No Man's Sky Tips - How to Get Started in 2019

No Man's Sky Tips - How to Get Started in 2019

Here are some tips to help you get a strong start in No Man's Sky.

We're currently in the process of updating our No Man's Sky Guides so that they are in line with the new Beyond update. As a result some of the info on this page might not be applicable post-update.

The first few hours of No Man's Sky are less than friendly. Sure, you could start on a planet with all of the resources and shelter that you'll need to thrive, but this is definitely the less likely scenario. what is more likely is that you'll encounter a sprawling and intimidating world filled with systems and things that are trying to murder you. To help you get a foothold in No Man's Sky, we've put together this No Man's Sky Tips Guide. It's got tips on starting out, making money and more.

No Man's Sky Tips

You might be a little overwhelmed when first starting out in No Man's Sky, but you'll soon be mining, flying and shooting with the best of them with the help of the following No Man's Sky tips.

  • Collect the supplies from around your crash site- When you first wake up, you'll find some supplies scattered around your ship. Don't leave them behind!
  • Your ship is a haven - Your ship is a handy-dandy save point. It also protects you against extreme temperatures and other hostilities. Retreat there for a safe place to think and craft.
  • Stay close to your ship until you're familiar with the game's controls - Hiding out in your ship for a short time restores your Hazard protection without needing to fill it with Sodium. Stay close to "home" for a bit until you get an idea of how to move. There should be plenty of useful resources within range.
  • Remember to replenish your hazard protection and life support when you're far from "home" - Your life support and thermal protection drains when you're in hostile territory, but you can recharge it using easy-to-find resources like Sodium and Oxygen. You'll get warnings when your level drops, so heed them when you're on a long trip.
  • Caves offer environmental protection - If you need to warm up or cool off in a hurry, caves can give you respite from the cruel world.
  • Use your jetpack to save you from big falls - Long falls hurt! Use your jetpack to soften landings. In fact, early on, your jetpack is far better suited for assisting jumps than for rocketing around to and fro.
  • Do minor repair work as soon as possible - Whenever you're ready, enter your personal inventory (press the touch pad on the PlayStation 4) and flip through the tabs to get a bead on what needs to be repaired. Your Scanner and Analysis Visor should be the first things you repair: They let you identify the species around you, and make it easier to zoom in on deposits of rare minerals.
  • Make a weapon! - Your spawn-planet may never put you face-to-face with hostile life forms. On the other hand, it might. It's not a bad idea to have a weapon on-hand. In your personal inventory, flip to the "Multi-tool" tab, place your cursor on an empty spot, and see what weapons you can craft. If you don't have the necessary elements, get them. You should at least make sure you have a simple bolt caster on you at all times.
  • Be wary around sentinels - Sentinels are robots that occupy some planets. They're more plentiful on some worlds than others. They'll leave you alone for the most part, but if you mine for resources while they're looking, they might disapprove and attack you. Sentinels are tough enemies early in the game; it's best to avoid provoking their wrath, period. If some are whizzing around, go mine somewhere else.
  • Enjoy, and take your time! - Ultimately, there's no wrong way to play No Man's Sky. Sit back, don't stress, and explore the vast, vast universe before you!
  • Get to the Base Building portion of the game as quickly as possible, it really speeds up gathering for certain blueprints, and you're given a load of free stuff just for trying it out.
  • As soon as you can, head to a space station and purchase a grade A Scanner Upgrade. This will drastically increase the credits you'll earn for scanning Flora and Fauna.
  • Follow the questlines! - these will often lead you through key mechanics within the game like warping and base building.
  • Save often - the easiest way to save is to enter and exit your ship. You can also build a Save Beacon to save manually.
  • Complete missions at Space Stations, and multiplayer missions at the Nexus to earn credits and standing.

No Man's Sky Intro Mission - Getting the Hermetic Seal

If you want to repair your first ship you'll need to follow No Man's Sky's intro mission. It involves finding and crafting components to repair the Pulse Engine, Launch Thrusters and Hull of the ship. You'll need to build Metal Plating out of Ferrite Dust, and grab a Hermetic seal by following the map given by the nearby distress beacon.

That's all the No Man's Sky Tips we've got for you right now. We'll be adding to this guide as the new updates are released, so keep checking back for more info on the game. In the meantime, head over to our guide on how to make money fast in No Man's Sky.

For more on No Man's Sky, be sure to visit our No Man's Sky Guides hub. It's got all the info you need to know in order to make the most out of the game, including tips on managing your inventory, weapons, and more.

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