Yooka Laylee Moodymaze Marsh - Pagie Locations, Beat Trev Tenteyecle World 3 Boss, Butterfly Heart, Power Extender, Play Coin, Mollycool

Yooka Laylee Moodymaze Marsh - Pagie Locations, Beat Trev Tenteyecle World 3 Boss, Butterfly Heart, Power Extender, Play Coin, Mollycool

All the info you need to find Moodymarsh Maze’s collectable items, including all pagies in Yooka Laylee (including a guide to the Switch version).

In this guide we'll help you find all the Pagies in Yooka-Laylee's third world, Moodymaze Marsh. Many of these are pretty tricky to find, so follow our directions to get them all. We've also got locations of the other collectable items, including the Butterfly Heart, Power Extender, Play Coin and Mollycool. This includes a guide to Yooka-Laylee on Switch.

If you want something else and have had enough wandering around Moodymaze Marsh, we've got you covered with our Yooka-Laylee guide hub. It's got collectable guides for all the main areas, plus the hub world.

Where to Find Yooka-Laylee World 3, Moodymaze Marsh

The marsh is accessed through the Archive. To open the door into the Archive (found just before you reach Rextro's arcade - near Trowzer) you'll need to eat the berries over to the left, then fire at the switch to unlock the door.

The Moodymaze Marsh Grand Tome can be found if you go under the gate in Waterworks, then up the steps on the other side.

In order to extend Moodymaze Marsh you'll have to spend 8 Pagies.

Pagie Locations in Moodymaze Marsh

There are 25 Pagies to find in Moodymaze Marsh. This area is full of toxic water, so be careful when you're exploring. There's no map, and once the area is expanded it becomes a bit of a navigation mess, but we've done our best to direct you to each location.

Trap Activated by Water Splash Pagie

This is the first Pagie you'll come across in the Marsh area. Slam the floor switch, then do a large jump up and hover to the brick wall on the right. Now walk along and grab the Pagie on the other side.

Wally the Shopping Kart Pagie

Wally wants you to destroy all the mushrooms on the platforms behind him. This bust be done quickly or else they'll start to regrow before all have been destroyed. The only way to do this is to have the Sonar 'Splosion (bought from Trowzer for 60 quills). Trowzer is just over the water in front of the Tonics lady.

Ollie the Shopping Kart Pagie

Run this his maze of moving walls to reach a Pagie. It might take a few tries, but it's easy to figure out. Near the end you'll have to go down one route then go back on yourself as the maze changes shape.

Spiky Water Pool Pagie

Head to the pool of water you can see to the right of the platform that the red ghost could be found on (just past the bridge above the splash sensitive pagie cage near the start). Dive in and use your bubble special move, then roll over the switch.

Roll up towards the spiky plants, keeping to the left. Once you're close, jump and hover (you can do that in the bubble) and race towards the Pagie. You should be able to grab it before the time runs out without too many problems.

Pumping Plant Pagie

Directly above the Pagie found at the end of the Spiky Water Pool challenge is a new area. Swim up and then look to the right. Enter the building through the darkened door. Inside is a Pagie and a water puzzle.

To earn the Pagie you need to use the floor switches to control water jets and move the block over to the left pressure pad inside the maze. The pads are pressure sensitive, so just walk over them to operate. Left switch blows the box left, middle blows up, and right blows right. There's a time limit but you shouldn't have any problems getting to the end of the maze before the time runs out.

Burn the Rope Pagie

From the area with the pumping plant, head straight on towards the floating logs. Cross over to the other side, then head left. Jump over some lily pads, then use Sonar 'Splosion to break the block. Inside here are fire berries. Eat them then shoot fire into the front of the machine. This will make fire shoot out the top and burn the rope holding the Pagie.

Treetop Pagie

From the area found the other side of the Spiky Water Pool challenge, head straight forward and then up the rocks on the left. Once you're up here you will see a crate with a grapple point. Latch on and then pull the crate off.

Grapple from platform to platform until you reach the third. From here look around and you'll see a grapple point with a Pagie behind it and some enemies. Grapple over and you'll reach the Pagie.

Climb the flaming platforms Pagie (after world is expanded)

A Pagie sits in a cage on top of platform, all around it are flaming platforms that lead to a switch that is engulfed in flames. Near the ground is a fire you can eat to make Yooka immune to the hot stuff. You'll need to grapple over there using the nearby grapple points. Then keep grappling upwards until you reach the switch. Pound it to open the nearby Pagie cage.

Explorer Near Pipe Over Water Pagie (after world is expanded)

Talk to the friendly explorer near the pipe. He'll send you on a mission to find a gem hidden in a cave. Once you're inside you need to use Sonar 'Splosion to clear your path and destroy the blocks. Eventually you'll find the gem. Return to the explorer and you'll get a Pagie.

Race Through Rings Pumpkin Pagie (after world is expanded)

Talk to the Pumpkin on a platform near the lake. He'll set you a challenge to race through the rings before the time runs out. Do so and you'll earn a Pagie. The race makes use of the grappling hook tongue move, so be quick with your tongue and you'll have no problems at all.

Plant the Mushroom Seeds Pagie (after world is expanded)

Talk to the sign post creature and he'll ask you to plant mushroom seeds. There are three holes that need to be filled. Two on the ground level and one up top. You can knock off the seeds using Sonar 'Splosion, then drag them using your tongue or push them while loose. Be careful not to catch them on thorns as they'll explode (which makes no sense). The two lower seeds are easy to get in, as long as you're not too slow. The top level seed is much trickier as there are more thorns and blowers to contend with. Just be careful and you should be able to drag the seed around the maze without much hassle.

Kartos Pagie (after world is expanded)

Found over the bridges next to the top level of the mushroom growing patch. Take an immediate left once you cross the final bridge and can see the arcade machine. You'll need 125 gems in order to win a Pagie. This one is tough and pretty frustrating.

Rextro's Arcade Bee Bop Pagies (after world is expanded)

The arcade is found over the bridges from the mushroom planting field. You'll see the purple machine from some distance away. To access Bee Bop you'll need to have found the Play Coin. Beat the game to earn a Pagie and beat the high score to earn another.

Jolly Kart Purify Water Pagie

Speak to the kart (over the other side of the floating logs) and he'll ask you to perform a task for him. This will see you having to hit four switches within a time limit. On the platform below pull the block over the switch by grabbing it with your tongue. This will open a path across the water and drop down a wooden platform. Head over to that wooden platform and slam the switch in the centre to start the challenge. Grapple onto each of the surrounding platforms in order, slamming the switch on each. Do all four before the time runs out and you'll unlock a Pagie and clean the water in the lake below.

Pagie Trapped in Thorns

Once you've got the Mollycool, stay in the large pool of water and look for a bunch of thorns that have trapped a Pagie. Swim up from here and you'll find Dr Puzz. Talk to the Doctor and she will activate the ray gun.

Jump into the water and activate the gun to turn into fish. As fish you can swim down to the thorns and go straight through them, collecting the Pagie.

Dusky Duct Pagie

As fish, swim over to the bright green light on the seafloor. From here you can see a tube covered in thorns. Swim straight through to enter Dusky Duct. Once inside attack the piles of bones on each side of the room (timing your swim when the fans are off).

Follow the path through the area, avoiding electric obstacles and taking out jellyfish as you go. Eventually you'll reach a shopping kart. Attack the bones on top of him and you'll earn a Pagie.

How to Beat Trev Tenteyecle Boss

From Rextro's Arcade, head over to the large tentacle building (you can't miss it). Enter the door and you'll meet Trev Tenteyecle, the boss of Moodymaze Marsh.

Trev has a number of attack phases, but he's actually very easy to beat. When he's swining around on the floor just jump over him. When he's done he'll raise up and then slam down. Jump to avoid the shockwave, then batter his eyes. Once they are all closed he'll appear in a window. Jump to the platform and spin attack him three times.

At points he'll also follow you around then slam down. Jump to avoid the shockwave. Keep going through the motions and he'll soon crumble. There are mushrooms around that you can use Sonar 'Splosion on to release butterflies. Beat him and you'll earn a Pagie.

Murky Passage Pagie (after world is expanded)

Dive into the purified water to find a pipe that leads to Murky Passage. Follow the path through and you'll reach a large open area underwater. There are four switches and a large barrel. You need to roll the barrel onto one of the switches by rolling over a switch at the other end of the room. This will turn on a fan and blow it over. With one switch pressed by the barrel, roll over the other switch parallel with the barrel to open the gate.

Head through and navigate round, activating the switches as you go. Reach the end and you'll see a Pagie. Hit the switch and then get the Pagie.

Collect all the Ghosts Pagie

Find all five ghosts in Moodymaze Marsh to earn a Pagie. Head over to our ghost location guide to get all the info you need to find them all.

Collect all the Quills Pagie (after world is expanded)

This one is tough and you'll hate yourself for skipping quills. To get the 25th and final Pagie in Moodymaze Marsh you’ll need to collect every one of the 200 quills in the area. Have fun!

Power Extender Location - Moodymaze Marsh

This one is hard to spot, but it's essentially on top of a very high pipe near where you take the rings challenge from the pumpkin. You'll need to be able to fly, then head upwards and look around until you can see it.

Play Coin Location - Moodymaze Marsh

From the area found the other side of the Spiky Water Pool challenge, head straight forward and then up the rocks on the left.

Once you're up here you will see a crate with a grapple point. Latch on and then pull the crate off.

Grapple up to each point and you'll reach the Play Coin.

Butterfly Heart Location - Moodymaze Marsh (after world is expanded)

In the large pool of water on which the structure housing the Purple ghost is stood, lies a butterfly heart pick-up. Dive down into the water and use the bubble powerup. Once you're near the heart use the Sonar 'Splosion to break the cube it's being held in. Now the heart is yours to take.

Mollycool Location - Moodymaze Marsh

From Jolly's location (who can be found by crossing the moving logs), jump into the water while you're facing Rextro's arcade. Down there you'll see a caged Mollycool. Swim to the top of the cage, stand on top, activate your bubble, then perform a Sonar 'Splosion to destroy the mushrooms. This will release the lid on the cage, allowing you to get the Mollycool.

Next up in our guide to Yooka-Laylee is a collectables guide for Capital Cashino, the game's fourth main area. We've also got how to find all the ghost writers and how to unlock the many special moves.

The marsh was a complete nightmare at points, but hopefully you're now through it.

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