Battlefield 5 Company Coins Guide - How to Earn Them, What to Spend Them on

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Battlefield 5 featured microtransactions, and the currency comes in the form of Company Coins. In this Battlefield 5 Company Coins guide, we’ll be detailing everything there is to know about the currency, including how to earn Battlefield 5 Company Coins quickly, as well as what you can spend the coins on once you’ve earned them.

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Battlefield 5 Company Coins

Firstly, we should point out that Company Coins can be earned both in-game, and purchased separately. You can absolutely go ahead and spend your own money on them should you wish, but they’re available to be earned in-game by completing tasks and challenges.

Speaking of earning Company Coins in-game, this is done through completing Assignments. Click on the ‘Assignments’ option from the main menu of Battlefield 5, and you’ll be presented with two categories: Special Assignments, and Daily Orders. The former of these is updated semi regularly by DICE, and as soon as you get your hands on Battlefield 5, you’ll have a Special Assignment for each class in the game, tasking you to complete class-specific activities for 200 Company Coins each.

As you can imagine, the Daily Orders refresh every 24 hours. There are three Daily Orders for you to complete every 24 hours, rewarding you with 100 Company Coins for completing each one. These are usually simple tasks that you can complete in a single match, such as ‘Kill two enemies while prone’, or ‘Build five fortifications in a single game.’

Finally, you'll be able to earn Company Credits by simply levelling up in Battlefield 5. As you can see below, we earned a total of 1,000 Company Credits from increasing our rank twice in the same game.

But what can you do with your Company Coins in Battlefield 5? Head to the ‘Armory’ from the main menu, and you can see a whole range of new cosmetic options that you can purchase for your own Company. This includes options like new soldier outfits, new weapon skins, and much more. All the options available for purchase in the ‘Armory’ are purely cosmetic, and won’t affect the gameplay of Battlefield 5 at all.

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