Rage 2 Abilities - How to Unlock Every Ability in Rage 2

Rage 2 Abilities - How to Unlock Every Ability in Rage 2

Here's our full guide on the various abilities in Rage 2, including how and where you can unlock all of them.

There are multiple abilities in Rage 2 that really add a new flavor and depth to the gunplay on offer. There's your classic ground pound ability, an ability that creates a barrier from projectiles, and a few more. In our Rage 2 abilities guide, we'll be walking you through everything you need to know about how to unlock abilities in Rage 2, through heading to a few specific points on the in-game map.

Rage 2 Abilities

In the table below, we'll be outlining all the Rage 2 abilities that we've uncovered so far in the game. We'll be detailing the name of the ability, how it works, and finally where on the map you need to head to unlock the specific ability.

BarrierDeploys a protective barrier in front of youSpikewind Ark
RushIncrease your sprint speed for a short timeDealypipe Ark
VortexPulls enemies together into one areaQuake Hill Ark

You'll notice that all of the locations listed above for the various Rage 2 abilities are based within Arks. Once you've entered the Ark, you need to interact with the Nanotrite Injector within the small pod. You'll then be temporarily transported to a training area, where an AI assistant will walk you through getting to grips with the new ability.

After this, you're free to go wreaking havoc around the map of Rage 2 with your various abilities. Note that whenever we uncover any additional abilities in Rage 2 in the future, we'll be updating the table above straight away.

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