God of War: A Path to Jotunheim Walkthrough

God of War: A Path to Jotunheim Walkthrough

Heading back to Tyr's Temple, Kratos and son must attempt to open a door to Jotunheim and find their way to the locked realm.

The second exploration of Tyr's Temple in God of War has our heroes attempt to open a locked path to Jotunheim hidden inside the building. We'll show you how to make it through in our walkthrough for A Path to Jotunheim.

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A Path to Jotunheim Walkthrough in God of War

The real challenge in the Path to Jotunheim quest begins once Atreus has written a rune in the sand pedestal, and you’ve descended downwards, away from the two statues of giant trolls. Turn around immediately, and you can find a Jotnar Shrine here, counting towards the More than a Myth collectible artifact in God of War.

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Now turn to your right, and head through the door that Kratos can open by grabbing the handle near the floor. You’ll now find yourself faced by an elaborate death trap, comprised of spinning blades rotating around a corridor. You’ll need to use the Leviathan Axe to freeze the first circle, unfreezing it and letting it move again when it’s on roughly the opposite side of the circle immediately behind it.

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You can now freeze the third circle back, and you’ll want to unfreeze it when it’s in line with the circle in front of it. You can now continue this process with each of the circles, going all the way back until they’re in roughly one long line. Kratos can now safely pass through spinning blades, when they’re on the opposite side of the corridor to him.

Winds of Hel Orb Puzzle Solution

In the next area, you’ll need to take the Winds of Hel energy source from the wall using your Blades of Chaos, and put it into the first orb going down the new corridor out of the area. You’ll see that you can stop and start the various death traps down this corridor with the Winds of Hel energy source, and this is what you’ll need to do to move forward with the Path to Jotunheim quest.

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To complete this section, you basically need to get the two activate Winds of Hel energy sources onto the two horizontal spinning blades at the back of the corridor. Make sure to stop the spinning blade above these by taking away the Winds of Hel when it’s raised, and you won’t have trouble passing through this section.

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In the next area, you can raid a chest to claim a unique Niflheim Cipher Piece, one of four pieces that will open up the realm of Niflheim when you’ve eventually uncovered them all. Now throw the chains off the edge of the area, and you’ll begin a fiery encounter with several Draugr and a spinning fire trap, make sure to use the Leviathan Axe on the Draugr, while staying firmly out of reach of the fire trap.

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Now head back to the previous area, through the puzzle with the Winds of Hel energy, and you’ll have to repeat the entire battle with the fiery Draugr again. Return back through the first death trap to the original area with the Jotnar Shrine, and you can now head through the opposite door straight ahead of Kratos, to be greeted by several new death traps.

For the first trap, you’ll need to freeze the falling block of spikes while it’s on the ground, and then try and release it so it rises back up on unison with the block just behind it. Doing this will give Kratos a clear path to run through the entire area, and reach the next stage of the Path to Jotunheim quest.

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In the next area you can open up a chest containing Bracers of the World Serpent, and then turn your attention to the final trap. To get past this, you’ll firstly need to grab an orb of sap from the deposit on your right, and then throw it under the block while it’s raised, having Atreus shoot it so that the block goes through the floor, allowing Kratos and Atreus to stand on top of it.

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Flipping the Temple

Once you’ve made it past the trap, open up a golden chest to claim another Niflheim Cipher Piece from within, and then throw the second pair of chains off the edge of the area. You’ll now have two powerful Draugr with great swords to deal with, so make sure to use Atreus’ shock arrows to temporarily stun them, letting Kratos lay into them quickly with the Blades of Chaos.

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Now return back to the original area, battling weaker frost Draugr on the way, and you can use the lever near the Jotnar Shrine to ascend on the platform. Kratos can now flip the entire building entirely on its head, and the pair can safely continue with their journey in God of War. If the Path to Jotunheim is proving a bit much for you, you might need to get the best armor in God of War.

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