God of War Niflheim Cipher Locations - How to Unlock the Niflheim Realm

Our complete God of War walkthrough includes collectible locations, puzzle solutions, Valkyrie boss fights, armor upgrades, and much more.

Niflheim is one of the two major optional areas in God of War, that you're going to have to unlock through finding every single Niflheim Cipher piece hidden in the huge game. In this God of War Niflheim Cipher pieces guide, we'll be walking you through a complete list of the various God of War Niflheim Cipher locations found within the game.

In case you instead need help with anything else relating to God of War, including a full story primer if you’re brand new to the entire franchise and all its characters, as well as a complete combat guide containing controls and combo instructions, head over to our God of War walkthrough hub.

God of War Niflheim Cipher Locations

You're going to want to find the Niflheim Ciphers, but doing so can be pretty tricky. Luckily for you, we've put together all the Niflheim Cipher locations so you don't have to do much hard work yourself.

God of War Niflheim Cipher Location 1

The first of the Niflheim Cipher Pieces can be found during the Return to the Summit quest, when the title card for ‘The Summit’ flashes up on the screen once you’ve exited out of the mountain itself.

Niflheim Cipher

The chest that contains the first Niflheim Cipher Piece can be found straight in front of you, giving off a gold tint, and if you missed this Cipher Piece the first time round, you can return to it by simply climbing off the narrow, snow covered pass leading up to the Summit itself.

God of War Niflheim Cipher Location 2

The second Niflheim Cipher Piece can be found during The Path to Jotunheim quest, which takes place fairly late in the story of God of War. When you descend into the Tyr’s Temple area, with puzzle and death traps in every direction, you’ll at one point be tasked with taking Winds of Hel energy with you, and transporting them successfully to open up the corridor ahead of you.

Once you’ve made it through the puzzle involving the Winds of Hel energy, you have the opportunity to throw off one of the two huge chains, in order to flip the temple entirely. Before you do this, look to the other end of the area to see a gold tinted chest, which Kratos and Atreus can open to claim a Niflheim Cipher Piece.

God of War Niflheim Cipher Location 3

For the next Niflheim Cipher Piece, you’ll still be making your way through the puzzle of Tyr’s Temple, and you’ll need to be on the lookout for a puzzle involving Atreus shooting sap with his shock arrows to make it explode. Once you’ve made it to the other side of this trap with falling blocks of spikes, you can open up a chest to retrieve another Niflheim Cipher Piece.

Niflheim Cipher

God of War Niflheim Cipher Location 4

The fourth and final Niflheim Cipher Piece can only be found while you’re in the stomach of the World Serpent, fairly late on in God of War. While you’re at the very end of the stomach, after having docked your ship and reclaimed Mimir’s missing eye, you can turn right around from having claimed the eye, to see a brand new chest.

Niflheim Cipher

Unlock Niflheim in God of War

Hop over the gap in the path, and you can open up this rare looking chest. Doing this will grant Kratos and Atreus the final Niflheim Cipher piece, and you’re now free to travel to the brand new realm straight from the Bifrost, as soon as you please.

These might be all the Niflheim Cipher Pieces in God of War, but if you need a guide on where to find the second type of cipher scattered throughout the map, make sure to head over to our God of War Muspelheim Cipher Pieces guide. We've also got guides to find all Idunn Apples and Horns of Blood Mead.

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