Skull and Bones Release Date, E3 2018 Gameplay, Beta, Ship Types - Everything We Know

Skull and Bones Release Date, E3 2018 Gameplay, Beta, Ship Types - Everything We Know

Skull and Bones is a brand new IP arriving from Ubisoft, and there's been a release window and gameplay revealed at E3 2018.

Skull and Bones is a brand new IP, coming next year from Ubisoft. In this Skull and Bones everything we know guide, we'll be walking you through all the concrete details we have so far on the upcoming pirate adventure game, including the final Skull and Bones release date, as well as other intricate details in the Skull and Bones E3 2018 gameplay demo.

Skull and Bones Release Date

While Skull and Bones was officially revealed at Ubisoft's E3 2017 showcase, it was at the 2018 presentation a year later that we got a release year for the game. Skull and Bones will release in 2019, but we're unsure as of where in the year at the time of writing.

We'll make sure to keep this guide up to date with all the latest information about Skull and Bones, between now and next year. This means that when Ubisoft announces the release date for the pirate game, you can be sure to read about it here straight away.

Given that Skull and Bones is being developed by Ubisoft Singapore, one of the premier studios of the company, the game should be expected to retail for the usual $60. We don't have any concrete details on a price tag for Skull and Bones right now, but we'll be sure to update this page whenever Ubisoft announced a price, or pre-order details for the game.

Skull and Bones E3 2018 Gameplay

Firstly, you can see the cinematic trailer for Skull and Bones, which Ubisoft released at their E3 2018 presentation. This introduced us to the general concept behind Skull and Bones, in particular that alliances on the high seas are extremely fragile.

After this, we got the full gameplay demo for Skull and Bones just below. It was in this gameplay section that we learned about the full open, shared world of the pirate game, and how multiplayer would function, letting players join up to take on huge threats in the world.

Skull and Bones will also feature a dyamic weather system, for players to battle against while on the high seas. There's also a customization shop in the game, at which you can purchase various upgrades for your pirate ship, that give you statistical bonuses for your crew.

At Ubisoft's E3 2017 presentation for Skull and Bones, we got a good look at the core gameplay of the seafaring co-op adventure game. We were shown Loot Hunt, a mode that pits two teams of five players against one another, each with their own type of ship. These types are the Frigate, which is an armored tank, the Brigadine has a battering ram that can devastate any foes in its path, and the Sluperwar has a mortar that can be used from afar.

Both teams had to race around the map, which was just off the coast of Madagascar, collecting as much loot floating around in the sea as possible. Every ship tried to place the wind at their backs, gaining a speed boost from this, as well as using it to better position themselves to fire off cannons against opposing ships.

The team with the most loot at the end of a game of Loot Hunt would win, but then we were introduced to the Pirate Hunters. These Man-o-War ships are incredibly powerful, and as soon as they're let loose onto the map, they'll instantly target the ships carrying the most loot. The only realistic option when faced with the hunters was to retreat, and so the winning team made a hasty retreat, with only a single ship surviving in the end.

At the very end of the section of Ubisoft's presentation for Skull and Bones, we saw a brief glimpse of what could be the Kraken, a mythical beast of the sea, which can swallow ships whole in one go. This perhaps indicates that there could be unknown forces at play in Skull and Bones, but we'll have to wait for Ubisoft to reveal more with regard to this.

Keep an eye on this page, particularly over the course of E3 2017, as we'll be updating it with all the new information that we hear on Skull and Bones, the brand new IP from Ubisoft.

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