God of War: How to Free the Dragon Otr

God of War: How to Free the Dragon Otr

To free their first dragon, Kratos and Atreus must complete the Otr's Imprisonment favor quest.

God of War allows you to rescue three chained dragons, the first of which is the mighty Otr. We'll show you how to free the dragon Otr as part of the Otr's Imprisonment Favor Quest, as well as where to find the mysterious shrines holding it in place.

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How to Free the Dragon Otr in God of War

To free the dragon Otr in God of War you'll need to venture into Veithurgard in order to undertake the Otr’s Imprisonment Favor, but even that is no easy feat. You can unlock the area by heading to the shore just to the right of the Alfheim tower on the Lake of Nine, and scaling your way up the cliffs.

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Near the top of the cliffs, you’ll be able to pull back a chain that opens the huge doors cutting you off from Viethurgard, and all you need to do after this is sail through the doors, and you’ll be firmly in Veithurgard. Simply dock at the shore to your right once you’re in the new region, and you’ll have some fire Draugr to defeat, before you can push forward and encounter the Dragon Otr for the first time.

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Otr Shrine Locations

You now need to make your way strategically up the path, dodging the lightning attacks from Otr as you go, until you’re at the top of the path and facing a pedestal with runes on. Now turn right, and you can jump up a small ledge and follow the path round, until you come to a Draugr praying at a shrine, simply take out all the Draugr you find here, and you can smash the shrine to bring you one step closer to freeing Otr.

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Now return to the pedestal with the runes on in front of Otr, and head left, where you’ll have to defeat more Draugr, and then press forward on the grassy path, where you’ll see a Draugr praying at a shrine ahead of you.

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Defeat all the Draugr that reinforce the praying one, and you’ll then need to hack away at the shrine with the Leviathan Axe until it’s completely destroyed. This is the second of the three shrines that bind Otr, and you’ll need to destroy them all if you want to free the Dragon.

For the final shrine, head back to the larger grassy area where you first encountered the Draugr, and you can head through a shadowy path that leads under a rope bridge.

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Defeat all the various praying Draugr at the end of this path, and you can then head up some stone steps to your right, ignore the lowered gate ahead of you, and go through the path that leads alongside the bridge to your left.

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Climb up onto the bridge at the end of this path, and you can use your Leviathan Axe on the red pot to the right to destroy the blockade, giving you a quick way back to Otr. Now turn around, and you’ll have a small puzzle to deal with, after you’ve defeated the ever-present Draugr just in front of the huge doors.

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To solve this door puzzle, you’ll need to correctly align the runes on the door with the contraptions to either side of the door, except there’s a catch—two of the runes have fallen off. You can uncover the fallen runes by smashing through wooden crates to the side and on the other end of the area to the door, which will then allow you to easily align all the symbols and proceed ahead.

Once you’re inside, head forward, and you’ll be attacked by two Draugr. Take them out, and then look ahead to find an elusive Jotnar Shrine buried in the wall. Now head down the path on your left, and turn right to see a red pot that you can smash to burn the rubble blocking your path.

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Head down the new path, and you’ll come to the final shrine in an open area. Simply take out all the Draugr here, and once again destroy the shrine to finally set Otr free.

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Otr's Imprisonment Rewards

Now head all the way back to the rune pedestal that was just in front of Otr, and Atreus will need to use his knife in order to set the Dragon free. Having done this, you’ll have wrapped up the Otr’s Imprisonment Favor quest in God of War, and you’ll be rewarded with an extremely rare Dragon Tear for your efforts.

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