Resident Evil 7 - Not a Hero DLC Guide and Walkthrough - How to Beat Lucas

Resident Evil 7 - Not a Hero DLC Guide and Walkthrough - How to Beat Lucas

A full guide and walkthrough of the Resident Evil 7 Not a Hero DLC, released free for all Resident Evil 7 owners. Find the soldiers and beat Lucas.

In this Resident Evil 7 Not a Hero DLC Walkthrough and Guide we’ll help you find the three missing soldiers, find Lucas and take him down in the climactic boss fight as Chris Redfield. With an underground cave system to navigate and a new enemy to face, this Not a Hero DLC guide will tell you all you need to know to make it through the Resident Evil 7 DLC in one piece.

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Resident Evil 7 Not a Hero DLC Guide

In this guide to the Resident Evil 7 Not a Hero DLC we’ll run down how to access the DLC, and what to do to complete the mission, including how to defeat the final boss, a nasty mutated Lucas - who plays games with you throughout the Not a Hero DLC.

How to Download the Not a Hero DLC for Resident Evil 7

The Resident Evil 7 Not a Hero DLC can be accessed from the Extra Content screen, off the main Resident Evil 7 menu. First you must download the free Not a Hero DLC from your system’s store (PlayStation Store, Xbox Live, Steam). Once downloaded you’ll be able to start the Not a Hero DLC as soon as you can access the game’s main menu (if you’re starting Resident Evil 7 for the first time you’ll want to play up until you get a save point).

Not a Hero DLC - Oxygen Mask

At various points in the Not a Hero DLC for Resident Evil 7 you’ll need to use an oxygen mask to help you get through toxic environments. The first instance of this occurs very early on, when Lucas tricks you and releases a gas into a small room. Ensure you exit the room before your oxygen supply runs out or you’ll start to take health damage. When you are clear of the toxic gas your oxygen supply will replenish.

Central Cavern - Hub and Save Point

After making it through the first few areas of the Not a Hero DLC you’ll reach the Central Cavern. From this large room you’ll be able to access a number of tunnels that lead to new areas. In this area you’ll also be able to save your game and spend any found coins to open bird cages and acquire upgrades. There is a central machine with a clown drawing. This switch can only be used with the Clown Key at the end of the DLC.

Red Shutter Door

Enter the corridor shown as the top left on the Central Cavern Map through the Red Shutter Door. You’ll see a soldier tied up and locked in a cell. You can’t help him yet, as you need to find a key. Carry on through and enter the small lift at the end of the tunnel.

Once you exit the lift you’ll be in a room with a sign pointing to a key. This area is full of enemies, so dispatch them first (grenades can down numerous foes at once, allowing you to run in and melee finish them). A mannequin seems to be holding a key, but when you reach for it, the platform is raised and it is out of reach.

Look around the area for a cog (behind a cart full of rocks) and a crank (on two large spindles). You now have all you need to use the crank machine and lower the mannequin. Sadly, as soon as you lower the mannequin a giant monster appears. Grab the key and then run back to the elevator. Ride it down and use the key on the cell door. Once inside you’ll find yourself rather helpless, but at least you get a nice new contamination filter!

Green Shutter Door

Enter the Green Shutter Door and then unlock the inner door. Enter the first door you come across and make your way through the contamination, running past any enemies. You’ll reach a small area where you can equip auto night vision and acquire new Ramrod bullets that can take out the newly found foes.

In the small room full of crates, smash them to reveal a drop down. Head down and then use the levers on the wall to power up the lift (middle and right levers). You’ll be facing a lot of small jumpy enemies, so fend them off and head to the lift. Head inside and ride it up. In the next area there are a series of sentry guns, which you can use to help you take out the enemies. They won’t shoot at you, but get behind them and they will take down the enemies.

Grey Shutter Door

Enter the Grey Shutter Door and make your way through the dark tunnel. Be careful as there are numerous trip wires and lasers to avoid. Head through the door at the end and then push the cart through the structure blocking the passage. An enemy will come running at you, so quickly shoot it before it gets too close and explodes.

Go through the corridor to the left of the cart’s new position and then you’ll enter a room full of carts. Push the cart with the yellow tape through the blockage, and another enemy will run at you. Once again, take it out before it gets too close. Now move the remaining carts until you can push one through the other blocked passage. Once this is cleared, follow the cart and enter the area through the door to its left.

Go through the first door you come across and you’ll see a familiar looking creepy mannequin. Grab the Clown Key, then watch out for the enemy that jumps at you, three crawling enemies, and one lumbering giant. Take these enemies out and then use the key on the second door in the hallway.

Head down some stairs, avoiding the laser trip wires. You’ll reach a room full of these and spot a soldier. Crouch and you can work your way round to a lever on the wall. Use this to turn off the laser trip wires. Rescue the soldier in the centre of the room and exit through the door. It’s another sad fate for a soldier and the start of a 10-minute timer. Climb the ladder and head back to the Central Cavern.

Red Shutter Door

With the idea to freeze the bomb and save yourself, you need to head through the red shutter door. Follow the path, use the lift, then run round through to the area you used the crank before. The area is full of enemies once again, so you’ll need to take them out and run in equal measure. Use the Clown Key to open the previously locked door.

As you make your way through you’ll be told that the liquid nitrogen is just beyond the room you’re in. Annoyingly some crates drop down and block your path, and the giant beast monster appears. Watch out for its spew and the small creatures it spits out. After a lengthy battle the monster will be downed and you can move the crate to the right. Carry on through and use the liquid nitrogen. Head back to the Central Cavern.

Clown Key on Machine

Use the Clown Key on the central machine in the Cavern. This will open a door at the back of the room. Head up the stairs to the right and you’ll be able to go through a door. Make sure you’re well stocked with ammo as you’re about to face a lot of enemies. Take them all out and then Lucas will start a timer. You have 10 seconds to get to the lower level and head through a hatch on the floor - the one of the far end away from the stairs.

Make your way through the lab area, taking out enemies and grabbing all ammo. In the room next to Lucas is a lever, pull this and then head back out and follow Lucas. Head through the electronically locked doors and you’ll reach Lucas.

Mutated Lucas Boss Fight in Not a Hero DLC

The mutated version of Lucas will fight you in a tight space. Try to keep your distance and aim for the glowing areas on his body. After you’ve hit him a few times the room will become contaminated and you’ll need to finish him off before your oxygen supply runs out. Thankfully there are refill tanks on the wall, but these must refill before you can reuse them. They glow green when you can use them.

Keep aiming for the glowing red area on Lucas and you’ll eventually take him down. That is it. You’ve finished the Not a Hero DLC for Resident Evil 7. Elsewhere we've got a complete walkthrough of the Not a Hero DLC.

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