Yooka Laylee Tribalstack Tropics - Pagie Locations, Beat Great Rampo World 1 Boss, Butterfly Heart, Power Extender, Play Coin, Mollycool

Yooka Laylee Tribalstack Tropics - Pagie Locations, Beat Great Rampo World 1 Boss, Butterfly Heart, Power Extender, Play Coin, Mollycool

Where to find every collectable item in Yooka-Laylee’s first sprawling area, Tribalstack Tropics including all pagies. This guide covers the Nintendo Switch version of Yooka-Laylee.

In this guide we'll help you locate and get each of the Pagies scattered about Tribalstack Tropics. It's a massive area, made even larger when you expand it. There are 25 Pagies to collect, plus a Butterfly Heart, Power Extender, Play Coin, and Mollycool. This Yooka-Laylee guide covers the Nintendo Switch version of the game.

If you want some help for another part of the game, take a look at our Yooka-Laylee Guide hub. It's got walkthroughs for each of the game's main areas as well as the hub world.

Where to Find Tribalstack Tropics

As the first main world in Yooka-Laylee you'll get a fair amount of guidance as to the location of the Grand Tome that grants access to Tribalstack Tropics. If for some reason you can't find it, it's through Hivory Towers and and up two ramps (you'll need the roll ability).

When you want to expand Tribalstack Tropics it'll set you back a whopping three Pagies!

Pagie Locations in Tribalstack Tropics

There are 25 pagies in Tribalstack Tropics, some of which are easy to find and grab, while others are well hidden and take a little bit of mind gymnastics in order to get your hands on. There's no map in Yooka-Laylee, so we've included pictures of each location along with a description of where you need to go.

Skeleton Explorer Pagie

There's a skeleton explorer in cooking pot - he's up the wooden walkway to the right once you go up the ramp from the starting location. Talk to the potted man then defeat a wave of enemies. It's very simple.

Race Nimble the Cloud Pagie

Talk to Nimble (he's next to a tree near the water surrounding the structure where you'll find the skeleton) and he'll ask if you want to race him. Roll round the track, making sure you collect butterflies along the way to ensure you don't run out of juice. If you have to walk for more than a second or two you'll fail. Also take the shortcut to the right of the pond. Rolling is a little fiddly, but as long as you grab the butterflies you'll be OK.

Race Nimble the Cloud on Ice Pagie (after world is expanded)

When you've extended Tribalstack Tropics you can reach Nimbo the cloud. If you spray him with water he'll flood the channel on the ground below. Now fire him with ice and he'll freeze the water, making an icy race track. Beat Nimble in a race on this ice and you'll get another Pagie.

Three Missing Pagie Pieces Pagie

Talk to this piece and you'll get the mini-quest to find the missing three

Talk to the Pagie piece that's in a cage near an entrance to a clearing (close to one side of the temple) and you'll find out that he's missing three pieces. Find the three missing Pagie pieces in the local area (they are all very close to where you start the quest) to form a complete Pagie.

First missing Pagie Piece
Second missing Pagie Piece
third missing Pagie Piece

Scoffsalot's Challenge (the large pig) Pagie

Through the clearing where you obtained the Missing Pagie Pieces quest you'll find a pig. This is Scoffsalot. Talk to Scoffs and you'll be asked to find the missing pigs, the Knights of Hamalot. Each time you find a member of Hamalot you'll be given a clue to the next pig's location. We've got the locations of each pig below:

  • In moat near the wooden bridge up to the skeleton
  • Behind the arcade machine on the far side of the area (reach it by following the top edge of Nimble's race course)
  • In the tomb in a tunnel along the path taken during the race with Nimble

Short Rolling Race Pagie

Head through here and then climb up

A switch can be found through a clearing near the temple. Complete the short race through rings after hitting switch. This is pretty fiddly so make sure you make the jumps while holding the roll button but not moving. This will give you more control.

Unblock the Windows Pagie

Slam the slabs up here

Inside (through the dark door) the main temple structure in the centre of Tribalstack Tropics is Duke, a posh lad who just wants some light to shine into his home.

Once you have the Buddy Slam move, head to the top of the temple and slam down on each of the four slabs. This will open up each window for the Duke. Now speak to him again and he'll ask you to compete a target shooting contest to win a Pagie. To do this part you'll need Slurp Shot so you can eat and fire berries.

Snoozing Totem Pagie

Head down to ground level to start the sequence

There is a snoozing totem round to the left from the start area. Use the sonar on the totem and proceeding totems to keep revealing new platforms. Jump across until you reach the Pagie.

Fertilize the Plants Pagie

Once you've unlocked Dr Puzz's transform ray (see the bottom of this article), use it to turn into a plant. Then you can talk to the plants scattered around.

One plant is near to six baby plants. Talk to her then fertilize each to gain a Pagie. Only five are easy to reach (although one is slightly hidden behind a nearby fallen rock structure. The sixth needs you to take out the crates holding up the ramp. Do this as Yooka then switch to the plant, walk up the ramp and fertilize the plant you previously couldn't reach.

Rextro's Arcade Challenge Pagies

You can get two Pagies from playing Kartos Karting

In Tribalstack Tropics Rextro the dinosaur lets you play Kartos Karting, providing you have the Play Coin (see the bottom of this article). It's a spin on R.C. Pro-Am. If you complete the five-lap race within the time limit you'll earn a Pagie. If you can set a time of under 2 minutes 30 seconds you'll earn another Pagie.

Behind the Scanning Robot Pagie

The robot next to the temple is guarding a Pagie. To access it you first need to shoot the robot with an ice berry (there are berries on the temple's main floor opposite). Then pound each floor tile in the order of the symbols displayed on the wall. Once you pound the first tile a timer will strat to count down. Do them all within the limit and you'll unlock the Pagie.

In the Pool of Water Pagie

For this you'll need the bubble powerup. A fan is blowing air out near an underwater switch. Use the bubble powerup to walk on the ground and then pound the switch. This will open a second underwater chamber. Once inside you'll see a Pagie that is spinning round and round. You need to hit a switch to free it. The switch is located on a platform in this cave - just jump up there while in the bubble. Slam it and the Pagie is yours.

Shovel Knight's Pagie (after world is expanded)

Head up ramp next to skeleton man that previously led to nowhere. Stop the spinning platform by shooting the switch using the berries to the side. Stop it at just the right time to allow Yooka to jump onto the ramp and walk up.

The next switch starts three platforms spinning. Time your jumps to scale them and reach the next area.

Next up are three rotating platforms. The three switches start and stop each. Use the berries to stop each and make a series of platforms you can jump up. Once at the top stomp on the enemies then shoot down the jewel up high. Grab it and return to Shovel Knight to claim a Pagie.

Across Moving Platforms Pagie (after world is expanded)

Cross the moving platforms behind the robot. Once you're in the middle ride the platform up and reach solid ground. You'll need to use sonar on a number of sleeping totems. Follow the newly revealed path to find a Pagie. Sonar the totem and then the Pagie will be released.

How to Beat the Great Rampo - Pagie (after world is expanded)

Rampo will cause problems if you don't know how to roll and jump properly

This mini-boss of sorts will prove incredibly frustrating unless you know how jumping works while rolling. If you stop while rolling, although still holding down the roll button, you can jump with better height and accuracy. You'll need to do this in order to leap over the logs coming towards you and to reach the platform Rampo resides on.

Roll up the slope slowly, carefully moving between or jumping over the logs. Once at the top jump up and bash the two teeth in Rampo's mouth.

This will be repeated two more times, each time the logs being placed in more awkward positions. By the third time you'll need to jump over each log. Bash his teeth in for the third time and a Pagie is yours.

Kartos Minecart Fun Pagie (after world is expanded)

Climb up here and head to the right

Talk to Kartos and agree to have a go at collecting 60 blue gems. You can slow down by pulling back on the left stick. Jump over obstacles or fire cannonballs at them. Getting hit or hitting obstacles will mean you lose gems, so be careful and this doesn't pose much of a challenge.

Jump and Glide Through Hoops Pagie (after world is expanded)

Head to the platform with the switch that controls the ramp - left once you climb the area's large tower-like structure (right takes you to Kartos). The second option takes you to a platform that won't allow any progress unless you can glide. Glide over then complete the ring course to unlock the Pagie.

Blowy Pagie (after world is expanded)

The final platform you can reach with the ramp and switch leads to Blowy, a fan with a dry mouth. You've got to get the water seeds from the second to last platform, then get to the moving platform on the final section to spray Blowy with water. Well done, you've got another Pagie.

Inside the Monument Pagie (after the world is expanded)

To get this Pagie you'll need to have the camo ability. Once you have it head into the monument.

Use camo to get past the first robot. A block is stopping progress, so head back and into the area with robot. Camo and move past it, grabbing some fire berries. Now return to the block and melt it.

To the right are a lot of bricks, so go left and camo past the robot on the slope. Camo down the ramp to the left and eat the cannonball berries. Roll back up and shoot the blocks through the bars.

Backtrack to the room that you just cleared of blocks, then camo past the robot round to the left, then left again to the ice berries. Eat them then jump up so you can shoot the switch.

Jump over and then go back down to the robot that is covering the cannonball berries. Eat them and then roll up, and jump to the platform over to the left. From here you can shoot the blocks through the higher bars.

Now jump down and go past the robot, take a left and you'll see the Pagie.

Top of Temple Pagie (after world is expanded)

To grab this one you’re best off waiting until you can fly to the top of the temple, but you can reach it and it’s highest platform by using high jumps and gliding. Once you’re on the top of the highest pillar, wait for the Pagie to come towards you, then time your jump to intercept it.

The Windy Challenge Pagie (after world is expanded)

This Pagie is incredibly easy to get once you’ve got Slurp State. Head over to the right of the main large mountain structure (where Kartos is), then east the cannonball to become heavy. No go up the ramp and climb up until you reach a Pagie. He’ll claim he can’t get out, but carry on talking and the cage will open.

Blastooie Pagie (after world is expanded)

Head on past the Windy Challenge Pagie and follow the wooden path. You’ll reach a moving platform. Take it up and keep going until you go through a door to a new area. Follow this path round until you find Blastooie.

Talk to Blastooie and then slam on his back to fire cannonballs at the fans in the distance. Take out all four sides and you’ll unlock the Pagie cage next to Blastooie.

Collect all the Ghosts Pagie

Find all five ghosts in Tribalstack Tropics to earn a Pagie. Head over to our ghost location guide to get all the info you need to find them all.

Collect all the Quills Pagie (after world is expanded)

This one will be tough and you’ll kick yourself for skipping quills. To get the 25th and final Pagie in Tribalstack Tropics you’ll need to collect every one of the 200 quills in the area. Have fun!

Nimbo the cloud

Nimbo himself doesn't grant a Pagie, but you can use him to change the area. He's found off the first first ramp in the area that contains Blowy the fan.

How to interact with Nimbo:

  • Spray him with water to make him rain down (to lower level)
  • Spray him with ice to make him snow (freezes lake and lower level)
  • Spray him with Fire to melt the ice/evaporate the water

Dr Puzz and the Mollycool Location - Tribalstack Tropics

Dr Puzz is easy to find, just beyond the temple and close to a bridge that leads to a small field of plants. She'll ask you to find a Mollycool in order to fix the ray gun she's stood next to.

The Mollycool can be found across floating secret platforms starting from the snoozing totem on first floor for the Temple. Collect the mollycool and talk to Dr Puzz to activate her ray. Stand in front of it to turn into a plant.

Play Coin Location - Tribalstack Tropics

In a cave along the route taken when you race Nimble the cloud. Directly opposite the arcade (but down in the trench). Once found you can play in Rextro's arcade.

Health Extender Location - Tribalstack Tropics (after world is expanded)

Head up the tall mountain and then round to the right. Once you round the corner there's a moving platform on the left. Jump up and follow it round to get to the Health Extender.

Power Extender Location - Tribalstack Tropics (after world is expanded)

From Blastooie's location you should be able to see a sleeping totem. Fire your sonar at it and the invisible platform nearby will appear. Jump on and then jump onto the next platform to reach the power extender.

Pirate Treasure Skull Location - Tribalstack Tropics

We've got loads more helpful guides elsewhere on the site, including locations for all the ghost writers, and a look at the many special moves. Next up is Glitterglaze Glacier, Yooka-Laylee's ice world.

That's Tribalstack Tropics done and dusted. Scoffsalot was our favourite. What about you?

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