God of War Alfheim Walkthrough - How to Find all Spoils of War Artifacts, Jotnar Shrines, Idunn Apple, Horn of Blood Mead Locations in Alfheim

God of War Alfheim Walkthrough - How to Find all Spoils of War Artifacts, Jotnar Shrines, Idunn Apple, Horn of Blood Mead Locations in Alfheim

Our complete God of War walkthrough includes collectible locations, puzzle solutions, Valkyrie boss fights, armor upgrades, and much more.

The region of Alfheim is home to both the Light and Dark Elves in God of War, and when Kratos and Atreus arrive, they're in the middle of a pretty huge war. In this God of War Alfheim guide, we'll be listing out all the God of War Alfheim collectibles that we've found in the massive area, so you can track them all down as easily as possible.e

God of War Alfheim Walkthrough

The collectible items for the Alfheim region of God of War won’t begin until Kratos and Atreus have successfully made their way to the Lake of the Light in their boat. Once there, the entire level opens up, letting you explore multiple different locations spread out across the entire lake itself. We’ll be dividing up the guide just below based on the type of collectible, so you know exactly where to search if you’re after the Spoils of War artifacts, Jotnar Shrines, Idunn Apples, and more.

God of War Alfheim Spoils of War Artifact Locations

For the first Spoils of War artifact, you’ll need to turn left once you’ve reached the Lake of Light, and then row along the shore, until you see a stretch of beach that you can dock at. This is Light Elf Shore, and after you’ve defeated all the Draugr and Wyrms that spring up out of the ground to attack you, Kratos can turn to the right of the boat to find the Spoils of War collectible on a small stone pathway.

For the next Spoils of War collectible, you’ll need to make it to Light Elf Sanctuary, which can be reached by heading along the coast of the Lake of Light with the shore on your right, until you see a stretch of beach you can dock the boat at.

To reach the actual Spoils of War collectible in the secluded location, you’ll have to make it past the gate puzzle, past Wyrms and Draugr alike, and through a dark tunnel, until you come out on a vine bridge. Head over the vine bridge, and look down to see three tendons you can slice through with a single throw of the Leviathan Axe. Staying on the ledge, look in front of you to see the Spoils of War collectible on the ground.

The next Spoils of War item can be found right after the boss battle with the Stone Ancient, once Kratos has used his Leviathan Axe to freeze the smash the large tendon in the area. Simply head along the new light bridge on the left of the area, and you can claim the Spoils of War artifact from the corpse at the end of the new transparent bridge.

For the next Spoils of War collectible artifact, you’ll need to have made it back to where you left the boat, only to find that the water is completely gone. Now turn to your right and use the lift to descend underground, and in the first room you find yourself in, you can claim the Spoils of War item from one of the cell rooms that was previously locked.

God of War Alfheim Jotnar Shrine Location

Finding the Jotnar Shrine in the Alfheim region of God of War is pretty straightforward. On the right of the large light bridge leading to the entrance of the Ringed Temple itself, you’ll find a vendor shop, offering plenty of gear and upgrades to both Kratos and Atreus. Directly on the right of the shop, you’ll find the large wooden cabinet containing the Jotnar Shrine.

God of War Alfheim Idunn Apple Location

To find the Nornir chest containing an Idunn Apple, you’ll need to head to Light Elf Sanctuary, which you can reach by turning right once you’ve discovered the Lake of Light, and making your way along the shore until you see a stretch of beach that you can dock your boat at.

After you’ve opened up the first gate in the location and run through it, you’ll be attacked by two Wyrms. Take them out, and then head down the pathway on your left, where you’ll find a Nornir chest, surrounding by hanging pots.

You need to hit the correct three pots in the correct order to open up the Nornir chest, and the first correct pot to hit with the Leviathan Axe is the one hanging right above the entrance to the area.

The second pot you’ll need to hit is the one directly on the right of the Nornir chest, before you turn your attention to the third and final pot. The third pot is the one diagonally left from the Nornir chest, at the back of the area.

Once you’ve hit all three hanging pots in the correct order, you can open up the Nornir chest, and claim the Idunn Apple for yourself.

There’s a Idunn Apple housed in another Nornir chest in the Alfheim region of God of War, but this can’t be found until you’ve reached the underground area of the Ringed Temple Trench. At the second where you need to lower the ground while using a wheel, freeze the disc in front of you to hold the partially lowered bridge in place.

Hop down onto the slightly lowered bridge, and you smash two seal jars at either end of the bridge. Now release the Leviathan Axe to make the bridge rise, but lower it all the way to the bottom, hopping down onto it once again, and then turning around. You’ll now be able to hop up onto a ledge, and you can then recall the axe to make to the bridge rise.

You’ll know find yourself in an area surrounding by vines, and with the third and final seal jar right next to you.

You can drop down out of this area, and head across the bridge to open the Nornir chest just ahead of you, which grants you an Idunn Apple for your troubles.

God of War Alfheim Horn of Blood Mead Location

The first Horn of Blood Mead in the Alfheim area of God of War can be found right after you’ve made it across the largest light bridge in the location, and arrived at the Ringed Temple area. Turn left once you’re across the bridge, and you’ll see a hanging pot ahead of you, signifying a Nornir chest nearby.

You now need to smash through the two tendons that are keeping the door in the area locked, and then return to the first hanging pot you saw. It’s now a race against time to hit that pot, the one next to it on the right, and then spring down the chest towards the Nornir chest itself, throwing your axe at the pot directly behind the chest.

With all three pots hit within the timer, open up the Nornir chest to claim the Horn of Blood Mead inside, bringing you one step closer to increasing Kratos’ maximum Rage meter.

There’s a second Horn of Blood Mead found in another Nornir chest in the Alfheim area, but it’s quite a while after the first chest. Once you’ve destroyed a disc to bring down a light barrier, you’ll find a crystal ahead of you on the ground. You need to pick up that crystal and carry it to the very top of the stairs on your right, where you can place it in a pedestal on your left.

Now climb up the ledges on your right, and face through the gap in the fence to see a hanging pot straight ahead of you in the distance. Quickly hit this pot, then hit the one diagonally on your right ahead of you (also by aiming through the gap in the fence), and finally turn around to see the final hanging pot straight ahead of you.

Once you’ve hit all three hanging pots within the time, use the light bridge to head round to the Nornir chest, where you can open it up to claim the elusive Horn of the Blood Mead item for yourself.

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