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Armor is going to play a big part in God of War, especially if you’re looking to survive against tougher enemies on the harder difficulties. In this God of War Best Armor guide, we’ll be walking you through how to unlock the best armor, as well as how you can go about upgrading your current pieces of gear, in order to maximise Kratos’ statistics. We've also got a walkthrough to get the best armor in God of War - The Mist Armor sets.

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God of War Best Armor Guide

You might not think it at first, but you can actually kit out both Kratos and Atreus with multiple different pieces of armor. You can either find armor while you’re out and about, through uncovering chests and defeating powerful enemies, or by purchasing it from Brok’s Shop, which isn’t unlocked until you meet the dwarf in during the ‘Path to the Mountain’ main quest.

Armor in God of War is divided into different categories, which are as follows:

  • Chest armor
  • Wrist armor
  • Waist armor
  • Atreus armor

Kratos has three equipment slots, while Atreus has just one armor outfit for you to experiment with. The armor items you can find scattered around God of War have four different types of rarity, going from common (green), rare (blue), legendary (purple), to gold (epic).

There are six types of attributes for Kratos in God of War, and the armor that you equip can boost any number of these attributes. What are these attributes, and how do they affect Kratos? We’ll break all that down just below:

God of War Kratos Attributes Guide

  • Strength - Increases damage for all standard attacks.
  • Runic - Increases both Runic attack and elemental damage.
  • Defense - Reduces all damage taken.
  • Vitality - Increases maximum health, decreases hit severity from enemy attacks.
  • Luck - Increases perk activation chance, XP, and Hacksilver gain.
  • Cooldown - Decreases cooldown times for Runic attacks, Runic summons, and Talisman abilities.

You’ll therefore need to prioritise which attributes you deem to be more valuable than the others, when you’re choosing which armor to equip. For example if you’re playing God of War on a higher difficulty, then you’ll want your Defense and Vitality attributes to be high, while if you find yourself waiting around for abilities to recharge, you might want to equip armor that boosts your Cooldown statistic.

Atreus’ armor works differently to that of Kratos, in that he can only be equipped with a single armor outfit at a time. On top of this, Atreus doesn’t have attributes, but his armor can instead grant him passive abilities, that come into play during the heat of battle. For example the Legendary Sharpshooter Garb pictured just below grants Atreus a damage boost to enemies in the air.

How to Upgrade Armor in God of War

If you’ve taken a liking to your piece of equipped gear over the course of God of War, you’ll probably find that sooner or later, it’s going to become weak and underleveled, compared to other gear you find or can purchase. If you go to Brok or Sindri’s shop, you can then choose to upgrade your armor, increasing its overall level and protection attributes that we detailed above.

However you’ll need to have the required amount of Hacksilver and any other currency like Svartalheim Steel, World Serpent Scales, or Dust of Realms in order to upgrade your desired piece of armor. Keep in mind that each piece of armor has a maximum number of times that it can be upgraded in God of War, as denoted by the number of empty white orbs next to the level indicator of the item.

God of War Best Armor - Mist Armor

The Best Armor in God of War is the Mist Armor. This superb armor can be found in Niflheim, but the journey to get hold of the Mist Armor is a long one, and will require you complete numerous steps.

The Mist Armor in God of War comes in chest, wrist, and waist forms, all starting at level 7 (and climbing with upgrades). The special thing about the Mist Armor in God of War is how its health regen ability increases with each items from the set you are wearing. You can also get some great armor by defeating the Valkyries in God of War. Just like the Mist Armor, you're going to go on quite the adventure to get your hands on it.

How to get Mist Armor - Best Armor in God of War

There are numerous steps needed in order to get your hands on God of War's best armor, the Mist Armor. We've listed these steps for you just below:

  • Collect four pieces of the Niflheim Cipher
  • Travel to Niflheim
  • Fight your way through the foggy world and bank Mist Echoes with Sindri
  • Use 500 Mist Echoes to get access to the workshop
  • Collect the 9 pieces of Ivaldi's Rusted Armor in the workshop
  • Fight in the mist again to earn the resources needed to craft the Rusted Armor into Mist Armor

The Different Types of Mist Armor

When you're in a position to craft Mist Armor you can actually create three different variants. We've listed these below. Each requires the same resources, which is a lot, so focus on one upgrade so you can combine the three body parts to give you bonuses.

  • The Deadly Mist Armor: Good boost for Strength, Runic, Defense and Vitality - This is a good allround armor set.
  • The Endless Mist Armor: High boost for Strength, Defense and Vitality - Better boosts, but missing Runic.
  • The Cursed Mist Armor: High boost for Strength, Runic and Defense - Better boosts, but missing Vitality.

Resources Needed for Mist Armor Chest Piece Max Level

  • 20500 Hacksilver
  • 9000 Mist Echoes
  • 5 Niflheim Alloy
  • 5 Haze Weave
  • 100 Smouldering Embers

Resources Needed for Mist Wrist Armor Max Level

  • 15400 Hacksilver
  • 7000 Mist Echoes
  • 5 Niflheim Alloy
  • 3 Haze Weave
  • 1 Aesirbane
  • 5 Greater Crest of Flame.
  • Pristine Scales of the Realm

Resources Needed for Mist Waist Armor Max Level

  • 15400 Hacksilver
  • 7000 Mist Echoes
  • 5 Niflheim Alloy
  • 3 Haze Weave
  • 1 Aesirbane
  • 5 Greater Crest of Flame.
  • Pristine Dust of the Realm

God of War Enchantments Guide

But there’s another way you can give your armor items a nice boost in God of War. Some of the more powerful armor items in God of War will have Sockets available, which you can then equip any Enchantments that have you have into. Enchantments can boost the attribute bonuses of a specific items, as you can see with the Mark of the Ranger Enchantment just below, as well as providing some skill bonuses, like increasing the throw damage of the Leviathan Axe by a certain percentage.

These Enchantments in God of War are primarily found through finding powerful chests out in the open world, as well as killing boss characters like Daudi Kaupmaor and other trolls. They’re not easy to find, but since they don’t bind themselves to an open when you equip one, you can equip and unequip any Enchantment as often as you want.

This might conclude everything you need to know about the best armor in God of War, but if you need help finding elusive items scattered throughout the world of the game, head over to our Idunn Apple locations guide, or our Horn of Blood Mead locations guide.

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