God of War: Inside the Mountain Walkthrough

God of War: Inside the Mountain Walkthrough

Having made their way into the Mountain itself, Kratos and Atreus must find their way to the summit. Here's how to make it through safely.

After having returned to Midgard in God of War, Kratos and Atreus make their way into the Mountain to find their way to the Summit. We'll show you how to make it through in our walkthrough for the Inside the Mountain journey.

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Inside the Mountain Walkthrough in God of War

To kick off this quest, begin by climbing all the way up the side of the mountain with Atreus, until you come to a ledge where you’re surrounded by Black Breath. Use the item that the Witch gave you, and keep pushing forward until Kratos automatically dispels all the Black Breath in the location.

Push through the doors ahead and you’ll find yourself in a huge cavern with a deer statue ahead of you. You’ll now want to head forward, and then down the path on your left, where you’ll be attacked by a few Draugr. Deal with them, then turn around a look up, where you’ll see a crystal that Atreus can shoot and knock down.

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Pick up the crystal, and carry it back into the main area, where you can put it in a vacant pedestal, and have Atreus shoot both crystals one after the other. Now have Kratos use the level in the middle of the area, and pull it back, until the symbols on the floor align and Atreus can read them.

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You can now push through the rock doors on your right that the deer statue created, heading down the dim corridor, until you can drop down to a section below. Now turn and follow the path on your right, until you come to a fallen stone pillar that you’ll have to squeeze under. Have Kratos pick up the next stone pillar blocking your path, and you’ll be in a brand new area.

You’ll now need to battle several Nightmares and a Revenant at once, so make sure to have Atreus hang back and focus on getting rid of the flying monsters, before going after the Revenant. Once the fight is over, jump up the ledge with rune markings at the back of the area, and fight off several fire-based Draugr, none of which should pose a particular huge combat threat.

Now head to the left of the ledge that you jumped up, and smash the wooden boards across the gap, revealing a crystal that Atreus can shoot to form a new light bridge. At the top of the bridge you’ll see a Nornir chest, and if you shoot the lantern just to the right of it, you’ll reveal three rune symbols on the very back wall behind the chest.

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You now need to find all three puzzle contraptions which Kratos can turn with his axe, two of which can be seen from the bridge. Go onto the bridge, turn left, and look down, and you can hit the contraption until it depicts a symbol like an ‘N’. Now turn slightly to your left and look up, and you’ll see another contraption a long way off, which you can just about hit until it reads ‘B’.

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The final contraption is just outside the chest area, on the left of the light bridge, and you need to hit it until it depicts the symbol ‘R’. Now return to the Nornir chest, and you can open it to find a Horn of Blood Mead item, which will increases Kratos’ maximum Rage meter for every three that you find.

Now head out from the light bridge and straight forward, and you’ll see a lantern that you can shoot to light up. There’s a wooden door that you can smash through just to the right of this, and in this hidden room you’ll find one of the Bottoms Up cups, a new artifact set. Retrace your steps and follow the area round to the right, where you’ll have to fight off a fairly quick Draugr.

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Keep pushing ahead, and Kratos and Atreus will eventually have to make their way under some low hanging rocks, but at the end of this path you’ll find yourself on the other side of the chasm, next to the deer statue. Head in front of the statue to open a chest containing a large amount of Hacksilver, then head behind the statue to where you can smash through a wooden door and uncover a new Lore scroll for Atreus to collect.

Now head through the double doors, and you’ll encounter a powerful type of fire Draugr that like to slam their weapons onto the floor, creating a path of fire that moves towards Kratos. You’ll need to prioritise these Draugr over other weaker ones to make this fight a quick one.

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Head round the corner and you’ll encounter more fire Draugr, before you can head through a low path to the right of the wooden boards to reach a chest that contains Soft Svartalheim Steel and an Etched Crest of Defiance. Now backtrack and hop up the ledge with the runes ahead of you, climbing all the way up the rock face ahead of you to reach new heights.

Now head down the path in front of you, and you’ll eventually come to a wooden gate that you can raise with a chain, which will thankfully stay open after you’re done.

Where to Go in the Heart of the Mountain Area

Kratos and Atreus are now in the brand new Heart of the Mountain area, and the first thing you’ll want to do is turn to your right, and interact with the wheel at the top of the small wooden path. Atreus will accidentally screw things up slightly, and you’ll have to fight a bunch of Draugr that make their way into the main area in front of you.

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After you’re done with all the Draugr, you’ll want to head to the very right of where the Draugr poured out of, to uncover a Hidden Chamber door. If you’re facing the Hidden Chamber door and head right, you’ll find a small crevice you can squeeze through, to claim some Soft Svartalheim Steel in a chest. Retrace your steps to the main area, and head to the lit cavern where the Draugr came out of.

Weirdly enough, you’ll find Brok’s shop inside this tunnel, but you want to jump up the ledge with the runes to the right of his shop. On this new level you can smash boards on your left, and squeeze through a low path to a new area, where you can open a chest on your right that contains Soft Svartalheim Steel.

Now retrace your steps and drop off the ledge, hitting the yellow board in front of you with the Leviathan Axe to cause the walls of spikes in the tunnel to retreat. You now need to sprint through the tunnel as quickly as possible to make it out the other side safely, to where you can open a spiked door using the Leviathan Axe, to find yourself in a brand new area.

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You’ll want to head to the huge cart in front of you, which will cause several Draugr to spring out and attack you. After you’ve dealt with the Draugr, head left passed the moveable cart, and you’ll see a raised bridge above you, that you can cause to fall with a precise hit of the Leviathan Axe on the discs holding it in place.

Now move the cart so that it’s just passed the lowered bridge, next to the huge gate, but backtrack, because there’s a spiked door that you can open with your axe where the cart previously stood. Inside this new cavern past the spiked door, you can find another Bottoms Up cup artifact.

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Now head back out and to the cart, and hop up onto the cart, and then hop up the ledge in front of you to reach higher ground. Turn right, and head over the lowered bridge, where you’ll have to fight several Draugr. After the battle is fought, drop down a lit hole in the ground to your left, and you’ll be able to open a chest that houses some Soft Svartalheim Steel.

Open the wooden gate to head back out to the main area, where you’ll have to climb up the cart again to reach the same level as the bridge. This time don’t go over the bridge, but head down the tunnel dead ahead, where you can move a fallen stone pillar out of the way, before coming to chain on your left which will let you raise the gate, letting you pull through the massive cart into the main area.

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Push the cart forward, but stop it in line with a ledge on the left with a runic symbol. Now hop up onto the cart, and across onto the ledge, where you can open a chest to unearth the Falcon’s Dive Runic Summon. Continue down this path, and you can move the gigantic boulder that was stopping the whole lift contraption from working in the first place, back when Atreus tried to move it.

Now return to the cart, and you’ll be ambushed by the Jarn Fotr troll boss. You’ll have to use a combination of ranged attacks from Atreus and Kratos in order to safely take out this troll, which drops some Soft Svartalheim Steel, as well as some Hacksilver and a Heavy Runic Attack.

Now continue pushing the cart as far as it’ll go, and head over to the wheel that lowers the claw. When the claw is wrapped around the cart, use your Leviathan Axe on the gears to the right, and hop on the cart, recalling the axe to raise Kratos and Atreus up the inside of the mountain.

A tender scene will play out once you reach the top, but once you’re back in control, you’ll need to navigate Kratos past several fiery traps, where timing in your movement and jumping is everything. At the end of this section you’ll need to walk round spinning fire trap anti clockwise, until you can find a wheel to use to lower the entire trap into the ground, revealing a chest that you can open to claim Plated Pouldrons of Focus, and Soft Svartalheim Steel.

Turn right and head to the end of the wooden walkway, where you’ll need to grab the handles on two boulders and push them both off the edge of the platform, causing it to rise rapidly up the inside of the mountain.

You’ll now be attacked by two waves of Draugr, both of which are supported by projectile Draugr from up high, and finally an Ogre, which we’d recommend leaving till after you’ve taken out all the Draugr. Once you’ve taken out the waves, have Kratos kick the platform off the cliff edge, and you’ll then find yourself in for a rather surprising boss fight. Check out our initial Hraezlyr encounter guide just below, or our full Hraezlyr boss guide for more, but otherwise, we’ll continue the Inside the Mountain quest guide further down.

Where to Go After Beating Hraezlyr

After you’ve departed from the shop after taking down Hraezlyr for good, you’ll see a Nightmare fuse itself with a frost Draugr, creating a brand new type of enemy. This new fiend continually regenerates health, so you’ll have to make sure to build up the stun meter with unarmed attacks, so the frost Draugr and Nightmare separate from one another, letting you and Atreus take them out.

After the fight, head to the end of the area and look right, to see the moving part of the sap that Atreus can destroy with a shock arrow. Now head back to the wheel, and raise it up until it’s level with the sap above. Holding it in place, you can have Atreus shoot the orb of sap to destroy the sap on the upper level, creating a new path for the pair to climb up, but before you do, head into the small cave behind where the cage began on the ground, and you’ll find a Bottoms Up collectible mug artifact.

Now climb up the rock face and head all the way into the cavern, where you’ll have to take out several frost Draugr and a Nightmare. Head up and towards the sap wall, but turn right and head forward, to find several powerful frost Draugr enemies. Take out the lesser two and save the big one till last, when both Atreus and Kratos can focus their combined attack on the monster.

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Now grab a sap orb from the deposit, and head back to the previous sap wall, where you can attach the orb to the wall and have Atreus shoot it to bring down the barricade. Within this new area, you can find a new Jotnar Shrine, as well as one of the several seal jars needed to open a Nornir chest back where the powerful frost Draugr was.

Again using the sap deposit, throw one orb above you to the sap, and another onto the sap on the raised bridge on the other side of the gap, have Atreus destroy both, and you can bring down the bridge, pausing halfway over it and looking to your right to see the second of the three seal jars buried in the rock face.

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Now use the wheel on the other side of the gap to raise the bridge, but freeze the cogs on your right with the Leviathan Axe partway up, letting you cross the bridge to a new level. Up here, you can break the final seal jar on your right, letting you claim the Idunn Apple on the level just below you.

Now you can head to the back of the area, climbing up the rock face to bring you to the brand new area of The Summit. Kratos and Atreus can now press forward on the narrow path together, taking out the multiple frost Draugr that come for them, until they reach the end of the path near the summit itself. Before you begin climbing, turn left to claim another Bottoms Up cup artifact, but then begin the climb up the rock face, to conclude the Inside the Mountain quest in God of War.

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