iPhone X Price, Release Date, Spec, Screen Size, Camera - Everything we Know

All the info on Apple’s new iPhone X, the biggest change to the iPhone formula in years. Including the iPhone X release date, iPhone X price, and the iPhone X spec.

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Apple has revealed the iPhone X, the most significantly different iPhone the company has produced in years. In this iPhone X guide, we’ll detail how much the iPhone X will cost, when the iPhone X will be released, and what spec the iPhone X is packing inside its sleek exterior.

iPhone X Price, Release Date, Spec, Screen Size, Camera, and Gaming Credentials Revealed

With the iPhone X now officially revealed, we have a lot of info on the forthcoming high-spec handset from Apple. Read on for details on why you may not be able to resist what is looking like an extremely cool peice of tech.

When is the iPhone X Being Released?

During Apple’s reveal event on September 12, the company announced that the the iPhone X is being released on November with pre-orders starting on October 27. Apple didn't reveal which countries will get the iPhone X first alongside the US however.

The iPhone X removes the home button and TouchID, instead opting for a powerful facial recognition unlock technology Apple calls "FaceID". The lock is powered by the A11 Bionic's new neural engine.

How Much Will the iPhone X Cost?

The iPhone X will be available in 2 different colors.

While the iPhone X will come in both Space Gray and Silver, there will only be one version of the iPhone X at launch instead of an iPhone X and X Plus.

Apple has announced the iPhone X will start at $999 USD. This makes it the most expensive iPhone model of all time.

iPhone X Spec

At the iPhone X reveal event on September 12, Apple announced that the iPhone X is a bit of a beast in terms of spec.

  • Screen Size: 5.8 diagonal edge-to-edge display
  • Processor: A11 Bionic Chip
  • Storage: 64GB and 256GB

The iPhone X will also come with an updated dual camera with 12MP in the back with one 1.8 aperature camera and one 2.4 aperature camera The dual camera will come with new image stabalization. The front camera will include Apple's popular Portrait Mode.

iPhone X and Gaming

iPhone X looks set to be excellent for gaming. At the reveal event Apple showed off more of the phone's AR capabilities with the new AR kit and Metal 2 integration.

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