Monster Hunter World Kirin - How to Complete 'Kirin the Myth' in Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World Kirin - How to Complete 'Kirin the Myth' in Monster Hunter World

This is our complete guide on how to take down a Kirin in Monster Hunter World.

The Kirin the Myth quest was introduced in Monster Hunter World back after the game launched, but it's since become one of the tougher missions to complete in the entire game. In this Monster Hunter World Kirin guide, we'll be detailing all the steps you need to take in how to kill a Kirin, including all the best weapons and armor items you can take into the electric battle with you.

If you instead need anything else on Monster Hunter World, including how to quickly track down monsters using the Scout Flies, as well as how to safely capture any monster you encounter, head over to our Monster Hunter World guides walkthrough hub.

Monster Hunter World Kirin Guide

Announced on February 9, the ‘Kirin the Myth’ quest event was available straight away in Monster Hunter World, replacing the Horizon Zero Dawn collaboration event, where you could earn Watcher-themed gear for your Palico. In the Kirin the Myth quest, you’ll have to take down two of the new creatures in the Coral Highlands, which can prove to be quite the challenge.

We’d recommend taking quick weapons with you in the fight against the two Kirin, to match the speed of the beasts. One of their favorite combat moves is to prance across the battlefield like horses, stampeding any hunters that get caught in their path. Therefore you’ll need weapons that can deliver quick attacks, before allowing you to back off. The Dual Blades are a great choice, as they let you cover plenty of ground while dealing out damage with the B/Circle attack. Alternatively, the Bow or Light Bowgun is a good choice for fighting the Kirin, as it allows you to attack from range while also continually being on the move.

The reason you’ll want to be continually moving during the fight with the Kirin is that they specialize in area of effect attacks. The Kirin are basically electrical unicorns, and one of their favorite attacks is to rear that heads up, while lightning forms all around the battlefield. The pools of lightning then explode when the Kirin brings its head back down, and so you’ll want to immediately move out of the way, whenever you see a hint of light blue lightning near you at all. The lightning attacks also have the nasty added ability of stunning you regularly, leaving you entirely open to one of the Kirin’s charge attacks, where they charge headlong at you with the single horn on their heads.

It goes without saying that you’ll want to bring armor that’s effective against Thunder to fight the Kirin. The Barroth, Kadachi, Ingot, or Brigade armor sets are great for protecting you against the Kirin, although you’ll probably want to prioritize the Ingot armor set, due to its superior defense rating. Speaking of armor, you’ll be able to craft the Kirin armor set at the Smithy once you’ve taken down both the beasts in the Kirin the Myth quest. It’s actually some of the best Low Rank armor you can obtain in Monster Hunter World, and it provides the unique Capture Master bonus, meaning you’re in for a treat with some rare rewards, if you capture monsters rather than outright killing them.

Completing the Kirin the Myth quest will reward you with 14,400 Zenny as a nice monetary bonus to the Kirin armor set that you can now craft. Since the quest is actually an event, it’ll only last until February 15, and although you can undertake the quest itself as many times as you like, after February 15 it’ll be gone for good.

This is all you need to take down both the Kirin in Monster Hunter World, but if you need anything else on the game, continue to our complete armor guide page, as well as our guide detailing all fourteen weapon types in the game.

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