God of War: How to Free the Dragon Reginn

God of War: How to Free the Dragon Reginn

Trapped by magical enchantments, Kratos and Atreus can free a dragon as part of the Fire of Reginn Favor.

God of War's most hidden dragon is the fiery Reginn, who is trapped and needs saving from magical bonds. We'll show you how to free the dragon Reginn and get to all the shrines holding him in place as part of the Fire of Reginn Favor in our guide below.

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How to Free the Dragon Reginn in God of War

To free Reginn the Dragon in God of War you’ll need to gain access to the region of Konunsgard, which lies to the north west of the Midgard map. To gain access to the region itself, you’ll need to undertake the fifth and final Favor quest from Brok and Sindri at Brok’s Shop in the middle of the Lake of Nine.

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Once you’ve undertaken the Hail to the King Favor, after completing two Favors for Brok and two for Sindri, you’ll finally be directed to the Konunsgard entry point off the Lake of Nine. You can now sail all the way up the river, and pass into Konunsgard itself.

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In order to find Reginn the Dragon and kick off the Fire of Reginn Favor, you’ll need to forge a path through the hordes of frost Draugr inside Konunsgard, until you come to the massive wooden doors, where you’re prompted to collect three keys to enter. Ignore this, and head to the right of the door, where you’ll be able to see the Dragon in the distance.

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Reginn Shrine Locations

Once you’ve made it to the stone pedestal which binds Reginn, head left immediately, jump over the gap, and you find the first of three shrines dead ahead of you, with two Draugr praying in front of it. Destroy the Draugr, and then the shrine, and you’re now one third of the way to setting Reginn free.

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You’re now in for a tough fight against several Draugr and Wyrms in this area, and we’d recommend using the Blades of Chaos if you want to make short work of them. Once you’re done with the herde of enemies, head off a path to the right of the area, and you’ll see a Wyrm ahead of you.

Drop the hanging red pot on the group of enemies to take them out quickly, and you can then destroy the second shrine in peace.

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Head back to the main area, and look right, to see a door that’s locked by three hanging pots. You need to hit all three pots with the Leviathan Axe within a certain amount of time in order to unlock the door, and you can start off by picking up a pod of sap next to you, and throwing it at the hanging pot that’s behind the metal fence.

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Have Atreus shoot the sap orb with his shock arrows, which will count the first pot as having been hit. Now simply hit the second pot above it with the Leviathan Axe, before quickly turning your attention to the final pot above the locked door itself, in order to gain entry for Kratos and Atreus.

You’ll now be in a new area with several Wyrms crawling their way along the ground, so take them out before proceeding with your journey. Kratos and Atreus will now find themselves facing several more Wyrms, and a powerful dark elf enemy from Alfheim, all in the same open area as the final shrine.

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We’d highly recommend using Kratos’ Spartan Rage ability for this, as well as Atreus’ shock arrows to make short work of the group of enemies. Once you’re all done, destroy the final shrine, and head all the way back to Reginn.

Reginn Dragon Tear

You’ll now be able to have Atreus use his knife to set Reginn free, and you’ll have successfully completed the Fire of Reginn Favor side quest. As a reward, you’ll gain roughly 800 XP, and one extremely rare Dragon Tear.


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