Yooka Laylee Glitterglaze Glacier - Pagie Locations, Snowmen, Beat Brrreeze Blok World 2 Boss, Hot Tub Puzzle, Butterfly Heart, Power Extender, Play Coin, Mollycool

Yooka Laylee Glitterglaze Glacier - Pagie Locations, Snowmen, Beat Brrreeze Blok World 2 Boss, Hot Tub Puzzle, Butterfly Heart, Power Extender, Play Coin, Mollycool

Guide to all the collectables in Glitterglaze Glacier, including all the Pagies and other hard to find items. Plus how to find all the snowmen and use the snowplow. This guide covers Yooka-Laylee on Switch.

In this guide we'll help you find all the collectable items in Yooka-Laylee's second world, Glitterglaze Glacier. It's an ice world so be ready for some slipping and sliding in your way to finding everything there is to find. We've got all Pagie locations, how to find the snowmen and their hats, beating world 2 boss Brrreeze Blok, and more. this guide to Yooka-Laylee covers also covers the Nintendo Switch version.

If ice worlds aren't your things (which is fair enough as they can be super annoying), we've got plenty more useful articles on our Yooka-Laylee guide hub. Go there as soon as you're done here to get guides to each main world in the game, plus how to find all the ghost writers and get all the special moves.

Where to Find Glitterglaze Glacier

Finding new zones in Yooka-Laylee is a challenge in of itself. Gliterglaze Glacier is found by first visiting Capital B's office, then completing the duck's simple quiz (we were going to write a guide, but honestly it's really easy), then talking to Trowzer in the new part of Hivory Towers to gain the hover ability. Hover over the high wall and you'll be in a new area. Follow this round to find the Gliterglaze Glacier Grand Tome.

When you feel like it, you'll need Five Pagies to expand Glitterglaze Glacier. This gives you access to areas by providing a bunch of oversized keys.

Pagie Locations in Glitterglaze Glacier

There are 25 Pagies to collect in Glitterglaze Glacier, some of which are devilishly hard to find and then actually collect. There's no game map, so we've done our best to point you in the right directions for each.

Race Through Rings Pagie

Stomp on the switch to activate the time trial rings. Jump and glide through the rings, stopping where needed on the floating platforms. The time limit isn't really a problem, with the main difficulty being getting through all the rings.

Ice Crystal Puzzle Pagie

To the right of the Pagie cage is a group of seven ice crystal, each lighting up in a specific order. In order to open the Pagie cage you'll need to light up the larger group of ice crystals (towards the back of the room) in the same order. Use sonar on each to do this.

Ice crystal lighting order: Middle, down, up, left back, right back, left front, right front

Light the Fires Pagie

In the extreme cold area you can earn a Pagie by lighting all the fires along a route. To do so, eat a hot stone from a fire (you'll need Slurp State), then make your way to another fire and stand in it. This will light that fire and let you eat a stone from it. If you lose your heat buff you'll start to take damage while in the extreme cold area.

Mr Bones and the Igloos Pagie

Talk to Mr Bones and then smash the roofs of each of the igloos. Smash them all and Mr Bones will hand you a Pagie.

Unfinished Capital B Statue Pagie

Talk to the sign post thing/creature/monstrosity and he'll tell you that there's an unfinished Capital B statue. You need to finish it in order to release the Pagie. Work your way to the top. On the far right side is a tower of sorts. Behind this is a cannon plant. Eat the berries then return to the statue and blast away the rocks. You might have to repeat this a few times until you've got them all.

Four Moving Platforms Pagie

Head down to the area near the snowman who is stood next to the massive open gate. Down on the water is a green platform. Jump on it. To reach the Pagie on the far side and unlock it you'll need to jump from one platform to the next in order. When you jump from one it stops the next platform in its tracks.

Platforms three and four need a little care. Stop the third platform over to the right hand side to avoid the fan.

Stop the final platform in the middle so it sits between the two fans. You can now jump to it without being blown off, then head over to the Pagie.

Climb up and Activate the Switches Pagie

Over on the far side of the area, behind Kartos, is a switch. Bash this and then you'll be able to jump up the numerous platforms, activating the switches as you go. A blower is at the top that will knock you off the top level, so make sure you back into the grate and jump back. You should be able to time your movements to get to safe areas, waiting for your moment to grab the Pagie.

Kartos Mine Challenge Pagie

Collect 80 blue gems to get a Pagie. Avoid taking hits or running into obstacles or else you'll find this extremely tough.

Find the Snowmen Hats Using the Snow Plow

The Snowmen hat quest is large and will require you first have found the Mollycool and can turn into the snow plow via the ray gun.

As the snow plow you must plow five mounds of snow that are dotted around, then give each retrieved hat to the five snowmen.

Snowmen Hat 1

Head up the ramp that takes you to the statue of Capital B. The pile of boulders you need to plow is on the far side. Take your time and when you reach the first moving platform it's best to drive the snow plow onto it, rather than jump. You'll grab the pair of pants.

The snowman tha wants the pants can be found on the far side of the cold area near the start of the area.

Snowmen Hat 2

Drive the snow plow up the large ramp that takes you to the door to Icymetric Palace. Once you reach the first flat area you should be able to spot a moving platform to the right. Wait for it to reach you then drive on, then jump off once it reaches the other side. The stack of snow boulders to plow is right there. You'll get a pirate hat.

The snowman who requires the pirate hat can be found directly opposite Dr Puzz, on a platform in the water near a moving platform Pagie puzzle.

Snowmen Hat 3

The third snowman hat can be found in Crystalline Cave. Enter via the large door right of Dr Puzz (as you look at her). You can't miss it. This will give you the Top Hat.

The snowman that requires the top hat can be found in the far right corner of the Igloo area.

Snowmen Hat 4

Drive the snow plow through to the Igloo area by entering the door near Dr Puzz. If starting from her location looking into the area, the door is up and to the right. This will give you a witch's hat.

The snowman that requires the witch's hat can be found inside Crystalline Cave.

Snowmen Hat 5

Drive the snow plow through Crystalline Cave and out the other side. Take a left and go towards the start area. The stack of boulders is hard to miss. You'll get the cowboy hat.

The snowman that requires the cowboy hat can be found through a door under the water where the bridge leads to the igloo area.

Gloomy Gem Grotto Pagie

This dark area can be by entering an underwater entrance near to Trowzer, in the water directly opposite the land on which you can find Dr Puzz and the entrance to Crystalline Cavern.

Light your way by eating the green goo from the various points dotted around the dark cave. If it goes completely dark you can't see a thing and you’ll fall off something and have to start again.

The key to getting through this area is to take your time on the ramps. If you fall off or start to slide you'll either be returned to the start of the area or run out of light juice and be unable to find your way.

A better piece of advice is to wait until you have the flying ability. Come back to the Gloomy Gem Grotto then and you'll be able to fly over all the annoying rolling sequences. You’ll need to land now and again to make sure you don’t run out of juice, so keep a look out for green glowing areas.

Icymetric Palace Pagie - Through Water Door(after world is expanded)

Once you expand the world numerous keys appear that open new areas. One area is under the lake near Trowzer. Swim over to the key and it'll unlock the door. This leads to the Icymetic Palace (this is funny because it's icy and isometric fused or shipped, or whatever kids do nowadays to combine two words).

Once inside head through the door on the right. Swim to the top and slam the switch. This will reveal a number of sleeping totems. Sonar each of them before the time runs out and the gate on the ground floor will open. Go through it and the Pagie awaits.

Icymetric Place through high door (after world is expanded)

Go through the key-locked door at the top of the icy slope (use the honey ability by eating some honey at various points up the slope).

Inside the Icymetric Palace, take the left door. Head to the right and up the stairs, then through to the next area close to the screen. Next you'll need to leap across two platforms, timing it so you don't get blown off by the fans.

The following room features a sleepy totem and some crates. Destroy the crates to reveal the berries, then grab them and sonar the totem. This will start a shooting range. Shoot all the targets within the time limit (note: you can't use precision aiming). This will lower a drawbridge and take you into a dark room containing a Pagie cage.

Talk to the Pagie and you'll start a quiz.

Quiz Answers in Icymetric Palace

  • What's directly under my cagie? Chest
  • How many floating barrels are in this room? 5
  • Torches (7) + Crates (3) = 10
  • Which of the following are not in this room? Trowzer's Shorts
  • How many Barrels are in this room, minus the number of crates? 2
  • How many torches are inside this room? 7
  • How many quills are in this room? Zero
  • How many treasure chests are in this room? 4
  • How many entrances are there to this room? 1
  • How many tiles are on the floor in this room? 3535
  • Number of pipes x number of vents = 15

Rextro's Arcade Pagies in Glitterglaze Glacier (after world is expanded)

Head through the top door entrance to IcyMetric Palace. Take the right hand door then roll over the narrow bridge (if you don't roll you'll get hit by the trap). Once across take the left door to enter Rextro's Arcade area.

  • Rextro's Play Coin Location

    In the back of the room is a barrel. Destroy it and head through to an area full of spinning Play Coins. The correct one is spinning in the opposite direction to the others. Collect it and head back out.

Fly up to reach the arcade machine and play the Glaciators game. This is one of the easiest in Yooka-Laylee, Just collect all the quills you can. Beat it once to get a Pagie then repeat and score over 1400 points to earn another Pagie.

Spiky Moving Walls Pagie in Glitterglaze Glacier (after world is expanded)

Head through the top door entrance to IcyMetric Palace. Take the right hand door then roll over the narrow bridge (if you don't roll you'll get hit by the trap). Once across take the right door. From here you'll see the pit of toxic slime and string of spiky walls heading towards it. You need to get to the other end of that corridor. You should be able to jump and hover over each, but it's very easy to fly past them all if you have that ability.

Glitterglaze Glacier World 2 Boss - How to Beat Brrreeze Blok (after world is expanded)

Head through the top door entrance to IcyMetric Palace. Take the right hand door then head up on the platform to the left - don't go over the bridge with the ceiling tap.

Follow the path round to an area with a floor switch that activates a ring race. Run through all the rings, avoiding the snow-covered floor by hovering. As long as you fly over these areas you should be able to finish the race fairly easily.

A chest is revealed. Hit it to gain access to cannonball berries. Eat them then blow through the slightly broken to the left. In the following room torch the ice block behind the fire barrier (you can put that fire out first if you like), then hit the switch to open the gate on the upper level.

Now you'll need to use the water berries to put out fires and navigate across the numerous moving platforms. You could just fly across if you have that ability.

Head through the door and you should be in Burnie's room. Talk to him and he'll say how he needs warming up. Inside you fight Brrreeze Blok. This boss is pretty simple, but can be annoying due to the game's fiddly controls. All you need to do is eat the fire berries and then shoot Brrreeze with fire. Eventually he'll melt and you'll get a Pagie. Once he opens his mouth he's about to fire, so head to the rear of the room and take cover. Have patience and the Pagie is yours.

It's also possible to use Sonar 'Sposion on the four blocks on the wall. If you break them then set them on fire, Brrreeze will take damage when he crosses them.

Pagie Above air Vent Near Burnie (after world is expanded)

This Pagie requires you have beaten Brrreeze Blok. Once you've defeated the icy bad guy, head back out to Burnie and jump above the newly working air vent. You'll hover up and be able to grab the Pagie.

Pagie Over Rotating Pipes Inside Burnie (after world is expanded)

This Pagie requires you have beaten Brrreeze Blok and ideally have the flight ability. Head into Burnie then through the door on the far end. The Pagie is over the other side of the rotating pipes. You can Reptile Roll across with a bit of jumping, but it's very tricky. It's a lot easier to just fly over.

Pagie in ice block in Icymetric Palace (after world is expanded)

Before you attempt this you'll need to have beaten Brrreeze Blok and turned on the heating. From the high door entrance to the Icymetric Palace, go through the left most door, then again through the left most door. This will take you to a room with containing a single block that has a Pagie trapped inside.

Slam into the blue floor tiles that lead from the ice block to the air vent in the corner of the room. Then push the block over and it will melt, revealing the Pagie.

Hot Tub Pagie in Lower Icymetric Palace (after world is expanded)

Once you've beaten Brrreze Blok and turned the heating on, go into the underwater entrance to the Icymetric Palace. Go straight through and up into the next room. From here use the newly working air vent to hover up and into a new room.

In this room you need to eat the cannonball then break the top left stone door. Clear out any enemies, then walk through to find a hot tub and a Pagie. The hot tub is missing bubbles, so you need to make some in order to release the caged Pagie. Hold R2 when in the water and release to make small bubbles. Job's done!

Pagie Following Moving Platforms in Icymetric Palace

From the room featuring the single Pagie trapped in a block, head through the door and you’ll need to travel along a moving platform, eating berries and food along the way to get past obstacles. Use your tongue to eat whatever is offered to you in the gaps in the wall. The final sequence sees the platform disappearing into ooze. Hover just before it falls in, landing when it returns. Then hover to the other side. A Pagie is waiting for you at the bottom of the final descent. The switch opens a shortcut over the left that returns you to the start of the moving platform sequence.

Shine the Light Pagie in Icymetric Palace (after world is expanded)

Following directly from the Moving Platforms Pagie aboive, going to the right to enter a large room with a spinning platform home to cannonballs, water berries, and fire berries. You’ll need to activate the switch then use the pick ups to reach the rings that appear. Complete the whole challenge to unlock the door. This will take you through to a new room with three doors.

To reach the Pagie room you'll need to enter the doors in this sequence: Right, right, up, left, up.

In the room with the caged Pagie you need to smash the box, then push the ice block into the light. This will shine light into the centre of the room. Walk over so you're in the light opposite the Pagie. Now activate your Camo ability to direct a beam of light onto the Pagie to release it.

High Flying Pagie (after world is expanded)

This Pagie can be found once you've got the flying ability. Head up to the high entrance to Icymetric Palace and look over towards the Igloos. You'll see a Pagie on top of platform over to the left. Fly over here and slam the floor switch to start a timed ring trial.

Fly through all the rings before the time runs out and you'll earn the Pagie. You'll need to replenish your energy meter by jumping into butterflies (some are found on a floating platform part-way through the challenge).

Collect all the Ghosts Pagie

Find all five ghosts in Glitterglaze Glacier to earn a Pagie. Head over to our ghost location guide to get all the info you need to find them all.

Collect all the Quills Pagie (after world is expanded)

This one will be tough and you’ll kick yourself for skipping quills (especially if you missed some in Icymetric Palace). To get the 25th and final Pagie in Glitterglaze Glacier you’ll need to collect every one of the 200 quills in the area. Have fun!

Dr Puzz and the Mollycool Location - Glitterglaze Glacier

Dr Puzz is found opposite the entrance the the crystal cave, in the area with the Capital B statue. The Mollycool is found behind the middle tower near the statue. Grab the cannon berries then quickly move to the middle ramp and up to the tower. Blast the cannonballs into the bricks at the back of the tower to reveal the mollycool. Give this to Dr Puzz to gain the ability to turn into a small snow plow.

Power Extender Location - Glitterglaze Glacier

The Power Extender in Glittlerglaze Glacier can be found up the ice ramp near the snowman missing a hat. Use the honey nearby to become sticky. Roll up to ramp and back down on yourself. The Power Extender is on the left hand side on the way down.

Heart Extender Location - Glitterglaze Glacier (after world is expanded)

The Heart Extender in Glitterglaze Glacier is found inside the Icymetric Palace, through the top door at the top of the slope. In the first room you can find the heart extender in the top right corner. Fly up and you can get it easily.

If you crave more and more Yooka-Laylee guide content, we've got articles on how to find all the ghost writers and a look at all the special moves. Next up is a complete walkthrough of Moodymaze Marsh, the game's third main area.

Ice worlds are annoying at times, and this one was no different. Hopefully you managed to get through it without slipping to your death on too many occasions.

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