God of War: How to Unlock Buri’s Storeroom

God of War: How to Unlock Buri’s Storeroom

We explain how to get into Buri's Storeroom and where to find all collectibles inside.

With many ways to get treasure in God of War, one of the most profitable locations is Buri's Storeroom, a sealed area which you'll need to unlock with a puzzle. Below we'll show you how to get unlock Buri's Storeroom and all the rewards you can find inside.

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How to Unlock Buri's Storeroom in God of War

To unlock Buri's Storeroom in God of War you'll have to wait until after you've completed the “A New Destination” main story quest. Once the water has fallen, you can see the Buri’s Storeroom island just to the east of Brok’s Shop in Tyr’s Tower, right in front of the huge double doors that might still be locked for you, depending on whether you’ve unlocked Viethurgard.

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We’ll give you some quick pointers just below for how to unlock Buri’s Storeroom in its entirety, as the process is a little more awkward than you might expect:

  • Sail to the first shores of the island, and head through the raised gate on your left.
  • Deal with the various Draugr you encounter there, including the powerful, level six Draugr with a two handed sword.
  • Look towards the raised center of the island, and smash some world tree sap with Atreus’ shock arrows.
  • Run up the stairs to the top of the island, where you can turn the wheel to make the water wheel move.
  • You need to move the water wheel until the gap in it lines up with the beach on your left.
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  • Descend down the stairs and to your boat, where you’ll have to sail round to the other beach, passing through the gap in the water wheel.
  • Now use the chain to lower the gate, and head back to the boat.
  • Sail round to the original beach, where you’ll have a clear shot at the three hanging pots.
  • Because the middle pot has fallen, you need to hit the two outer ones first, before hitting the fallen one last since it doesn’t chime.
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Buri's Storeroom Rewards and Collectibles

Congratulations, you’ve now successfully unlocked the stoney entrance to Buri’s Storeroom, which Kratos can heave open. Once inside, you’ll see a chest directly ahead of you that houses the Glaive Storm Heavy Runic Attack, which enables the Leviathan Axe to automatically seek out targets once you’ve thrown it in the direction of enemies.

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Aside from that, you’ll find two additional chests in Buri’s Storeroom which grant Kratos significant amounts of Hacksilver, and you can also head back to the beach on the north side of the island, and look towards the cliffs ahead to see one of the many Odin’s Ravens circling around a rock.

That’s it for our God of War guide on how to successfully unlock Buri’s Storeroom as quickly as possible, but head over to our God of War Valkyrie Queen guide for a full walkthrough on the toughest boss in the game, or our God of War Dragon locations guide if you want to free all three mythical beasts from captivity.

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