Fortnite Clay Pigeons - All Fortnite Pigeon Locations - Fortnite Pigeons to Shoot at Different Locations

All the Fortnite Clay Pigeons. Find the clay pigeon locations to complete the Fortnite Week 3 challenge.

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There are a ton of Fortnite Clay Pigeons that can now be found in the game, and you'll have to find and shoot five of them in total, to complete one of the Fortnite Week 3 Challenges. In this Fortnite Clay Pigeons guide, we'll be detailing the complete list of Fortnite Clay Pigeon locations scattered around the map, so you can have this challenge wrapped up in no time at all.

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Fortnite Clay Pigeons

For this Fortnite Pigeons challenge in Season 5, you’ll need to find Clay Pigeons in Fortnite, and then shoot them. So far, we’ve found six total Clay Pigeons scattered over the map, and we’ll be listing all their locations just below.

Fortnite Clay Pigeons - All Pigeon Locations
  • There’s a Clay Pigeon to be found right in between Risky Reels, Lazy Links, and Tomato Town, to the east of the river.
  • You can find a Clay Pigeon on the northeastern shore of Loot Lake.
  • West and slightly south of Pleasant Park, there’s another Clay Pigeon just south of the large hill.
  • South and slightly west from Shift Shafts, you can find another Clay Pigeon near the edge of the map.
  • There’s a Clay Pigeon to be found southwest of Paradise Palms, right next to the flowing river.
  • Finally, head to the edge of the map, south from Paradise Palms, to find another Clay Pigeon.

Once you’ve made it to any of the locations listed above, you’ll find a red machine that you can activate, which is shown just below. Once you activate this machine, the Clay Pigeon itself will be shot out into the air, and you’ll have a very limited window of opportunity to shoot it, before it hits the ground.

It’s actually possible (and probably easiest) to do this challenge with a partner in Duo play. One of you can activate the machine, and the other can shoot the Clay Pigeon once it gets fired out, so you can both take it in turns to complete the challenge.

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