The Division 2 Character Creator - Tattoos, Customization, Can You Change Your Character Later On?

Here’s the skinny on The Division 2’s character creator.

After playing The Division 2 beta, many players were pretty overwhelmed by the character creator options on offer. Luckily, this has all been remedied for the full release, and there’s a fair bit of variety for players to build their characters. To get you up to speed, we’ve put together this The Division 2 Character Customization guide. We’ll lead you through the main options for building you’ll character, and let you know what happens if you want to change your character’s appearance later on.

If you’re looking for anything else related to The Division 2, be sure to head over to our The Division 2 Guides Hub. It’s where you’ll find all of our The Division 2 guides content. From a look at the best weapons, to tips on how fast travel works, we’ve got you covered, agent

The Division 2 Character Creator

The Division 2 features a fairly robust character creator, allowing players to build an agent to their heart’s desires. There’s swappable clothing, and sliders galore. Let’s take a look at your options.

The Division 2 Randomize Character

Before we start, it’s worth pointing out that you can randomize a character in The Division 2 if you so wish. Just head to the first character creation screen then hold square/X. This will roll the dice and give you random character, perfect for the indecisive amongst you.

The Division 2 Tattoos and Face Paint

One of the best ways to stand out from the crowd in The Division 2 is to add tattoos and facepaint to your character. There are a bunch to choose from, and you can add them to neck, arms, and legs. Use the triggers to rotate your character and check out each one. Remember that wearing certain clothing and masks will restrict these aspects of your character.

The Division 2 Clothing

You won’t have access to very many clothing options when starting out in The Division 2. What you can do, is head to the Ubisoft store and claim any free clothing you might be eligible for. You can also use Ubi Credits to purchase more. You’ll find more clothing while playing the game, and you can swap them out at any time, so don’t sweat this step too much.

Can You Change Your Character’s Appearance in The Division 2?

While you’re creating your character in The Division 2, you’ll want to be sure of your choices. This is because once you start the game, body type, face, skin tone, and eye color options cannot be altered. Clothing can be changed at any time in the apparel menu.

How to Create a New Agent in The Division 2

You can create a new agent at any time in The Division 2. All you need to do is head to the main menu. You can then hit R2/RT to switch to a new agent tab. This will start the game from scratch, though you can always switch between the two from the main menu as you wish.

How to Delete a Character in The Division 2

If you find that you’re not vibing with any of your characters, you can always delete them. To do so, head back to the main menu and then hold R3/RS. This will delete the character that you have selected.

That’s everything we have so far on The Division 2’s character creator. For a look at how fast travel works in the game, head to our The Division 2 Fast Travel Guide.

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