God of War Hraezlyr Boss Walkthrough - How to Defeat the Dragon in God of War

Our complete God of War walkthrough includes collectible locations, puzzle solutions, Valkyrie boss fights, armor upgrades, and much more.

The Dragon Hraezlyr is one of the more volatile enemies in God of War, and Kratos and Atreus are going to have to take him down together if they want to continue upwards to the top of the mountain. In this God of War Hraezlyr boss guide, we’ll be walking you through how to defeat Hraezlyr, including all the weaknesses and quick time events you need to be fully prepared for.

God of War Hraezlyr Boss Walkthrough

Thought your fight with Hraezlyr was done when you sent the dragon packing inside the mountain? Think again, because he’s back very shortly after you’ve stepped off the elevator inside the mountain, and made your way outside the cave. The fight with Hraezlyr the dragon is Kratos’ fight alone, with Atreus perched high up above the fight and out of harm's way.

If you're in a rush, check out our essential tips for beating Hraezlyr just below:

God of War Hraezlyr Essential Tips - How to Defeat the Dragon in God of War

  • Running, not dodging, is the key to avoiding lightning blasts.
  • There are two sap desposits, found on the sidelines of the battlefield.
  • Wait until Hraezlyr is glowing with lightning to throw the sap orb at the boss.
  • When you're attacking the claws, try to quickly alternate between the pair, so Hraezlyr can't stamp on you.
God of War Hraezlyr Boss

In the first phase of the fight with Hraezlyr, Kratos will find himself in the actual jaws of the dragon, where you’ll have to hack away at its insides as quickly as possible using a combination of light and heavy attacks, on the right bumper and right trigger respectively. Once you’ve damaged the boss for roughly a minute, Kratos will be thrown out, and you’ll be on a level playing field facing off against Hraezlyr.

In the next stage of the fight when Kratos is on the ground, Hraezlyr is going to start launching lightning-based attacks at you, both in bolts that rain down onto the battlefield, as well as lines of the lightning that strafe back and forth. No matter what the actual attack from the dragon is, you need to run to either side of the battlefield to pick up a chunk of the sap, and then get close enough to Hraezlyr to hit the dragon with the sap, but only while it’s performing a lightning attack.

God of War Hraezlyr Boss

If you miss the window of opportunity while the dragon is attacking, the sap ball will merely hang in the air, but if you can throw it just above the head of Hraezlyr, it’ll warp itself to the head of the boss, exploding on impact. Once you’ve done this twice, Hraezlyr will fall to the ground, where Kratos can sprint up to the boss and lay into its head repeatedly with the Leviathan Axe for some easy damage.

When Hraezlyr isn’t performing lightning attacks, the dragon will stamp repeatedly with its claws on the battlefield, while Kratos tries to hack away at them for extra damage. This is a dangerous situation as the attacks come thick and fast, but if you can dodge the stamping attacks from Hraezlyr’s claws, you can land some solid damage on his limbs.

God of War Hraezlyr Boss

Once you’ve dealt a significant amount of damage to the boss and Hraezlyr is lying on the ground underneath the giant claw, look up to the claw the press square to begin the final quick time event. You’ll now need to tap circle repeatedly to execute the dragon, and bring an end to this massive confrontation.

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