Super Smash Bros Ultimate Spirits - Spirits List, Level Up, Best Spirits

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Spirits - Spirits List, Level Up, Best Spirits

Spirits are a brand new feature that Super Smash Bros Ultimate brings to the series. Here’s everything you need to know.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is a celebration of the series’ storied history. It brings back every fighter that’s ever featured in a Smash game, and adds in some new ones for good measure. Super Smash Bros Ultimate also adds in a new feature called Spirits. They are essentially stickers that grant certain stat buffs, and are used in the World of Light single-player mode. There’s a lot to learn right off the bat, and Super Smash Bros Ultimate doesn’t do a great job at explaining it all. To help you out, we’ve been busy studying up on everything there is to know about Spirits Mode. We’ll lead you through unlocking new Spirits, levelling up and Summoning them, and even give some advice on some of the Best Spirits in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Spirits

There’s a lot to learn with the new Spirits mode in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. You’ll need them to take on World of Light, the game’s single-player campaign. And while all of the key info is given at the start of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, it can be a little tricky to get the hang of initially. We’ve included some more detail below:

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Spirits Explained - What Are Spirits in Super Smash Bros Ultimate?

Spirits are a new type of item used in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Specifically, they come into play in the World of Light Adventure Mode—essentially Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s campaign. Each Spirit has different attributes, a specific type, and the potential to level up and grow stronger. Think of them as modifiers that boosts certain stats and grants abilities. We’ll detail the different kinds of Spirits in Super Smash Bros Ultimate below:

How to Get More Spirits in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

So now you know what Spirits are, how do you get them exactly. Well, there are a few ways. The main way is by playing World of Light. You’ll be presented with a map filled with branching paths. There are orbs of light scattered around this map, which you can approach and interact with. Each one is a seperate Spirit challenge, giving you the chance to earn new Spirits. You’ll need to beat the fighters listed, and you’ll get some new Spirits as a reward. Another way to earn Spirits is to play Classic Mode. You’ll earn Spirits for clearing Classic Mode, with the rarity corresponding to your high score. Finally, you can get new Spirits by completing challenges listed on the Spirits Board, more on that later.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Spirit Types - Shield, Attack, Neutral, Grab

Spirits come in four different types, and there’s kind of a rock, paper, scissors dynamic at play. While collecting Spirits, you’ll come across Attack, Shield, Grab and Neutral Spirits. Each has its own strength and weakness, except Neutral which is, well Neutral. You can note the relationship between the first three types in the image below. Basically, Attack is strong to Grab, but weak to Shield. Grab is weak to Attack, but strong to Shield. Finally, Shield is weak to Grab, and strong to Attack. You’ll need to keep this in mind as you face off against different Spirits, because having a type advantage can really turn the tables.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Support Spirits

There’s one more type of Spirit to take a look at and that’s Support Spirits. These can be added to any Support slots that your Primary Spirits have. They add additional buffs and effects to your team, and will need to be carefully utilized to beat certain challenges. Support Spirits each have a cost, taking up a certain amount of Support Slots in your Primary Spirit. You can press Y during selection to get a suggestion as to what Supports to use. Usually, the game will give you the best configuration to face the challenge you’re preparing for.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Spirits Team Power

Each Spirits Challenge that you face will consist of a Team with an associated Team Power. You can see this Team Power in the top right hand corner of the screen, alongside the team’s primary type. You should balance your own Team Power to match this, though there are increased rewards for going in with a weaker team. The fight will be a lot harder if you do so though, as opponents will have increased damage resistance. You’ll also find Battle Conditions by pressing R. Use these conditions to inform your decisions whilst building your team.

Levelling Up Spirits in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

As you progress through World of Light, you’ll face stronger and stronger enemies. You’ll need to Level Up your Spirits if you want to compete, here’s how: First, you’ll need Snacks. These items come in Small, Medium and Large, and are earned by winning Spirits battles, and clearing Classic Mode. You can also purchase them in the Store.

Once you’ve got some Snacks, just head into the menu and select ‘Level Up’. Now all you need to do is choose the Spirit that you want to level up, and feed it Snacks. Larger Snacks will level your Spirits up more, and the max level is 99.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Spirits Training

There’s another way to power up your Spirits—training. As you explore the World of Light map, you’ll encounter Master Spirits. These Master Spirits guard shops and Dojos, the latter of which can be used to teach techniques to your Spirits. Each Dojo teaches a different technique, and you’ll need to spend SP to learn them.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Summoning Spirits

You can also sacrifice certain combinations of Spirits to Summon new, more powerful ones. Just head into the menu and select ‘Summon’, and you’ll be greeted with your viable options. The greyed out Summons are ones that you do not have the required Spirits for, though you can check these requirements by selecting them. You’ll need to spend SP to complete each Summon, but you’ll get powerful Spirits for doing so.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Best Spirits

Now that Super Smash Bros Ultimate has been out for a while now, we know what the best Spirits are in the game overall. We know the best Spirits to use early on, and some that you should be summoning as soon as you can. We’ve listed our picks for the best Super Smash Bros Ultimate Spirits below:

  • Kumatora (Primary) - Kumatora is a great Primary Attack Spirit to get early on. They have increased PSI attack, and a great Power Rating that will last you for quite a while.
  • Revolver Ocelot Primary - Revolver Ocelot can be enhanced at Level 99 to gain new abilities. Two slots too, so a great choice early on.
  • Pit (original) - This Primary Grab Spirit is seriously powerful, and has three Support slots to boot.
  • Guardian (Support) - this Support card increases weapon assist, which is seriously useful when facing sword fighters.
  • Fi (Support) - Fi increases the power of Neutral Specials, perfect for characters like Link and Samus.
  • Hector (Support) - Unflinching Charged Smashes adds super armor when charging Smash attacks.
  • Yellow Wollyhop - several Spirits Challenges feature strong winds, which can make it extremely difficult to win. This Spirit negates these annoying effects.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Dismiss Spirits

You’ll collect a ton of Spirits while playing Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Thankfully, you can turn your unwanted cards into SP and Spirit Cores using the Dismiss feature. Just head into the menu and select ‘Manage Spirits’. From here you can select ‘Dismiss’. Now, just select all of the Spirits you want to Dismiss. You’ll get SP and Spirit Cores for doing so.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Enhancing Spirits

Once certain Spirits have hit level 99, they can be Enhanced. This is essentially a way to power them up, and reset them for further levelling. When you have a Spirit at level 99 that is eligible for Enhancement, head to the Level Up menu. You can then choose to reset them to Level 1. You’ll get a powered up ability for doing so, and can continue to level up that Spirit.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Spirits Board

The final thing you need to know about Spirits in Super Smash Bros Ultimate is that you can earn Spirits via the Spirits Board. You’ll find it in the Spirits menu accessed vi the home screen. There will be a selection of challenges waiting for you, ranging in difficulty. You’ll need to battle the Spirit, and then complete a short minigame. This mingame is a timed shot at the Spirit, while a shield rotates around it. You’ll need to time it right, otherwise you’ll merely chip away at the shield for next time. Items can be used to slow the ring, and widen the shot. If you fail, you can pay for another shot, though the shield will speed up. The selection will change over time, and you’ll see a countdown on each card indicating when it will expire.

How to Forget Styles and Techniques in Super Smash Bros Ultimate Spirits Mode

As mentioned before, you can teach techniques to your Spirits at Dojos. If you want to remove any of the styles associated with a particular Spirit, you’ll need to visit Slowpoke’s Dojo. It’s located at the area shown on the map below, where the Link symbol is. You’ll need to defeat Slowpoke first, and can then use the Dojo to forget Styles.

What Happens if You Lose a Spirit Board Battle?

Some of the Spirit Board Battles in Super Smash Bros Ultimate can be pretty tricky to beat. As such, you'll likely lose a few. Fear not though, as that spirit is not lost forever, as it will reappear in time. Similarly, if you fail to shoot the character at the end of a fight, they will return with a smaller shield next time.

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