Are There NPCs in Fallout 76?

Here's all the information you need on Fallout 76, including a release date, gameplay, trailer, nukes, and more.

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While we previously thought that Fallout 76 would feature no NPCs at all, it now turns out that some robotic characters will function as quest givers in the game. In this Fallout 76 NPCs guide, we'll be detailing everything there is to know about side characters in the upcoming Bethesda game.

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Are There NPCs in Fallout 76?

Whether or not there will be NPCs in Fallout 76 remains one of the murkier aspects of the game. During Bethesda's E3 2018 Press Conference, it was revealed that Fallout 76 is an entirely online only game. Within the same breath, it was revealed that you can still play solo, though it is likely that you will still be in a server along with other players.

When we played Fallout 76 for the first time in early October, we found that there are in fact NPCs in West Virginia. However it turns out all human characters have perished, and the only NPCs you can go to for new quests and gear are entirely robotic.

The main quest line of Fallout 76 revolves around you trying to track down the Overseer of Vault 76, and there's also NPCs that you can come across in the world that will require your help. For example when we were playing the game, we came across a Mr. Handy on the verge of exploding, and since we didn't have the parts required to fix the robotic companion, they unfortunately perished.

We'll no doubt find out more about the game, and more details on how NPCs work in Fallout 76 when the beta launches. You can check out how to access the Fallout 76 beta in our Fallout 76 beta guide. We'll be updating this guide with more information as we get it, so stay tuned for more info on Fallout 76.

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