Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough, Guide Tips and All Collectible Locations

Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough, Guide Tips and All Collectible Locations

Here's everything you need to know about Resident Evil 7, including tips, guides, walkthroughs, analysis, and everything else.

Resident Evil 7 is finally here a little over four years after the disappointing Resident Evil 6 came out in 2012. In response to the reception of 6, Capcom completely reinvented 7 in a new gameplay style and a renewed focus on the horror elements of the series. On this Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough hub we'll give you all you need to defeat each Resident Evil 7 boss, find every Resident Evil 7 collectible, and complete the game.

Capcom captured our attention with the playable teaser Beginning Hour, a short demo that shows off the exploratory elements of the final game along with several very opaque mysteries for the internet to put their heads together and solve. We very strongly recommend that you play through the demo first and unlock the Dirty Coin that you can take into the main game and spend along with the other Antique Coins.

Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough

Resident Evil 7 may have lost the third-person viewpoint of classic Resident Evils, but it retains the same basic structure and as such, a Resident Evil 7 walkthrough is essential. We've documented all the various locations and enemies, along with the Mr Everywhere bobbleheads and Antique Coins you'll want to hoover up along the way. Read our Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough for all the info you'll need.

Resident Evil 7 - The Start

You begin the game approaching a run-down house and exploring an adjoining Guest House. This part of the walkthrough shows you how to navigate the Guest House, get the Bolt Cutters and the first gun, and defeat Mia.

The main house

The Testing Area and the Barn

The Wrecked Ship

The Swamp, The Salt Mines, The Lab and the Finale

Madhouse mode walkthrough

Banned Footage DLC walkthroughs

Resident Evil 7: How to get all the collectibles

As is traditional, there are plenty of hidden extras for you to seek out at such time when deranged rustics aren't attempting to murder you. The main ones to look out for are the Antique Coins, which you can spend on much-needed upgrades throughout the game. The house is also scattered with Mr Nowhere bobblehead statues, which grant you a less useful but more show-offable Achievement or trophy.

Resident Evil 7: Where to Find All the Antique Coins

Antique Coins unlock upgrades and a Magnum if spent at certain save points. Here's how to find all the Antique Coins in the Normal game of Resident Evil 7.

Resident Evil 7: How to Find and Use Repair Kits

During your investigation, you'll come across a couple of broken weapons that you can't use without repairing them. Here's how to find the Repair Kits that make them usable again.

Resident Evil 7: Where to Find All the Mr. Everywhere Bobbleheads

Destroying all 20 Mr. Everywhere bobbleheads that are scattered throughout the game will get you an achievement and unlock certain end-game rewards. Here's where to find all 20 Mr. Everywhere bobbleheads.

What to do when you've completed Resident Evil 7

This is a Resi game, so things don't just stop when the credits roll. There's a swathe of extra unlocks and even more punishing challenges to face.

Resident Evil 7: How to get all the unlocks after completing the game

You can unlock rewards for fulfilling certain conditions while beating the game. Here's how to get all the post-game rewards.

Resident Evil 7: How to find all 33 Antique Coins in Madhouse Mode

If you try the Madhouse mode, you get all-new Antique Coins to find. Here's where you can locate them.

The demo

The Resident Evil 7 playable teaser Beginning Hour contains many mysteries wrapped within itself. Here's how to solve them all and get the Dirty Coin for use in Resident Evil 7. This also shows what the Dummy Finger is used for - a source of some controversy when the demo first appeared.

Resident Evil 7: How to Get and Use the Dirty Coin

General playing advice

It might have changed from the classic third-person view to first-person, but that is the only concession to Call of Duty that you will find. This is a game in which you need to proceed with extreme caution and never presume that an area is safe, even if you've passed through it before. A key consideration is to shut the doors behind you, because otherwise you will find residents will creep up unawares - although safe room doors will shut automatically and they seem to instantly despawn nearby enemies, too.

Combat is reasonably predictable - aim for the head and you'll put them down faster, flail around the torso and they'll be all over you that much quicker. Shooting off limbs doesn't make much difference, either. If they do get in slugging range, remember to use the left bumper to guard and reduce the amount of damage you'll take.

You will often find that a sensible solution is to run away, particularly during the boss battles. Holding down and B (or X on Playstation) will make Ethan do a swift 180, and you can reload your weapon while you sprint, which can be useful when there's something unspeakable breathing down your neck. You should be cautious with ammo, though, and indeed with every consumable in the game - true to Resi form, they are very limited resources. Use them sparingly and smartly - don't overlook the potential of using Chem Fluids to boost herbs before use, and don't waste ammo on shooting non-murderous items when a stab with the knife will do just as well.

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