Metroid Prime 4 Release Date, Developer Bandai Namco, E3 2018, Teaser, Nintendo Switch - Everything we Know

We’ve rounded up all the (not very many) details on Nintendo’s recently announced and highly anticipated Metroid Prime sequel, including the developer working on the game.

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Metroid Prime 4 is real and it’s going to be released on Nintendo Switch. The game was announced at E3 2017 during Nintendo’s Spotlight video, but info on the game is rather slight at the moment. With Nintendo's E3 2018 show just around the corner,we’ll round up everything we know for you right here, including speculation about the Metroid Prime 4 release date, who’s developing it, and more.

Metroid Prime 4 Essential Information:

  • Release Date: TBC
  • Price: TBC
  • Platform: Nintendo Switch
  • Developer: TBC (Nintendo)
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Genre: First Person Adventure

Metroid Prime 4 Release Date and Game Info

Although Nintendo dated (to some degree) pretty much every game it revealed during its Nintendo Spotlight E3 2017 video, two games were not so lucky: The Pokemon RPG for Switch and Metroid Prime 4. Given that Nintendo didn’t put a broad 2018 date on the game, it’s safe to assume it’s some way off from releasing. While there’s still a chance we’ll see Metroid Prime 4 in late 2018, the safer money is on a 2019 release. We'll hopefully hear a little more at E3 2018.

This is not Metroid Prime 4, but expect it to share this aesthetic.

Who is Making Metroid Prime 4?

Nintendo has said that series creators Retro Studios is not working on Metroid Prime 4. This is something of a blow for Metroid Prime fans, many of whom assumed Retro had been working away on the game in secret. The dev team working on Metroid Prime 4 hasn’t been officially announced, with Nintendo stating that series producer Kensuke Tanabe is leading the project alongside a new development team. The original Metroid Prime trilogy contains three of the most highly rated titles for their respective systems (GameCube and Wii), so the new team has a lot to live up to.

Eurogamer has had confirmation from multiple sources that the dev team making Metroid Prime 4 for Switch is Bandai Namco Studios Singapore. This might seem rather worrying, but Bandai Namco has worked with Nintendo in the past on Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U, and Pokkén Tournament for Wii U and Switch. Super Smash Bros is a huge franchise for Nintendo, so the firm clearly trusts Bandai Namco with its biggest titles.

Bandai Namco Studios Singapore is home to a number of staff from the closed LucasArts Singapore. That studio had been working on the Uncharted-in-space like Star Wars 1313.

Other than the disappointing news of Retro not being involved in the production of Metroid Prime 4, we also know that the game’s story will tie together events of the Metroid Prime universe and take it in new directions. The game’s official fact sheet also states that the Nintendo Switch game will feature the “action, isolation and exploration” the series is known for.

As for the first trailer for Metroid Prime 4, it’s nothing more than a tease. We are treated to the game’s logo and some music, but it’s impossible to read anything from it.

Metroid Prime 4 E3 2018

Nintendo habe big plans for E3 2018. They're going to be showing off Smash Bros, The new Pokeon and more. It's entirely likely that Nintendo might reveal some more details for Metroid Prime 4, though we will have to wait and see to know for sure.

We’ll add more news to this page as info is released for Metroid Prime 4. We’ve got a feeling we’ll be waiting quite a while for this one.

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  • Avatar for Ralek #1 Ralek A year ago
    That really makes you wonder what Retro is doing ... and has been doing since Tropical Freeze Oo
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    @Ralek New IP.

    Destiny competitor.
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  • Avatar for RunnersDialZero #3 RunnersDialZero A year ago
    Since many of the key devs from the Metroid Prime days left Retro and formed Armature, I'm not concerned that Retro isn't working on it... But I am still curious *what* Retro is doing. I wonder if they're just something like an asset house at this point?
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  • Avatar for Arrowned #4 Arrowned A year ago
    I'm especially confused that Retro's not working on it due to a month or two ago when people asked what they were working on, and the official Retro Twitter account replied by posting images of prime rib. To find out they're not involved after all that is kind of weird.
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