Monster Hunter World Barroth - How to Track and Kill the Barroth in Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World Barroth - How to Track and Kill the Barroth in Monster Hunter World

Here's how you can both track down, and slay, the Barroth in Monster Hunter World.

You'll first encounter the Barroth in the Wildspire Waste area of Monster Hunter World, and it can put up a tough fight. In our Monster Hunter World Barroth guide, we'll be detailing everything you need to know before you take on the creature, including how to quickly track it down, as well as the best weapons and methods for dealing with the Barroth.

But if you instead need anything else on Monster Hunter World, including how to quickly track down a monster using the Scout Flies, as well as how to perfectly cook a piece of meat on the BBQ, head over to our Monster Hunter World guides walkthrough hub.

Monster Hunter World Barroth Guide

From the starting Camp in the Wildspire Waste area of Monster Hunter World, there's a lot to explore. There's the swampy region of the map in areas 4, 5, and 10, but it's incredibly rare that you'll find the Barroth here. Instead, you'll more likely find the monster patrolling the locations around areas 5, 6, 7, 8, and 12, all of which are based in more arid and dry land.

The Barroth is an intimidating looking foe, and it behaves accordingly, attacking any hunters or other creatures that it sees on sight. It'll attack anything in the desert areas that we previously mentioned, including the supremely powerful Diablos, and if it does venture into the swampy region of area 4, then it's incredibly likely that the Barroth will pick a fight with the peaceful Apceros, as well as the highly aggressive Jyuratodus.

How to Kill a Barroth in Monster Hunter World

We already mentioned that the Barroth is one of the more aggressive beasts featured in Monster Hunter World, and you should plan accordingly for some charging and swiping attacks. Make sure to bring armor with you that has a purely high defense value, as the Barroth doesn't have any elemental attacks, and instead focuses on attacks aiming at pummeling enemies into the ground.

The Barroth's attacks primarily revolve around two body parts: the head and the tail. For the head, the Barroth will emit a noise not dissimilar to a steam train, and then charge the player head-on, causing massive damage and sending them flying backwards if the attack connects. If you're under the head of the Barroth, then the beast has an attack where it plunges its head straight down into the ground, causing severe damage if you get caught under it during the attack.

MHW Barroth Weaknesses

The Barroth will also frequently whip its tail around behind it, in roughly half a circle, which isn't too difficult to dodge through if you happen to be behind it. A great tactic for countering this is to simply cut the tail off the Barroth, which you can do by hacking away at it using a large bladed weapon, such as the Great Sword, Long Sword, or Switch Axe. Cutting the tail off the Barroth takes one of its big weapons out of the fight, and it also means you'll have an extra item to scavenge aside from the corpse of the Barroth once you've eventually defeated the beast.

A great element to use against the Barroth is thunder, and if you can connect a thunder attack to the head of the monster, you're guaranteed to have it stunned for a few seconds, and in some scenarios even cause it to fall to the ground.

This brings to a close our guide on how to kill a Barroth, but we have plenty of additional Monster Hunter World guides here at USgamer, including how to kill an Anjanath, as well as how to safely capture a monster alive.

Alternatively, you could head over to our monsters guide hub, where we'll walk you through how to take down every single beast in Monster Hunter World.

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