God of War The River Pass Area Guide - How to Find all Faces of Magic Artifacts, Jotnar Shrines, Idunn Apple Locations

Our complete God of War walkthrough includes collectible locations, puzzle solutions, Valkyrie boss fights, armor upgrades, and much more.

The second proper area you're going to have available to explore in God of War is the River Pass, and there are a ton of different collectible types to find. In this God of War River Pass guide, we'll be walking you through how to find all the God of War River Pass collectible locations scattered around the huge location.

If you instead need help with anything else on God of War, including a full story primer for all the key events you might have missed from past God of War games, as well as a full combat guide for everything you need to know heading into the brand new game, head over to our God of War walkthrough hub.

God of War The River Pass Area Guide

As we mentioned above, although the River Pass region in God of War is just the second area in the game, it’s undoubtedly one of the biggest and more complex to navigate your way through. We’ll be breaking down all the various collectibles you can find in the River Pass area throughout the guide just below, including the Spoils of War collectibles that are found in the region, as well as the rare Jotnar Shrines and Idunn Apples.

God of War Spoils of War Artifact Locations

The Faces of Magic artifacts in the River Pass region of God of War can’t be found until after you’ve met Brok for the first time. Once you’ve concluded your business at Broks’ Shop, turn right and proceed until you find a small ledge you can jump down, where you’ll find a corpse with the first of the Faces of Magic artifact on the ground just next to it.

The second Faces of Magic collectible isn’t far away, and you’ll need to head back past Brok’s Shop, until you come to another ledge you can drop down with a chest and a chain. Lower Kratos down the chain, and he can find another corpse with the second Faces of Magic artifact just next to it.

The next Faces of Magic collectible item is easy to find, and really hard to miss. Once you’ve passed through the puzzle area in which you had to stop spikes descending on you from the ceiling with the Leviathan Axe and out onto the cliff, a small cut scene between Kratos and Atreus will play out. After it’s done, head to the edge of the cliff, and you can find a corpse with a Faces of Magic item just to your right.

You can find a Faces of Magic collectible right after you’ve solved the spinning rings puzzle with Atreus, just after you collected the previous Faces of Magic item by the edge of the cliff. Once you’re through the puzzle and into the cave, head left where the path forks, and you can find another Faces of Magic collectible right by a corpse.

The next Faces of Magic collectible artifact can be found just after the boss fight with the troll named Brenna Daudi, once you’ve entered the cave leading out of the arena. You’ll need to help Atreus hit a boar with his bow, and then when you’re in the village afterwards, you can find the Faces of Magic item behind the ruined house with the burning roof, on the ground waiting to be collected by Kratos.

God of War River Pass Jotnar Shrine Location

The sole Jotnar Shrine in the River Pass area can be located right after you’ve encountered a Revenant for the first time in the ruins area. After you’ve defeated the Revenant and climbed up the cliff, hop over the gap in the wooden bridge, and turn left, where you’ll encounter plenty of frost Draugr.

After you’ve defeated the frost Draugr, simply head to the back of this open area towards the wooden cabinet, and you can unlock the first and only Jotnar Shrine in the River Pass region of God of War.

God of War River Pass Idunn Apple Locations

Oddly enough, you can find the Nornir chest containing the Idunn Apple right after the location in which you uncovered the Jotnar Shrine in the River Pass. From the area in which the Jotnar Shrine is located, head out of the only exit, and turn left, where you’ll see the Nornir chest housing the Idunn Apple straight ahead of you.

The first of three seal jars needed to break the lock on the Nornir chest is located on the wall just to the right of the chest itself. The second seal jar can be found of you stand just to the left of the raised bridge in the area, and look up the cliff in front of you, where you’ll see the seal jar high above you.

Finally, you can find the last seal jar by breaking the discs that are holding the bridge up, by throwing your Leviathan Axe at them. Cross over the bridge, and you can see the seal jar through a gap in the rock wall just on your left.

Now head back to the Nornir chest with all three seal jars destroyed, and you can claim the Idunn Apple for yourself, bringing you one step closer to permanently increasing the health of Kratos.

There’s a second Nornir chest containing another Idunn Apple right after the boss fight with Brenna Daudi in the River Pass region. You’ll firstly need to kill the powerful fire troll, and then make your way over to the left of the area, where you’ll see the Nornir chest on the edge of the cliff.

Unlike the previous Nornir chest, you’ll need to unlock this one by hitting all three hanging pots within a certain time limit. The first two pots can be found right next to the chest itself near the edge of the cliff, but the third and final pot you’ll need to hit with the Leviathan Axe is all the way back in the arena where you fought Brenna Daudi.

You’ll need to be quick on your feet to unlock this Nornir chest, and we’d recommend starting out with the two pots nearest the chest, and then sprinting into the arena and hitting the final pot as soon as you’re within striking distance.

Hitting all three pots within the timer will unlock the Nornir chest, and you’ll be able to claim the second Idunn Apple in the River Pass area of God of War.

God of War River Pass Horn of Blood Mead Location

There’s only one Nornir chest containing a Horn of Blood Mead in the River Pass area of God of War, and you can find it in the puzzle area with the spikes that descend from the ceiling. When you’re standing underneath the falling spikes, having used your Leviathan Axe on the spinning disc to make the ceiling stop, look just above the disc to see the first of three seal jars that you can smash.

For the second and third seal jars, you’ll need to get Kratos through the spiked door, and up onto the spiked floor, where you can see the Nornir chest just to your right. You can now hop off the left of the floor to see the second seal jar down a small cavern that you can smash with the Leviathan Axe.

Now return to standing on top of the floor with the spikes, and face left of the Nornir chest. You’ll now need to look down, and hit the yellow board with the Leviathan Axe to raise the floor you’re standing on. While the floor is raised, you can look down and see the third and final seal jar on a wooden floor just in front of Kratos.

Smash all three seal jars successfully, and you can claim the first and only Horn of Blood Mead in the River Pass area, which brings you one step closer to raising Kratos’ maximum Rage meter.

We might be all done with this guide on how to find every hidden item in the River Pass region of God of War, but head over to our God of War Wildwoods collectibles guide for every previous artifact that you might have missed.

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