Rage 2 Weapon Locations - How to Find Every Weapon in Rage  2

Rage 2 Weapon Locations - How to Find Every Weapon in Rage 2

This is all you need to know about unlocking Rage 2 weapons, including where to find them on the map, and more.

There's a solid variety of weapons on offer in Rage 2, but you're going to have to work to unlock them. Instead of being available from the start of the game, the various Rage 2 weapons have to be unlocked by visiting certain locations on the map. In our Rage 2 weapons guide, we'll be taking you through all you need to know about guns in Bethesda's shooter, including how to unlock weapons in Rage 2, and more.

Rage 2 Weapons List

There are eight total Rage 2 weapons on offer in the apocalyptic shooter. You start out with the Sidewinder Pistol and the Ranger Assault Rifle, but you're going to have to find the various weapon locations around the map to unlock the rest of them. Below, we've rounded up all the Rage 2 weapons into one table, detailing their name, description, and modified fire type.

WeaponDescriptionModified Fire
Sidewinder RevolverYour standard wasteland pistol, dealing decent damage with low recoilThe Sidewinder doesn't have an alternate fire mode
Ranger Assault RifleThe assault rifle of the wasteland Rangers, dealing solid damage with good rangeThe Ranger Assult Rifle doesn't have an alternate fire mode
Firestorm RevolverA revolver that fires mines which can be manually detonatedFires off mines that detonate immediately on contact
Combat ShotgunA brutal shotgun that fires strong pellets at a slow rateFires a wide horizontal line of pellets
Hyper-CannonA high powered railgun that can pierce through multiple targetsFires a powerful beam that punches through targets
Smart Rocket LauncherA powerful rocket launcher that fires individual missilesLocks onto targets and fires homing missiles
Grav-Dart LauncherInserts needles into a target and then throw them around
Charged Pulse CannonFires a charged laser beam that incinerates foes
BFG 9000Fires one huge ball of energy (see our Rage 2 BFG guide for more)The BFG 9000 doesn't have an alternate fire mode

Rage 2 Weapon Locations

Now in the table below, we'll be focusing on the Rage 2 weapon locations. We'll be pointing out the name of the Arks at which you can unlock weapons, as well as providing you with a map image of said Ark.

WeaponLocationMap Point
Firestorm RevolverDank Catacomb Ark
Charged Pulse CannonShrouded Vault Ark (need to complete Shrouded Sub Station Alpha and Bravo first)
Combat ShotgunArk underneath Gunbarrel (story-related)
Grav-Dart LauncherNeedle Falls Ark
Hyper-CannonGreenhaven Ark
Smart Rocket LauncherStrongbox Ark
BFG 9000Meteor Crash Site

Unlocking any of the Rage 2 weapons listed above once you've tracked them down is simple. All you have to do is approach them within the actual Ark, and hold X/Square. You'll then be taken to a training area, where an AI will take you through the steps of using the weapon against enemies. Once this is done, you're free to get looting and killing with your new weapon.

So far, these are all the Rage 2 weapons that we've found around the wasteland. As soon as we've uncovered any additional gun locations, we'll make sure to add them to the table above.

If it's more Rage 2 content you're after, then we've got you sorted here at USG. There's our Rage 2 weapons guide, our Rage 2 cheats guide, our Rage 2 Abilities guide, all the Rage 2 Ark locations, how to unlock fast travel in Rage 2, Rage 2 multiplayer details, and finally our page on how to get the BFG in Rage 2.

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