The Evil Within 2 Reviews, Release Date, Pre-order, Upgrades, Crafting, Trailers, Enemies, PS4, Xbox One, PC - Everything we Know

The Evil Within 2 Reviews, Release Date, Pre-order, Upgrades, Crafting, Trailers, Enemies, PS4, Xbox One, PC - Everything we Know

All the info on The Evil Within 2, Bethesda and Tango Gameworks’ horror sequel, coming later in 2017. The Evil Within 2 Review round-up.

The Evil Within 2, sequel to 2014’s original, is being developed by series creators Tango Gameworks and published by Ubisoft. With industry legend Shinji Mikami (creator of Resident Evil) at the helm, there’s every chance this will be one of the most authentic survival horror games of this generation.

On this page you’ll find all the info released to date for The Evil Within 2, including The Evil Within 2 release date, The Evil Within 2 reviews, pre-order details, crafting and upgrade system and gameplay mechanics. Check back regularly for more on The Evil Within 2.

The Evil Within 2 Reviews

Reviews for The Evil Within 2 have started to hit the internet, so we've rounded up the pick of t he bunch for you below.

  • USGamer The Evil Within 2 Review (in progress) - "The Evil Within 2 is everything I wanted from the first game. Every major complaint I had about the first game is at least addressed in some manner."
  • Polygon The Evil Within 2 Review (in progress) - "I don’t know if The Evil Within 2 will be able to work this magic right up until the credits — which seem a lot further off than they did in the first game — but for now, I’m extremely impressed."
  • PCGamesN The Evil Within 2 Review (in progress) - "This is far more than a throwback to the haunting atmosphere and pacing of Resident Evil 4, The Evil Within 2 is entirely its own horror experience - part open-world survival game, part psychological horror."
  • GamesRadar The Evil Within 2 Review (3/5) - "The Evil Within 2 doesn't quite manage to step out of the first game's shadow - but while it may not have the same bold, unified style, you won't have to worry about frustrating mechanics or enraging difficulty spikes."

The Evil Within 2 Release Date and Platforms

The Evil Within 2 certainly looks to ramp up the weird!

Bethesda revealed The Evil Within 2 during its E3 conference, announcing a surprise October 13, 2017 release date. That’s Friday the 13th for those wondering! The game will release on PS4, Xbox One and PC. As expected, there will be no release on previous generation platforms or Nintendo Switch.

The Evil Within 2 was revealed with a trailer, mostly showing cinematics but with a smattering of gameplay thrown in for good measure. Amongst other things the trailer shows burning villages, scarily dark forests, and dead bodies - lots of bodies. If you want a pleasant gaming experience, this isn’t for you!

In the short video below you can see The Evil Within 2 in action, with the gameplay glimpse showing what we're sure is going to be a rather unnerving experience. Below that is even more gameplay, although be aware that the footage is low res.

In this sequel you play as Detective Sebastian Castellanos, the protagonist of the original game. In The Evil Within 2 we join him at the lowest point in his life, having lost his daughter. To save his daughter, Sebastian must enter a nightmare-filled world and discover the dark secret of a seemingly idyllic town. Sebastian will be able to take on the horrors by using weapons or take a more stealthy approach.

This enemy is a camera! Take that, Fatal Frame!

Bethesda released a brand new trailer showcasing the gameplay of The Evil Within 2, which you can see below:

The publisher then released a slice of the hands-on gameplay demo for The Evil Within 2, which showcased Sebastian's battle against the Guardian, a twisted monster that you'll be taking on for yourself in the game in a few months time.

Below you can see The Twisted, Deadly Photographer Trailer, which showcases Stefano Valentini, an artist with dark proclivities and unbounded imagination. Valentini's work will be seen throughout The Evil Within 2, including grim photos and grotesque tableaus.

The Evil Within 2's New Crafting System

Bethesda recently put out a blog post, detailing the new crafting system featured in The Evil Within 2. Green Gel would no longer be required to customise both Sebastian and his weapons, as Bethesda appears to be giving players a bit more freedom with upgrades and crafting in the sequel.

Your customisation options for Sebastian break down into five categories, which include upgrades like "regain more health from healing items". With weapons, you'll be able to tweak your fire power, fire rate, ammo capacity, and reload time, all with the goal of surviving in the brand new location of Union.

The Evil Within 2 Rage Against Time Trailer

Bethesda released the Rage Against Time trailer for The Evil Within 2. You can see the full trailer embedeed below.

The Evil Within 2 Upgrades:

  • Health – Dropping some Green Gel in the Health tree will give you the chance to survive an attack that might have otherwise killed you. This is also how you increase Sebastian’s Life Gauge.
  • Stealth – In addition to an increased movement speed while crouching, the Stealth tree can allow you to perform Sneak Kills from around a corner while in cover.
  • Combat – If you’re building a more rough-and-tumble Sebastian, the Combat tree will help you increase the damage of your melee attacks and decrease the kickback when firing weapons, among other upgrades.
  • Recovery – The Recovery tree is for players who know how tough surviving this nightmare is going to be for Sebastian. Upgrades here include an increased health recovery speed when regenerating from near-death status, and the chance to automatically use a Medical Syringe when taking fatal damage.
  • Athleticism – For the Sebastian on the go, the Athleticism upgrade options will let you increase your Stamina Gauge and give you a chance to auto-avoid certain types of incoming attacks.

While you're exploring Union, you'll happen upon Workbenches, where you can use weapons parts and other materials that you've scavenged to either upgrade your current weapons, or craft ammunition. You can craft away from Workbenches, should you find yourself in a tight spot, but this will cost more resources than if you were using a Workbench.

We’re hoping the sequel improves on the original in a number of ways:

  • Less reliance on ridiculous plot twists - the original Evil Within went a little overboard with its twisting and turning story. A story can be good without being absurd.
  • Better performance - Released across two console generations and PC, the original Evil Within had some significant frame rate issues. Hopefully by focusing on modern consoles and PC, the sequel will run a lot better.
  • Improved visuals - It’s not clear if The Evil Within 2 is making use of the latest id Tech 6 engine or not, but we still want to see a game that is clearly made with the current-gen in mind.

As we draw closer to the final release date for The Evil Within 2, make sure to check back on this post for all the latest information and news relating to the sequel.

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