Yooka Laylee Hivory Towers - Pagie Locations, Butterfly Heart, Power Extender

All the collectables in Yooka-Laylee’s hub world, Hivory Towers. This place is surprisingly large and has plenty to find. This guide covers the Nintendo Switch game.

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In this guide we'll be walking you through the Hivory Towers hub world in Yooka-Laylee. It's got 10 Pagies to find, plus a Power Extender and a Butterfly Heart. It's not plain sailing, so stick with us and you'll soon have collected everything. This guide covers Yooka Laylee on Nintendo Switch.

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Hivory Towers Pagie Locations

Hivory Towers is a hub area, but it's still got plenty to find. As well as a Butterfly Heart and a Power Extender it's home to 20 Pagies that are hidden all over the sprawling area. There's no map but we've done our best to point you in the right direction for each.

Pagie in Archives

Enter the area covered with glass (use Sonar Splosion to break glass). Go through the black doors until you reach the Pagie.

Pagie Behind Wall of Fire

Get the required water seeds from inside a crate over to the right

Eat the water berries hidden behind crates on platform surrounded by water. Then spray water into the fire and grab the Pagie.

Water Works Runaway Pagie

Hit the switch then run after the Pagie

Following through the door from the Archive you'll reach the water works. Find the Moodymaze Marsh book (go under the underwater gate then up the stairs) and run past it. Across a small gap is a switch and a caged Pagie. On slamming the switch the Pagie will run away. It's annoying, but all you need to do is jump into the moving Pagie and it's yours.

Up the Ramp Pagie

Roll up here and follow the path round

Head up ramp next to where you start the game. You'll need to the roll ability. Roll up then follow the platforms up and around.

Smash the Cannon Pagie

Head Up the ramp to the back of the area near the boat. Use the Buddy Slam move to smash the cannon and get a Pagie.

On top of the massive Gold Statue of Capital B Pagie

You can't really miss this one as you're told to get it. Make your way up and around using the gangways and moving platforms. Easy!

Caged Pagie immediately up ramp

Use the fire seeds nearby then torch each letter in order to spell 'PAGIE"

Top of Glitterglaze Glacier Grand Tome Room Pagie

Use your high jump move and hover to climb up to the top of the room and claim your Pagie.

Up slope beyond Gliterglaze Glacier Tome Room Pagie

Use Slurp State to eat some honey next to the scanning robot. Then roll all the way over to the end of the area, beyond the two robots and all the way to the top of the slop. A Pagie awaits.

Inside the Tube Near Ice Area in Hivory Towers Pagie

If you look at the tubes running near the ice area of Hivory Towers you'll see a Pagie being whizzed about. To get this you need to jump and glide into the gap in the middle of the tube.

Arcade Machine Pagie

Inside Rextro's arcade (near the entrance to the Archive) is a machine with a cracked screen. Jump up and use Sonar 'Splosion to break the glass and access the Pagie inside.

Complete the Sliding Ring Challenge Pagie

Walk past the entrance to the Galleon Galaxy Grand Tome room (the pinky/purple area) and you'll see a Pagie in a cage. Next to it are a series of bars. You can't get through here, but you can fly up to the right and access a door. This will take you to a sliding ring challenge. Get to the bottom before the timer runs out and you'll unlock the cage. This is very tricky and you'll need to get through most of the course without hitting an obstacle.

Hivory Towers Butterfly Heart Location

This is found quite out of the way. Roll up the two sided ramp near the sewage works and stop at the top. From here jump over to the platform on the edge of the cliffs.

Now jump up and head to the right to find the Butterfly Heart.

Hivory Towers Power Extender Location

Inside the room with the large gold statue of Captial B, get on top of the statue and slam its nose. The beak will break off and a Power Extender will be left behind.

There’s loads of items to find in this game, so why not get help in finding all the ghost writers, or look into the many special moves so you’ll know if something eluding you simply can’t be obtained yet. To continue looking for Pagies, head on to our guide to collecting all Pagies in Tribalstack Tropics.

That's Hivory Towers done and dusted. That place is a sprawling mess, isn't it!

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