God of War Dragon Locations

God of War Dragon Locations

We show you how to find all the dragons and the rare Dragon Tears that each one gives you.

God of War has multiple dragons across its world that Kratos can interact with to gain rare items, including the valuable Dragon Tears. Below we'll show you how to get to all dragon locations and how to get the Dragon Tears from them.

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Dragon Locations in God of War

There are three dragons in God of War, all of which are located in the Midgard Realm. The dragon Fafnir can be found in the Shores of Nine, close to Alfheim Tower, the dragon Otr can be found at Veithurgard, and the dragon Reginn is at Konunsgard. Each of these dragons has a Favor/Quest associated with it, and in some cases will need the player to accept that Favor before they can be found at all.

Dragons are some of the most powerful creatures in God of War, and there's three of them for you to find across Midgard. | SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment

Dragon Fafnir Location

To find the Dragon Fafnir, follow these instructions:

  1. Head to the Alfheim tower on the Lake of Nine.
  2. When you’re in the boat and approaching the tower on the water, you’ll want to find the shore just to the left of the tower itself, where you can dock the boat.
  3. Now have Atreus destroy the rubble ahead of you with his shock arrows, and scale the cliff, going up the path on the left once you reach the top.
  4. At the top of this path, you’ll find two hefty wooden doors that Kratos can force open, bringing you to a direct confrontation with Fafir himself.

Once you find the dragon, it'll immediately start the "Flight of Fafnir" Favor, which we've got a guide for here.

Dragon Otr Location

Otr is much more concealed than Fafnir, and can be found in the area known as Veithurgard. To reach him, take these directions:

  1. Sail just to the right of the Alfheim tower on the Lake of Nine, to where Atreus and Kratos can dock their boat.
  2. From here, you need to work your way up the cliff, destroying all the orbs of sap with Atreus’ shock arrows as you go, until you reach the top of the cliff, looking out onto the huge doors that lock off Veithurgard from the Lake of Nine.
  3. There’s a large wheel in the ground here that you can turn, which will pull back the chain spread out over the water, subsequently unlocking the double doors.
  4. Now all you have to do is return to the boat, sail through the open doors, and dock at the shore to your right. Otr should be up ahead.
Otr is deep within the land of Veithurgard. | SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment

Once close enough, like with Fafnir, a new Favor will begin, entitled "Otr's Imprisonment." We've got a walkthrough on how to deal with that quest here.

Dragon Reginn Location

The final dragon, Reginn, is located in Konunsgard. Reginn is the easiest dragon to reach, but hardest to unlock, as you'll need to do two Favor Quests for each of the smithing Brothers, Brok and Sindri, before you can access it. Once the option comes up, accept the "Hail to the King" Favor, which will

The Konunsgard region in God of War is sadly locked behind several quests from the smithing brothers: Brok and Sindri. In order to unlock the Konunsgard region, you’ll need to undertake and complete two Favor side quests for Brok, and two for Sindri, before you can accept the Hail to the King Favor quest.

Reginn is in Konunsgard, unlocked after completing Favors for the blacksmiths. | SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment

Once accepted, it'll open up Konunsgard and provide you a marker to the area. Head West off the Lake of Nine and down a small passageway to get to Konunsgard. Keep following the quest, and you'll find the third dragon. Your eventual encounter will start a separate Favor entitled "Fire of Reginn", which we've outlined here.

How to Get All Dragon Tears

There are three Dragon Tears you find, and each one is found by completing the Favor associated with each dragon mentioned above, Flight of Fafnir, Otr's Imprisonment and Fire of Reginn. Each Favor has multiple rewards, but that includes Dragon Tears that can be used for crafting and upgrading the best equipment in the game. Simply take them back to Brok or Sindri to use them.

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