E3 2018 Conferences and Announcements

E3 2018 Conferences and Announcements

All the info you need on E3 2018, including where to watch the press conferences for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Direct, EA, Ubisoft, and Bethesda.

E3 2018 is getting pretty close, with the biggest event of the gaming calendar kicking off in June. We've got all the E3 2018 dates and times you'll need, including when E3 2018 starts, when the big E3 2018 conferences from PlayStation, Xbox, EA, Ubisoft, and Bethesda start, and where you can watch them all.

E3 2018 Schedule - When is E3 2018?

E3 traditionally takes place in June, in LA. E3 2018 is no different, running from June 12 to June 14. While June 12 is the official starting date for E3 2018, a lot of big reveals take place on the days preceding this. Bethesda and EA typically have presentations on the weekend prior to E3, but you can see the full list of dates and times from every major publisher just below:

E3 2018 conference times global calendar - Thanks to Cheesemeister3k

The Biggest E3 News

EA Press Conference at E3 2018

EA holds its own event during the E3 period, so while it likes to call its event "EA Play", it's essentially EA at E3. EA's E3 2018 Conference is on June 9 at the following times:

  • June 9 - 11 am PT
  • June 9 - 2 pm ET
  • June 9 - 7 pm BST

We've got more info, including embedded video streams, on our EA 2018 Press Conference page. Check that out for all the latest on what games are going to be shown off. You can also keep up to speed with all the news with what definitely won't be a snark-filled E3 2018 EA live blog.

EA E3 2018 News Roundup

Square Enix Press Conference at E3 2018

Square Enix will be back at E3 on its own stage for the first time since 2018. Square Enix's press conference at E3 2018 will be broadcast at the following times:

  • June 11 - 10 am PST
  • June 11 - 1 pm EST
  • June 11 - 6 pm BST

Check out our Square Enix E3 2018 guide, where we speculate as to what games are likely to be there (Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Kingdom Hearts 3), and what wild cards could be present at the show (Final Fantasy VII Remake). We've also got an E3 2018 Square Enix Live Blog, which should be fun.

Ubisoft Press Conference E3 2018

Ubisoft always holds an extensive E3 press conference and big things are expected from the Ubisoft E3 2018 press conference. We've got the Ubisoft E3 2018 press conference date and times for you just below:

  • June 11 - 1 pm PT
  • June 11 - 4 pm. ET
  • June 11 - 9 pm BST

Head to our Ubisoft E3 2018 page for all the info you need on the games Ubisoft will be showing off, plus a video embed so you can watch the E3 2018 conference in comfort at home. If video isn't your thing and you'd rather experience the show through the words of a grumpy British man, head to our E3 2018 Ubisoft live blog.

Ubisoft E3 2018 News Roundup

Bethesda Press Conference E3 2018

Bethesda is once again holding an E3 press conference, with its E3 2018 event set for June 10. Bethesda isn't usually one to get bogged down with filler, so expect a lean, game-filled show. Check the times below for details on when the Bethesda E3 2108 conference will start in your area.

  • June 10 - 6:30 pm PT
  • June 10 - 9:30 pm ET
  • June 11 - 2:30 am BST

For more info head to our Bethesda E3 2018 page. Over there you'll find all the info on what games are likely to be shown, plus an embedded video so you can watch the show at home. You can also follow all the announcements on our sure-to-be-hillarious E3 2018 Bethesda live blog.

Bethesda E3 2018 News Roundup

Microsoft Press Conference E3 2018

Microsoft has a lot to play for at E3 2018, so we expect its Xbox conference is going to be a good one. The Xbox E3 2018 press conference takes place on June 10, and you can see when it starts in your area just below:

  • June 10 - 1 pm PT
  • June 10 - 4 pm ET
  • June 10 - 9 pm BST

For more info on Xbox at E3 head over to our Xbox E3 2018 page. Over there we'll discuss the games we're likely to see on show and have a video so you can watch live from your home. To get live updates on the games Microsoft will hopefully be revealing, check out our E3 2018 Xbox live blog.

Microsoft is also set to make some more reveals during a live Inside Xbox. This will take place at 3pm PT/11pm BST on June 11. Watch it live on our Xbox E3 2018 page.

Microsoft E3 2018 Roundup

Nintendo Press Conference E3 2018

Nintendo doesn't host an E3 press conference any more, but it will be showing off a special E3 Nintendo Direct. The E3 Nintendo Direct is set for June 12, 2018. Check out when that airs in your area just below:

  • June 12 - 9 am PT
  • June 12 - 12 pm, ET
  • June 12 - 5 pm BST

As well as a Nintendo Direct, Nintendo will be having numerous other live streamed events over the course of E3 2018. Find all the info over on our Nintendo E3 2018 page. If you're after immediate, possibly quite emotional reaction to the announcements, follow our E3 2018 Nintendo live blog.

Nintendo E3 News

Sony PlayStation Press Conference E3 2018

Sony just recently announced that their E3 2018 presentation will be taking place on the evening of June 11. Unfortunately this means a late night as usual for the European viewers, but Sony's E3 presentations are nearly always filled with surprise announcements, and last little over an hour.

  • June 11 - 6 pm PST
  • June 11 - 9 pm EST
  • June 12 - 2 am BST
  • June 12 - 3 am CEST

We've got all the additional details you need, including which games could potentially be shown off, on our Sony E3 2018 page. With Sony looking to cement its position as market leader, E3 2018 should be a good one. Get the best commentary on the announcements in our E3 2018 PlayStation live blog.

Sony E3 2018 News Roundup

PC Gaming Show Press Conference E3 2018

Not to be left out, PC games and hardware will have a presence at E3 2018 thanks to the PC Gaming Show. Taking the afternoon slot on June 11, the PC Gaming Show is sure to be of interest to anyone who wants deep dives into some of the most interesting upcoming PC games and hardware.

  • June 11 - 3 pm PT
  • June 11 - 6 pm ET
  • June 11 - 11 pm BST

We've got all the details you need, including which games and hardware could be shown off, on our PC Gaming Show E3 page. If you don't expect huge announcements that will rock the gaming world, the PC Gaming Show is sure to be worth watching over the E3 period.

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