God of War Isle of Death Lake of the Nine Guide - How to Find Every Collectible

Our complete God of War walkthrough includes collectible locations, puzzle solutions, Valkyrie boss fights, armor upgrades, and much more.

It's not easy to find either the Isle of Death on the Lake of the Nine in God of War, but it can definitely be rewarding to unlock it. In this God of War Isle of Death guide, we'll be firstly walking you through how to reach the secluded island, and then how you can go about finding every single collectible hidden on the island itself.

God of War Isle of Death Guide - Lake of the Nine

If you want to track down everything that the Isle of Death has to offer in God of War, then you’d be better off waiting until the water levels of the Lake of Nine have lowered, after you’ve completed the “A New Destination” quest. Once this is over, you can find the complete island jutting out of the water to the south west of Brok’s Shop in Tyr’s Tower.

Once you’ve landed in the shores of the Isle of Death, check out our quick bullet point tips just below to uncover every single item and hidden location that the Isle of Death has to offer:

  • First off, you’ll have to deal with two rapid Revenants once you’ve landed on the shore.
  • You can find two deposits of Hacksilver near corpses on the beach.
  • Destroy the red jar near the rubble on the right to open a new pathway.
  • At the end of the pathway, look to your right and up, to see a hanging red jar that you can drop to clear the way to a chest.
  • Climb up the runic ledge, and then climb up again to the wreckage of the ship to find a lore note that Atreus can pick up.
  • Climb down from the ruined boat and hop over the ledge straight ahead of you.
  • Look behind the chest ahead of Kratos to see a red jar that you throw the axe at, freeing up the chest to be looted.
  • Climb up the runic pathway all the way to the very top of the island.
  • Jump down to the left of the white flag to discover a new fast travel Mystic Gateway point.
  • Now return to the white flag and climb up the runic ledge to your right.
  • Turn left at the top to see a red jar, that you destroy to clear the rubble and let Kratos pick up an Abandon Ship artifact collectible.
  • Head into the husk of the ship, and you can uncover a treasure point if you previously started The Boat Captain’s Key treasure quest, rewarding you with 10,000 Hacksilver and Aegir’s Gold.
  • Head to the edge of the cliff ahead of you, and turn left to see a red jar you can destroy.
  • Now head back out of the ruined ship and climb up the new path to the top of it, opening a chest to find some Solid Svartalheim Steel, and World Serpent Scales.
  • Return back inside the ruined ship and use the rope to descend, opening up the legendary chest at the bottom to find a rare axe pommel.

After this, you’ll find you’re back at the very start of the Isle of Death, and as such, you’ve uncovered every hidden detail that the item has to offer you.

This brings an end to our God of War guide on the Isle of Death, but continue ahead to our additional guides on the game, including our God of War Valkyrie locations guide, as well as our God of War Dragon locations guide.

If you need anything else to do with God of War, including how to get to grips with the brand new combat system featuring the powerful Leviathan Axe, or a complete story primer for everything you need to know if you’ve missed past games in the series, head over to our God of War guides walkthrough hub.

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