God of War: How to Beat the Dauoi Kaupmaor Boss Fight

God of War: How to Beat the Dauoi Kaupmaor Boss Fight

The first boss fight against the troll Dauoi Kaupmaor is a challenging battle that'll test all of your abilities.

God of War's first boss fight is against the troll Dauoi Kaupmaor, a huge enemy who wields a stone pillar. We'll show you here how to beat Dauoi Kaupmaor and open the hidden chamber close by.

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How to Beat Dauoi Kaupmaor in God of War

To beat Dauoi Kaupmaor in God of War, you'll need to remember all the combat tips that you've learned so far when battling the Draugr. When battling him, remember the following:

  • Use Atreus' arrows to distract the troll by pressing square.
  • Throwing your Axe at the troll's head can briefly stagger it.
  • Lay in with a few quick attacks, but then back off before the troll turns on you.
  • Don't bother using your fists, you can't easily stun this boss.
  • Dauoi Kaupmaor attacks in two steps, thrusting the rock in a spear attack, and then slamming it onto the ground.
  • The big attack where the boss swings the rock around repeatedly should only happen when he drops below half health.
  • If you're still having trouble, try following this guide for help.
Dauoi Kaupmaor is your first big challenge in God of War. | SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment

After you've depleted Dauoi Kaupmaor's health, you'll be able to kill it with an R3 finisher. After that, make sure to pick up the Hacksilver it dropped, and then jump up the ledge to higher ground with Atreus. Follow the path ahead, collecting the healing items on the ground if necessary, and you’ll come to a tutorial for how to build up the stun bar of an enemy with unarmed attacks.

How to Open the Hidden Chamber After Dauoi Kaupmaor

Defeat the Draugr, and then once you’re facing the ledge that Atreus has just jumped up to, turn right to see a intriguing-looking door ahead of you. This is known as a Hidden Chamber, and there are seven in total scattered throughout God of War. Although you can’t enter it right now, interact with the chamber door in order to begin the side quest to unlock all of them, and Kratos will note the location of this Hidden Chamber on the map. If you want to know what's there and when you'll be able to open it, click the following guide.

Now head up the ledge with Atreus, using the Leviathan Axe on the glowing pendulum to drop the weight ahead of you, and you’re home safe and sound with Atreus.

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