God of War The Light of Alfheim and Light Elf Sanctuary Guide - Stone Ancient Boss, Dark Elf Boss

God of War The Light of Alfheim and Light Elf Sanctuary Guide - Stone Ancient Boss, Dark Elf Boss

Our complete God of War walkthrough includes collectible locations, puzzle solutions, Valkyrie boss fights, armor upgrades, and much more.

The Light of Alfheim marks the fourth major quest in God of War, where Kratos and Atreus join forces with the Witch in an attempt to navigate their way to to an entirely other dimension. In this God of War The Light of Alfheim walkthrough, we’ll guide you through completing the mission as quickly as possible, as well as where you can find hidden details throughout the landscape like treasure chests. We also cover the Light Elf Sanctuary.

God of War The Light of Alfheim Walkthrough

At the outset of The Light of Alfheim quest, you’ll begin things in the brand new, mysterious dimension, with the Witch having just been pulled through a portal of sorts to an unknown fate. Head straight forward and you’ll see what looks like a tendon, blocking your path ahead. Sever this with your Leviathan Axe, and take note of it, as you’re going to be seeing a lot more of them on the Light of Alfheim quest.

Head forward and get Atreus to read out the brief lore passage from the runes on your left, and then continue down the path for you first combat encounter with some different enemies. These are the elves of God of War, and it’s the dark ones that are hunting both Kratos, Atreus, and all the light elves of the region. To take them out quickly, you’ll want to use Atreus’ arrows to knock them down to the ground whenever they hover in mid air, giving Kratos an opening to finish them off.

Sever the two tendons blocking your path with one throw of your Leviathan Axe, and turn to the right to see a chest that you can open, which will reward you with a Muspelheim Cipher Piece. Now head down the slope from the other side of the door, and head towards the shop, turning left when you get there to find an angle from which you can slice all three tendons around the boat with a single throw of the axe.

Get into the boat now that it’s free, and head straight ahead once you’re in the water, to find a light orb dangling from a tree branch, that turns out to be Yggdrasil’s Dew of Cooldown, which increases your cooldown rate for abilities by two seconds. Continue ahead, and after Atreus has had his scene continue following the river downstream. Kratos and Atreus will eventually come to a brand new area in God of War, the Lake of Light.

In this fancy looking location, you can turn left and keep rowing until you see a small beach on your left. You can dock the boat here and discover Light Elf Shore.

In this location you’ll be attacked immediately by Draugr and Wurms, but you can turn right to find a Spoils of War collectible item on a small stone pathway.

Now head down the dark pathway next to the stone path, and you’ll see a few tendons ahead of you. Turn around the corner, and hop the gap next to the third tendon, so you can line yourself up to slice all three with a single throw of the Leviathan Axe. You’re now free to open the chest that was shrouded by the vines, which contains Hacksilver and three World Serpent Scale Fragments.

Light Elf Sanctuary

Now turn around and head out into the open from the dark path, where you can open a chest to claim a brand new Heavy Runic Attack. Drop down off the ledge back onto the small stone pathway, and from here you can return to the boat, as you’re all wrapped up with everything there is to do with Light Elf Shore. From here, row all the way down the coast, and past the section where you arrived at the Lake of Light, going past it and all the way around the coast until you eventually come to a shore, where you can dock and discover Light Elf Sanctuary.

At this new location you’ll be attacked by Draugr and Wurms once again, so make sure to fend them off before heading to your right and interacting with the lever to raise the gate, hopping the gap and sprinting through straight after.

You’ll have to deal with several more Wurms in this new section of the Light Elf Sanctuary, but afterwards you’ll have a puzzle to solve. To get the next gate open, you need to quickly destroy the bottom tendon, raise the gate using the lever, and then destroy the additional tendon while the gate is still raised. It’s a tricky task, and you’ll have to be quick with how you aim the Leviathan Axe for it to work.

Before you head through the gate, turn around and head through the path right behind you, for there’s an Idunn Apple to be found down here. You’ll have to correctly hit the right pots in order to unlock the chest, and the first correct one is the one hanging right above the entrance to the area.

The second pot you want to hit is the one directly on the right of the chest, and the final pot of the three is handing diagonally left from the chest. Unlocking this chest will reward you with an Idunn Apple, and for every three of these items you manage to collect, you’ll raise the maximum health of Kratos.

Now head all the way back to the previous location with the Wurms, and once you’re through the gate ahead, activate the dark orb ahead of you to initiate a tough battle with two heavy Draugr. You’ll need to use Atreus regularly to win this fight, and you’ll also need to use Spartan Rage on the more powerful Draugr as soon as you’ve charged it up. Use Atreus’ arrows to stun the Draugr out of their attacks, and you’ll have no trouble beating them.

Now if you head down the dark path at the end of this raised section, you’ll have to slice through two more tendons, before you can cross a bridge of vines and look down on three tendons that you’ve aligned yourself in front of. Kratos can now easily throw the Leviathan Axe to sever all three, picking up the Spoils of War collectible artifact just in front of him straight after. Now you can hop down off this ledge, and turn right, where you can head through a tunnel to reach a new puzzle.

This puzzle will require you to use the wheel at the back of the room to move the tendons around, and Kratos will then have to throw the axe at the perfect time to sever all three. Since only two tendons move when you use the wheel, you’ll have to align them both up with the sole tendon that doesn’t move, in order to unlock the chest. With the chest unlocked, head back out to the boat, because you’re all wrapped up with everything to do at Light Elf Sanctuary.

Now that you’re back on the water, head straight for the Light of Alfheim quest marker out on the water, and you’ll eventually reach a new dock, with a special light bridge ahead of you. The bridge is snatched out of the reach of Kratos and Atreus, and you’ll instead have to fight a number of dark elves at once, so make sure to use Kratos’ shield and Atreus’ arrows whenever you can. After you’ve dealt with the elves, turn around and interact with the two wheels near the water’s edge, causing a massive rune shape to rise up out of the water.

You’ll now need to get back on the boat, and sail towards where you entered the Lake of Light. You’ll see a small island that you can dock at, where Atreus is able to carve runes into the sand pedestal and make the ground underneath you open up.

You’re now in the Ringed Temple Trench, and several dark elves will attack you as soon as you’ve made your descent. Turn around immediately, and head into the path on your left, where you’ll find a lever. Pull the lever, and you’ll see two doors open either side of you.

Head through the door on the right, and throw your Leviathan Axe at the tendon that you have a line of sight with. Now run back to the area with the lever, and recall the Leviathan Axe, which will cause the two tendons to break as it comes back through the gate. You can now enter the new and open the chest to claim the new Heavy Runic Attack for your Leviathan Axe. Now head back out of this area, and down the path on the left side of the trench, where you’ll be attacked by more dark elves.

Once you’ve fended off your attackers, look across the bridge going over the gap in the middle of the trench, and you’ll see a wheel. Turn the wheel until the bridge in the middle is at the same level as the seal jars, and then use the Leviathan Axe on the wheel on the other side of the trench to freeze the bridge in place, letting Kratos jump down and smash two of the three seal jars on either wall.

For the final seal jar, lower the bridge all the way down with the wheel, and then turn around to find a new ledge that you can hop up. While you’re up here, recall the Leviathan Axe to make the ground rise, and you can smash the final seal jar, as well as opening the chest next to Kratos that houses some Runic Forearm Bracers. Now jump down from the chest, and you can run to the other end of the bridge to open the Nornir chest, containing an Idunn Apple.

Head back to the end of the bridge with the wheel, and lower it all the way down, allowing you to sprint through the new tunnel directly ahead of Kratos. Now turn to your right, where you can head through another tunnel to smash two tendons with a single throw of the Leviathan Axe, hop up the ledge ahead of you, and you’ll be put into a brutal combat scenario, where Kratos has to activate his special Spartan Rage ability to in order to rescue Atreus from the clutches of several dark elves.

Once this is over and you’re reunited with Atreus, you’ll have to fend off several more attackers, so make use of Atreus’ arrows now that you’ve got the boy back by your side. Once you’ve killed all the dark elves in the area, head through the door at the end of the bridge to the left of the area, and you’ll find yourself in a new prison room of sorts. You want to open the door on your right, drop down off the ledge, and line Kratos up so he can smash through the two tendons on your right with a single throw of the Leviathan Axe, which will restore the pathway next to you.

Now turn left, climb up the rock wall ahead of you, and you’ll have more dark elves to take out, before a boss battle with a unique enemy.

God of War Stone Ancient Boss Guide

This boss might seem intimidating, but there’s a fairly simple strategy required in order to beat the Stone Ancient. While your normal attacks with the Leviathan Axe won’t do any damage to the Stone Ancient, you’ll instead have to keep your distance from the boss, strafing around it until you see it get ready to unleash a beam attack from its chest.

At this point, you need to quickly launch the Leviathan Axe into the area where the beam attack is coming from on the Stone Ancient. Try and get in multiple hits with the axe if possible, but otherwise you’ll need to bide your time in this boss fight, dealing out damage only when the boss lets you.

Once the fight is over, you can claim the Fragmented Heart of Alfheim from the remains of the Stone Ancient, and then hack away at the giant tendon in the middle of the area, until the guard surrounding it retreats. You can now press circle to have Kratos dig his Leviathan Axe into the tendon, and then rapidly tap circle to have it freeze over, allowing Kratos to smash it and open up a new path for the pair to take.

You now want to head along the light bridge on the left to claim a Spoils of War artifact for the area, before taking the light bridge on the right to reach an elevator (of sorts), which will let Kratos and Atreus return to the top of the temple. You can now head across the main light bridge that was previously snatched from your grip, to reach the new area of the Ringed Temple.

When you reach the massive door at the end of the bridge, turn left and head down the sloping path, and you’ll see a hanging pot, indicating that there’s a Nornir chest nearby. Line Kratos up so he can smash through both tendons holding the door closed, and then return to the first hanging pot you saw, when you came down the slope.

You’ll now need to throw the axe at this pot, then the next pot just above it and to the right, and then the final pot at the back of the tunnel behind the Nornir chest itself, all within a set time. Doing this will unlock the chest, which contains a Horn of Blood Mead, which will increase Kratos’ Rage timer for every three you find.

Now head back up to the huge door, and you can head down the other path, where you’ll find a Jotnar Shrine just to the right of the vendor shop. Now turn left and head through the low hanging path, and you’ll find yourself in a long corridor, where you’ll be attacked by dark elves once you’ve dropped down to the floor below.

Defeat all the dark elves, taking care to put Atreus’ bow to good use, and you then proceed down the hallway, until you can turn right around and align yourself to smash the three tendons just above you. Doing this will unlock a chest on your right, which contains some Soft Svartalheim Steel. Now continue down the hall, and you’ll be attacked by Nightmares (which Atreus can easily kill with his bow), as well as several Draugr. Head forwards after your battle, and turn left, hopping over the two gaps in the middle of the area, and turning right, where you can line yourself up to smash two tendons through a gap.

Now return to the area before you jumped the gap, and you can open a chest to claim a Runic War Belt for Kratos to equip. You can now hop back over the gap, turning left to hop onto a ledge and climb to your right with Atreus on the back of Kratos. You’ll see a light elf get murdered by several dark elves, where you’ll find yourself in the Ringed Temple Interior location.

Climb up onto the platform with the dark elves, before you can smash through the guard around the large tendon, freezing and smashing it to create a new light bridge over the gap in the middle of the area. You’ll encounter several more Nightmares once you’re on the other side of the gorge, so use Atreus’ arrows and the Leviathan Axe throw to take them all out, before crossing back over to the other side of the gorge. Deal with the dark elves, and then smash through the large tendon once again, crossing over to the other side of the light bridge, and heading up the slope on your left.

In this new area once you’ve reached the top of the slope, you’ll need to correctly align Kratos so he can take out three of the tendons at a time, starting with the trio on the left, which will permanently vanish once destroyed. Next you can destroy the three in the back of the area, before finally finishing up by destroying the two outside along with the tendon blocking the path.

It’s now a cramped journey through the small path, and once you’re out the other side, you’ll have a horde of dark elves to fight your way through. Once you’re finally on the platform with the beam of light and Atreus, Kratos is in for a slightly spiritual journey inside.

Once you’re back outside, walk over to the sulking Atreus, and you’ll use the object that the Witch gave you on his bowstring, and Atreus is now able to shoot the crystals to form paths of light. Cross over the light bridge just in front of you, and drop down to the new area on your left, where you can pick up a crystal and put it in the vacant slot at the back of the area, forming a new path above you that lets you open a chest.

Now carry the crystal over to the second vacant spot, and have Atreus shoot both this one and the crystal you can see on the edge of the ledge in the distance, as you’ll need this secondary light path for later. Now jump back up to the higher level and proceed over to the new light bridge, turning to your right and finding another light bridge just slightly along. On this bridge you’ll encounter two dark elves, so take them out quickly and head onto the stone pathway, turning back onto the light bridge at the end of this section so you can align yourself and slice the three tendons with one throw of the Leviathan Axe.

Now head over the rest of the light bridge, and climb up the rock wall just ahead of you, but be prepared to fight some dark elves. After they’re all dealt with, look across the gorge to see another crystal that Atreus can shoot. Head over the light bridge and up the stairs, where you’ll have to fight more dark elves, but you can open the chest nearby for your efforts to receive a Light Runic Attack item.

Turn around and look up to see a disc that you can smash to drop the crystal on the ground, letting you pass through the light barrier. Now carry the crystal all the way to the top of the stairs, and place it in the vacant spot to your left.

Turn to your right and climb up the stairs, where you’ll have to hit three pots to open a Nornir chest. There are gaps in the fence either side of the Nornir chest, and you can look through them to hit the farthest pot with your Leviathan Axe, if you aim it slightly above the pot. Hit the pot near the chest, and then turn around to hit the final pot, letting you open up the chest to receive a Horn of Blood Mead, which can increase your maximum Rage meter.

Now head out onto the light bridge opposite from the chest, and you can aim to your lower left to slice three tendons with one throw of the Leviathan Axe. Drop down to the ground, and place the crystal in the pedestal in the area that you just opened up from the tendons, having Atreus shoot it to activate a new light bridge. Now head round the wall on your left, and you’ll find a point to boost Atreus up, having him had to the other end of the light bridge and open up the main door of the area.

Once you’re through the door, you need to head to where the boat was on the dock, only to find it completely gone. Turn to your right and use the elevator to go underground to the trench area, where you’ll find that all the cells near you have now opened up, letting you claim a Spoils of War artifact nearby. Now head through the double doors and out into the main trench area, where you’ll have to defeat two Revenants at once using Atreus’ deadly arrows followed up by Kratos’ close quarters attacks.

Once the Revenants are down, head to the area on the right of the trench, and use Atreus’ arrows to open up a new bridge. Once you’re over the bridge and into the new area, look up to smash a disc dangling a crystal over you, which will free both the crystals and the Draugr prisoners from their cells. After the Draugr are defeated, check all the cells and you’ll find a Spoils of War artifact, before you can pick up the crystal in the center of the room and carry it back out to the main trench area.

Now form another light bridge directly ahead of you, and place the crystal in the center of the new room in the pedestal. In this new area, you need to match up the symbols on the door with the symbols displayed on the four pillars all around the room, with the left symbols on the door applying to the left side of the room, and the right symbols on the door applying to the right side of the room. After you’ve aligned all the symbols correctly, you’ll be able to go through the big door and open a chest, containing some Runic Scale Spaulders.

Pick up the crystal and once again carry it back out to the main trench, this time turning right to see a new pedestal for the crystal on the lower area. Form a new light bridge, and head over it, running all the way to the other end of the trench where you’ll find yourself in a powerful boss battle.

God of War Dark Elf Boss Guide

This strong dark elf boss can be quite a pain to deal with, and you’ve effectively got to use Atreus’ arrows to knock him off balance while he’s in the air. Make sure to keep a close distance to him at all times with Kratos, so he doesn’t let off his powerful ranged attack with two beams.

Use heavy attacks on the dark elf boss if possible, as this will allow you to chain together several weaker quick attacks on the boss. Make sure to use your Spartan Rage if possible, and also try to force the boss into one of the side rooms, where dealing with him is significantly easier in closer quarters.

Take the lift back up the surface once you’ve dealt with the dark elf boss, and you’ll find yourself able to board your boat once again. Now you need to travel all the way back up the river, right to where you first freed the boat from near the shop. Once you’re back on solid ground, run all the way back to the portal to return safe and sound to Midgard. You’ll have the opportunity to speak to Bok once you’re back in your own realm, but otherwise you want to journey all the way back to where you first encountered the Black Breath that blocked your path, bringing the Light of Alfheim quest to a close.

If you need help uncovering other elusive items in the new God of War, head over to our Muspelheim Cipher Pieces guide, or our Niflheim Cipher Pieces guide if you want to know how to unlock additional realms to travel to. We've also got all the Horn of Blood Mead locations.

If you need anything else on God of War, including a complete story primer for those who are new to the franchise, as well as a combat controls guide so you can pull of devastating combos, make sure to head over to our full God of War walkthrough hub.

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