Call of Duty Modern Warfare Weapons Tier List

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Weapons Tier List

Here's our guide compiling the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 weapons list, including all weapon unlock levels, and more.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare in 2019 is features a ton of weapons, from new ones to all-time classics. In this guide to all the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 weapons, we'll be compiling a weapons list of every gun we've seen so far in our time with the game, and give you a list of which ones we think are the best as part of a Tier List.

Modern Warfare Weapon Tier List

We've spent a whole bunch of time with Modern Warfare so far. Here's our Weapon Tier List:


  • M4A1
  • MP5
  • PP19 Bizon


  • M13
  • EBR-14
  • R9-0 Shotgun
  • Kar98k
  • 725

B Tier

  • Mk2 Carbine
  • MP7
  • Origin 12
  • MG34


  • Dragunov
  • HDR
  • AX-50
  • Odin
  • 725
  • UZI
  • KILO 141
  • FR 5.56

Assault Rifles

At mid to long range, you can't beat an assault rifle. Here are all of them you can get in Modern Warfare:

WeaponLevel UnlockDescription
KILO 1411Fully automatic
M4A11Fully automatic
FR 5.56163 round burst
Oden28Fully automatic


Next up we have the SMGs. These are fast, but have high recoil. Great at close-range.

WeaponLevel UnlockDescription
AUG5Modular, fully automatic
MP512Fully automatic 9mm
UZI34Fully automatic
PP19 Bizon42Well-balanced, automatic
MP754Fully automatic


At close range, you can't beat a good shotgun. There are four to get in game.

WeaponLevel UnlockDescription
Model 680112-Guage
R9-0 Shotgun1Double Barrel
72517Break Action
Origin 1231Semi-automatic


Now onto the LMGs. These have an insanely high rate of fire, but slow reload speed and high recoil.

WeaponLevel UnlockDescription
PKM1Fully automatic
SA8724Fully automatic
M9125Highly stable
MG3449Fully automatic

Marksman Rifles

Marksman rifles are slightly faster than a sniper, and are great at long-range. There are 3 in the game.

WeaponLevel UnlockDescription
MK2 Carbine15Lever-action

Sniper Rifles

Finally, we have sniper rifles. These are your best bet at long range, though be prepared for slow reloading and fire rate.

WeaponLevel UnlockDescription
AX-5037Bolt-action .50 cal

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Best Weapons

Below, you can find a list of the best Call of Duty Modern Warfare weapons that we've seen so far in the game, and the levels at which you'll unlock them.

WeaponLevel UnlockDescription
M4A1Level 1Fully automatic assault rifle
M13Level 39Fully automatic assault rifle with a high fire rate
EBR-14Level 1Semi automatic rifle
SA87Level 24Light machine gun with a low fire rate
Strela-PLevel 17Missile launcher with high piercing power

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