save as you see fit. There's also another Mr Everywhere bobblehead just to the left of the box, so smash that too.

Now it's time to investigate the Living Room – head through the Gallery and Dining Area to reach it, or right to where you entered the Old House – you can now make short work of the nest and the swarms it produces by introducing them to the business end of your Burner. Pick up some more Solid Fuel in a drawer by the front door if you need it and then head down the passage. Before you head through the next door, check the wooden pallet on the left wall to find yet another Mr Everywhere bobblehead behind it, and to the left of the door is an Antique Coin.

Head down into the cellar for a brief reunion with Mia, then after the cutscene pick up the Stone Statuette from the table. If your memory is long enough, you've probably guessed you need to take this to the Shadow Puzzle you did during the Mia tape, but as you head back through the Dining Hall Marguerite is now in the way and patrolling the Old House. So head via the Entrance and the Guest Room, and Marguerite will be waiting around the corner on the left.

Just like you did during the Mia tape, hide behind the crate, and she'll ignore you and walk through to the other room, giving you a clear path to the gallery and the spider Shadow Puzzle. Once there, place the Stone Statuette on the plinth and rotate it until you get the spider silhouette matched up. Then slide on through the passage that opens as a result.

Grab the Solid Fuel and the herb on the other side, and you'll see two paths in front of you. You can't head through the Crow Door without the Crow Key, so for now head to the Basement, which is more a small crawlspace that contains a Crank, a Mr Everywhere bobblehead and some consumables. Nab (or break) everything and use the crank on the pulley where you emerge from the basement to raise a bridge that'll lead you back to the Entrance.

Use the new route to head to the north east of the house – all the while avoiding Marguerite. Just take it slow, and you should be able to identify her route. Don't worry too much about making noise - unlike her husband she doesn't appear to be able to hear very well, but avoid direct confrontation with her at all costs. Once you reach the swamp at the north east of the house, you should find a pulley on which you can use the crank to raise a bridge to an outhouse, so do that and head on in to find the Crow Key. Before leaving, make sure to grab the Antique Coin on the top of the outhouse. Then you need to return to the room with the Crow Door from earlier – again, while avoiding Marguerite.

Before you try and interact with the door, make sure you're healed up and have reloaded your Burner, because when you do Marguerite will appear from nowhere and push you down a small pit. Don't panic, just look up and use the Burner in short, controlled bursts at her just as she attempts to summon swarms to attack you from above. Doing this correctly will burn up the swarm and damage her into the bargain, and after three or four waves of this she'll fall into the hole with you and dissolve. Make you way up the ladder out of the pit before the pool of... well, Marguerite goo starts to damage you and head up the stairs and finally through the Crow Door.

Here on the 2F of the Old House you'll find the Altar – open the case sitting in front of you and read the file on the lid to get the "Serum Documentation" file logged. The phone will ring, so answer it and then head right to continue exploring the Altar room. You should find "Marguerite's Notebook" on the desk in the room to the north, and some Shotgun Shells in the drawer, a Mr Everywhere bobblehead on a central table and an Antique Coin in the corner drawers. You'll also notice a set of scales with a lantern that looks similar to Marguerite's next to a door to the east. As you've probably guessed, you need the lantern Marguerite had to balance out the scales, so head out of the Altar back to the pit where she dissolved. However, as you approach you'll see a rather disturbing sight, and Marguerite scuttles away with the lantern. You've got no choice but to follow her through the passage, so do just that and you'll emerge at the greenhouse, ready for the next boss fight.

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