God of War: The Magic Chisel Walkthrough

God of War: The Magic Chisel Walkthrough

We show you how to find the Magic Chisel needed to open special doors in God of War.

As Kratos and Atreus journey to enter the region of the giants in God of War, they must firstly obtain the special Magic Chisel. In this guide we'll be walking you through how to solve a series of puzzle and how to get the Magic Chisel.

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The Magic Chisel Walkthrough in God of War

From the horn that Mimir’s head just used to talk to the World Serpent, head towards Brok’s Shop, then turn left to get to the boat on the northern edge of the area. You can now sail towards the two giant statues pointing oars downwards into the river, heading through them to discover the brand new Mason’s Channel area.

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Dock upriver, using the wheel to lower the gate below water level, and then sail through it, all while the head of Mimir recounts an ancient tale. Activate the Mystic Gateway on your left when you dock, and then head forward to encounter the new enemy that looks suspiciously similar to a Werewolf. This new enemy is quick in battle, so make sure to Atreus’ frost arrows to temporarily give them pause.

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How to Get into the Hidden Chamber

After the fight is over, you can discover a new Hidden Chamber on your left, and then head back, interacting with the handle underneath the large sap-like sphere to turn it right. Have Atreus shoot it, and it’ll smash the ice, letting Kratos claim some Solid Svartalheim Steel from the chest there. Now turn the sphere to face the left, and do the same to smash through the ice there, letting you continue the Magic Chisel quest.

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You can now discover yet another Hidden Chamber in this next area, before climbing up the chain on the left and head through the raised icy section, heading past the next chain to discover a chest containing some Runic Wyrmskin Pauldrons. Now climb up the chain, and Kratos and Atreus will find themselves in a wide open area with several more vicious Werewolves.

Kill the Werewolves, and then open the chest in the middle of the area to claim some Plated Runeweaver Bracers. Now turn around, and you’ll see a locked gate with three symbols above, not unlike a Nornir chest. The first contraption to unlock this gate can be found just to the left of it, and you’ll need to have it displaying the symbol that looks like an R lying on its side.

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The next contraption can be found behind you at the other end of the area, and is raised up out of the ground by Kratos hitting a yellow board with his Leviathan Axe. You need to hit the board, then hit the contraption quickly to turn it around, until it shows that looks like a backwards B. For the final contraption, you’ll have to first grab an orb of sap from the nearby deposit, and then head to the area right of the gate, throwing the sap so Atreus can shoot it and free the final contraption.

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Now turn the contraption until it shows the symbol with a single triangle pointing upwards, and you can head back to the gate, head through, and unlock the chest that contains the power Mark of the Ranger Legendary Enchantment, which increases axe throwing damage.

Now head towards the very end of the area, where you’ll be attacked by several frost Nightmares. Take them out, and lift up the fallen stone pillar to reach the new Head of Thamur area. You’ll now be up against hordes of fire Draugr as well as two Ogres, so make sure to search around you for any objects you can destroy to uncover any healing items. Use Atreus’ frost arrows on the Ogres and Draugr, and this fight shouldn’t be particularly difficult.

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Now climb up the chain on the right of the area, and you can talk to Sindri. After you’re done with the dwarf, destroy all three orbs of sap along beard of Thamur, and you can start the climb upwards to the top of Thor’s hammer.

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It’s quite the climb, and a bit of the way up you’ll encounter a fairly powerful Draugr enemy, complete with a great sword and heavy shield. You’ll want to use Atreus’ shock arrows in this situation, to whittle away his armor to Kratos can deliver attacks straight to the body of the Draugr. After you’re done, pull the cart at the end so it’s just in front of the doorway, and then hit the hanging object on the left until you can climb up it from standing atop the cart.

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Jump off the hanging object to the right, and you’ll be able to open a chest containing the Blessings of the Frost Heavy Attack Rune. Now head through the doorway behind the cart, and you can jump off the pathway at the end, climbing round the corner to the right to reach a pathway with a giant sap orb ahead of you.

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To solve this puzzle, you’ll have to have Kratos grab the handle at the bottom of the hanging object, and push it away towards the ice, having Atreus shoot the orb as soon as possible so that then it explodes, it shatters the ice behind it. Do this several times, and then after the banner has fallen down, shoot it one last time to smash the ice on the pathway next to it, letting Kratos claim the Solid Svartalheim Steel from the chest within.

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Now you can make your ascent up the hammer starting from the fallen banner, but it’s not too tricky a climb. Once you’re at the top, you’ll be prompted to unbuckle the handle, and then jump off the hammer itself. Now head through the double doors ahead of you, and open the chest in this next area to claim the Runeweaver War Belt Waist Armor.

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Seasons Puzzle Solution

In this next puzzle section, you’ll have to unravel the order of the seasons using the Leviathan Axe, before Atreus can write the correct order in the sand pedestal. The final order, going from left to right, is:

  1. Autumn
  2. Summer
  3. Spring
  4. Winter
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In this next section while the platform rises, you’ll have to defeat every enemy as quickly as possible while the timer in the top of the screen decreases. You don’t have a huge amount of time for this, so make sure to use Atreus’ shock arrows as often as possible, before shooting the sap orbs with shock arrows once you’ve reached the top, allowing Kratos and Atreus to jump off.

The next section sees the pair climbing their way around the frozen cliff edges, all the way until you reach the Dining Hall area. Check on your left to discover a Hidden Chamber, but then have Atreus shoot the sap in the chandelier, so that it swings back and forth, taking out chunks of ice on the wall until it crashes down to the floor.

Now pick up chunks of the sap, and throw it at the icy walls to uncover some particularly nasty enemies. Firstly you’ll discover a frost giant, which can be taken out fairly easily as you have done with past giant encounters in God of War. Make sure to put Atreus’ shock arrows to use in this section, and then on the Ogres that get set loose afterwards.

Now climb up the runic cliff wall at the edge of the area, and you can head round the upper level to reach Sindri’s shop. Continue ahead, and you’ll initiate the final big boss battle of the quest.

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