FIFA 18 Best Young Players, FIFA 18 Wonderkids - FIFA 18 Potential Explained and Highest Potential Players

All of FIFA 18's best young players with the highest potential, including the FIFA 18 wonderkids and FIFA 18 hidden gems. ST, CF, RW, LW, best CB, LB, RB, best CM, CAM, CDM, LM, RM, and best GK. Also, the FIFA 18 career mode hidden gems in FIFA 18. FIFA 18 young players with the highest potential. The best potentials in FIFA 18 revealed.

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FIFA 18 wonderkids and the FIFA 18 best young players with the highest potential are essential to build a great team in FIFA 18 career mode. In this FIFA 18 Best Young Players guide we will list the most exciting young FIFA 18 wonderkids, detailing the FIFA 18 best young players with the highest potential. We’ll be ranking the best young players in FIFA 18 in order of highest potential rating, but if you want to look at specific positions, we’ve got those too. Read on for the FIFA 18 Wonderkids and an explanation of what FIFA 18 potential is all about. Why is potential important in FIFA 18 and why should you be on the look out for players with high potential? In this guide we reveal the best potentials in FIFA 18.

If you want more on FIFA 18 but aren't interested in finding out the FIFA 18 best young players and FIFA 18 wonderkids, check out our FIFA 18 Guide Hub. It's full of info to help you improve you skills or make the most informed buying decisions when you’re looking for new FIFA 18 players.

FIFA 18 Best Young Players With Highest Potential - FIFA 18 Wonderkids

Ronaldo is old news! Get the next hot young players in FIFA 18.

Before you get into the bulk of this guide, here is what you really want to know: The FIFA 18 best young players with 90+ Potential. All of these are true FIFA 18 wonderkids that you'll want to sign as soon as you possibly can in your career game. They won't be cheap, but the pay off will be worth it. So, if you don't want to deal with mammoth table of young superstar players, just consult this list of the best young players in FIFA 18.

The best FIFA 18 wonderkids include Kylian Mbappé, Gabriel Jesus, and Ousmane Dembélé. Get any of these players in your squad and you'll have one of the best young players in the game who will make a real difference to the overall quality if your team in FIFA 18.

FIFA 18 Best Young Players With 90+ Potential

  • Kylian Mbappé
  • Gianluigi Donnarumma
  • Marco Asensio
  • Gabriel Jesus
  • Thomas Lemar
  • Leroy Sané
  • Dele Alli
  • Ousmane Dembélé
  • Anthony Martial
  • Youri Tielemans
  • Ezequiel Barco

There's no one too surprising on this list of the FIFA 18 best young players. Mbappe looks set to be the best young player in FIFA 18, while Donnarumma is going to be a legendary goalkeeper.

Hunter is good, but the real life wonderkids are amazing!

Below you’ll find all the info you need on finding the best young players in FIFA 18 who have the highest potential - these are the FIFA 18 wonderkids. Elsewhere you can find a selection of players who are hidden gems in FIFA 18 - players who you can sign quite cheaply yet develop into strong first team members.

Why is Potential in FIFA 18 Important for Young Players/Wonderkids?

The potential of a player in FIFA 18 is the overall player rating a player can potentially achieve. It’s not a guarantee that a player with a high potential will reach their highest potential, with numerous factors affecting the outcome. These include how much game time a player gets and what club they are playing for. If a wonderkid player in FIFA 18 has the potential to reach an overall rating of 90 but spends most of his years sitting on the bench, he’s not going to become the player he could have been and his wonderkid status will be wasted.

How to Judge Potential of a Young Player in FIFA 18 and Spot Wonderkids

When you’re playing FIFA 18 you can scout players. By doing this you’ll receive reports, with one of the stats being a potential the player can reach. The more you scout, and the better your scouting, the more accurate this number range will be. This way you'll be able to spot if a young player is going to be good or is proper wonderkid potential.

Alternatively you could simply use a FIFA 18 Young Player Potential guide like this one, in which we list the young players with the highest potential so you get get the best young players in FIFA 18 and don't miss out on any wonderkids.

Why buy Young Players in FIFA 18? Wonderkids Aren't Cheap

The reasons for buying young players in your FIFA 18 career are pretty simple: you can build a team that will stay together for years, or you can build up players to sell on for large fees later down the line. A developing young player will almost always sell for less than a developed superstar player, so you can get some relative bargains if you are clever on the transfer market. A wonderkid in FIFA 18 is either a star of the future or a cash cow you are fattening up to sell on for big bucks.

FIFA 18 Best Young Players With Highest Potential Rating - FIFA 18 Wonderkids

The following is a list of the best young players in FIFA 18 with the highest potential overall ratings. These ratings are based on simulating the career mode over three seasons and not taking part in training, so overall ratings are likely to be even higher. A lot of these players are likely to cost a lot of money, but if you want wonderkids to take through numerous seasons in Career mode, these are the best young players you need in FIFA 18.

FIFA 18 - Best Young GK With Greatest Overall Potential - Wonderkids

As you can see, Donnarumma has insane potential. After three years he should be 90 rated or above, making him not only the best young goalkeeper in FIFA 18, but one of the best players in FIFA 18, full stop! He's true FIFA 18 wonderkid material!

  • Gianluigi Donnarumma (GK) (Age 18) - Potential 90+
  • Alban Lafont (GK) (Age 18) - Potential 84+

FIFA 18 - Best Young CB, RB, LB With Greatest Overall Potential

We didn’t get any 90+ rated defenders, but given their is potential for a few of these to climb that high in the end. Grimaldo is one of the youngest to reach 87, so there’s every chance that will edge towards a rating of 90.

  • Hector Bellerin (RB) (Age 22) - Potential 88+
  • Marquinhos (CB) (Age 23) - Potential 88+
  • Eric Bailly (CB) (Age 23) - Potential 88+
  • Samuel Umtiti (CB) (Age 23) - Potential 87+
  • Alejandro Grimaldo (LB) (Age 21) - Potential 87+
  • Jonathan Tah (CB) (Age 21) - Potential 85+
  • Andreas Christensen (CB/CDM) (Age 21) - Potential 85+
  • Kurt Zouma (CB/RB) (Age 22) - Potential 84+
  • Benjamin Henrichs (RB/LB) (Age 20) - Potential 82+
  • Issa Diop (CB) (Age 20) - Potential 81+
  • Theo Hernandez (LB) (Age 19) - Potential 81+
  • Malang Sarr (CB/LB) (Age 17) - Potential 80+

FIFA 18 - Best Young CM, CDM, LM, RM With Greatest Overall Potential

In the midfield there is a bunch of young players who should be able to reach ratings of 90+ in FIFA 18. Bernardo Silva, Saul, Tolisso, Lemar and Dembele will all end up as world class players at the very top of the game and can all be classed as FIFA 18 wonderkids.

  • Bernardo Silva (RM) (Age 22) - Potential 90+
  • Saul (CM/RM) (Age 22) - Potential 90+
  • Corentin Tolisso (CM/CDM) (Age 22) - Potential 89+
  • Thomas Lemar (LM) (Age 21) - Potential 89+
  • Ousmane Dembele (RM/RW/LM/CAM) (Age 20) - Potential 89+
  • Federico Bernardeschi (RM) (Age 23) - Potential 87+
  • Youri Tielemans (CM/CAM) (Age 20) - Potential 87+
  • Adrien Rabiot (CM) (Age 22) - Potential 86+
  • Christian Pulisic (RM/RW/LW/LM) (Age 18) - Potential 85+
  • Renato Sanches (CM) (Age 19) - Potential 83+
  • Douglas Luiz (CM/CDM) (Age 19) - Potential 81+

FIFA 18 - Best Young ST, CAM, CF, RW, LW With Greatest Overall Potential - Wonderkids

Another bunch of FIFA 18 youngsters make it to over 90 in the attacking pool. Asensio ended up on 91 and still with years to grow. Alli, Jesus and Mbappe should all end up in the 90s, but players like Martial and Sterling may well just miss out on being true wonderkids in FIFA 18.

  • Marco Asensio (CAM/RM/LM/LW) (Age 21) - Potential 91+
  • Dele Alli (CAM/CF/LM) (Age 21) - Potential 90+
  • Gabriel Jesus (ST) (Age 20) - Potential 90+
  • Kylian Mbappe (ST) (Age 18) - Potential 89+
  • Anthony Martial (LM/ST) (Age 21) - Potential 87+
  • Raheem Sterling (RW/RM/LM) (Age 25) - Potential 87+
  • Leroy Sane (LW/RW/LM) (Age 21) - Potential 87+
  • Marcus Rashford (ST/RM/LM) (Age 19) - Potential 86+
  • Kasper Dolberg (ST) (Age 19) - Potential 85+
  • Alen Halilovic (CAM/RM/CM) (Age 20) - Potential 84+

FIFA 18 Wonderkids - Best Young Players with Highest Potential in FIFA 18

Since we conducted our simulation EA has released a set of young players which it says have the best potential in FIFA 18. Remember that you aren't guaranteed to reach each player's potential, but this is the best possible outcome. If you want FIFA 18 wonderkids, consult the list below.

We’ve also worked out approximate prices you’ll need to pay for the best young players in FIFA 18. Check the table below for their approximate costs if you want to nab them in the transfer market. These aren’t guaranteed prices, and some clubs just won’t sell.

FIFA 18 Wonderkids and Best Young Players with Highest Potential

LeagueClubNameAgePositionPotentialOVRGrowthApprox Price
France Ligue 1 (1)AS MonacoMbappé, Kylian18ST948311£37m+
Italy Serie A (1)Milan
Donnarumma, Gianluigi
Spain Primera Division (1)
Real MadridMarco Asensio21CAM92848£53m-£79
England Premier League (1)
Manchester CityGabriel Jesus20ST928111£30m-£46m
France Ligue 1 (1)AS MonacoLemar, Thomas21LM91838£44m-£64m
England Premier League (1)
Manchester CitySané, Leroy21LW91829£40m-£61m
England Premier League (1)
Tottenham HotspurAlli, Dele21CAM90846£38m
Germany 1. Bundesliga (1)
Borussia DortmundDembélé, Ousmane20RM90837£70m+
England Premier League (1)
Manchester UnitedMartial, Anthony21LM90828£36m-£50m
France Ligue 1 (1)AS MonacoTielemans, Youri20CM908010£21m+
Argentina Primera División (1)
IndependienteBarco, Ezequiel18LM907218£6m
England Premier League (1)
Christensen, Andreas
Germany 1. Bundesliga (1)
Borussia DortmundPulisic, Christian18RM897811£20m-£29m
France Ligue 1 (1)Toulouse FCLafont, Alban18GK897712£9.5m
Holland Eredivisie (1)Ajaxde Ligt, Matthijs18CB897613£10m
Spain Primera Division (1)
Real MadridDani Ceballos21CM887810£18m
Germany 1. Bundesliga (1)
Bayer 04 LeverkusenTah, Jonathan21CB88826£27m-£38m
Holland Eredivisie (1)AjaxSánchez, Davinson21CB88817£25m
Germany 1. Bundesliga (1)
Bayer 04 LeverkusenBrandt, Julian21LM88808£24m-£34m
England Premier League (1)
Manchester UnitedRashford, Marcus19ST88799£26m-£40m
Holland Eredivisie (1)AjaxDolberg, Kasper19ST887810£17m-£25m
Germany 1. Bundesliga (1)
FC Schalke 04Embolo, Breel20ST887612£12m-£13m
France Ligue 1 (1)OGC NiceSarr, Malang18CB887513£9m-£13m
Italy Serie A (1)SpalMeret, Alex20GK887414£10m+
Germany 1. Bundesliga (1)
Bayer 04 LeverkusenHavertz, Kai18RM887315£7m-£10m
Argentina Primera División (1)
Racing Club de Avellaneda
Martínez, Lautaro20ST887216£6m-£8m
Portugal Liga NOS (1)SL BenficaGrimaldo21LB87807£21m-£31m
Spain Primera Division (1)
FC BarcelonaAleñà19CM877116£4.5m-£6m
Germany 1. Bundesliga (1)
RB LeipzigWerner, Timo21ST87825£30m-£43m
Germany 1. Bundesliga (1)
Borussia DortmundWeigl, Julian21CDM87816£22m-£32m
Germany 1. Bundesliga (1)
Borussia DortmundDahoud, Mahmoud21CM87798£18m
France Ligue 1 (1)Olympique LyonnaisTousart, Lucas20CDM87789£13m-£19m
Italy Serie A (1)NapoliDiawara, Amadou20CDM877710£12m-£18m
Italy Serie A (1)SampdoriaSchick, Patrik21ST877710£14m+
Spain Primera Division (1)
Atlético de MadridHernández, Lucas21CB877611£11m-£16m
Italy Serie A (1)UdineseJankto, Jakub21CM877611£11m-£16m
France Ligue 1 (1)Toulouse FCDiop, Issa20CB877611£?
Rest of WorldShakhtar DonetskKovalenko, Viktor21CAM877512£8.5m-£13m
Italy Serie A (1)FiorentinaChiesa, Federico19RM877512£10m-£14m
Spain Primera Division (1)
Getafe CF
Ndiaye Diedhiou, Amath
France Ligue 1 (1)Stade RennaisSarr, Ismaïla19LM877314£8m+
England Premier League (1)
Tottenham HotspurEdwards, Marcus18RM876522£2m+
England EFL Championship (2)
Wolverhampton Wanderers
Rúben Neves20CDM86779£12m+
Germany 1. Bundesliga (1)
Bayern MünchenRenato Sanches20CM867610£12m+
Spain Primera Division (1)
Villarreal CFPablo Fornals21CAM86779£
Spain Primera Division (1)
Real SociedadOyarzabal20LW86797£
Italy Serie B (2)PerugiaHan Kwang Song18ST866719£
Spain Primera Division (1)
Girona FCDouglas Luiz19CM867313£
England EFL Championship (2)
Wolverhampton Wanderers
Diogo Jota20LW86779£
England Premier League (1)
Manchester UnitedAndreas Pereira21LM86779£
Italy Serie A (1)MilanAndré Silva21ST86788£
Germany 1. Bundesliga (1)
FC Schalke 04Meyer, Max21CAM86797£
Germany 1. Bundesliga (1)
Bayern MünchenComan, Kingsley21RM86797£
Spain Primera Division (1)
Real Betis BalompiéSanabria, Antonio21ST86788£
Spain Primera Division (1)
UD Las PalmasHalilović, Alen21CAM86779£
Portugal Liga NOS (1)SL BenficaŽivković, Andrija21RM86779£
Russia Premier League (1)
Zenit St. PetersburgDriussi, Sebastián21ST86779£
England Premier League (1)
Leicester CityNdidi, Onyinye20CDM86779£
Germany 1. Bundesliga (1)
Bayer 04 LeverkusenHenrichs, Benjamin20RB867610£
Germany 1. Bundesliga (1)
Bayer 04 LeverkusenBailey, Leon20LM867610£
Italy Serie A (1)Milan
Kessié, Franck Yannick
Russia Premier League (1)
Zenit St. Petersburg
Mammana, Emanuel
England Premier League (1)
Leicester CityIheanacho, Kelechi20ST867511£
France Ligue 1 (1)Stade RennaisGnagnon, Joris20CB867511£
Italy Serie A (1)MilanLocatelli, Manuel19CDM867412£
Holland Eredivisie (1)sc HeerenveenØdegaard, Martin18RW867412£6m-£8m
France Ligue 1 (1)Paris Saint-GermainLo Celso, Giovani21CAM867412£
England Premier League (1)
Crystal Palace
Fosu-Mensah, Timothy
France Ligue 1 (1)Toulouse FCAmian Adou, Kelvin19RB867313£
England Premier League (1)
Swansea CityAbraham, Tammy19ST867313£
Argentina Primera División (1)
Estudiantes de La Plata
Ascacibar, Santiago20CDM867313£
Holland Eredivisie (1)AjaxKluivert, Justin18RW867313£
England EFL Championship (2)
Aston VillaOnomah, Josh20CAM867214£
Germany 1. Bundesliga (1)
Borussia M'gladbachZakaria, Denis20CM867214£
France Ligue 1 (1)Amiens SCNdombele, Tanguy20CDM867214£
Italy Serie A (1)Fiorentina
Drągowski, Bartłomiej
Italy Serie A (1)CagliariBarella, Nicolò20CM867016£
Germany 1. Bundesliga (1)
RB LeipzigUpamecano, Dayot18CB866917£
Germany 1. Bundesliga (1)
Bayern MünchenFrüchtl, Christian17GK866521£
Spain Primera Division (1)
Real MadridVallejo20CB85778£
Portugal Liga NOS (1)FC PortoRui Pedro19ST857015£
England Premier League (1)
France Ligue 1 (1)Girondins de BordeauxMalcom20RW85796£
Spain Segunda A (2)FC Barcelona BCucurella19LB856718£
Portugal Liga NOS (1)BragaBruno Xadas19RM857411£
England Premier League (1)
Manchester CityBrahim Díaz18CAM856619£
France Ligue 1 (1)OGC NiceKoziello, Vincent21CM85787£
Holland Eredivisie (1)AjaxOnana, André21GK85787£
Germany 1. Bundesliga (1)
TSG 1899 HoffenheimAmiri, Nadiem20CAM85778£
Italy Serie A (1)RomaPellegrini, Lorenzo21CM85778£
Scotland Premiership (1)CelticDembélé, Moussa21ST857510£
Spain Primera Division (1)
Real MadridHernández, Theo19LB857510£
Belgium Jupiler Pro League (1)
AnderlechtOnyekuru, Henry20LM857510£
England Premier League (1)
ArsenalIwobi, Alex21LM857411£
England Premier League (1)
EvertonDavies, Tom19CM857312£
Rest of WorldOlympiacos CFPRetsos, Panagiotis19CB857213£
Germany 1. Bundesliga (1)
Borussia DortmundMor, Emre20RM857015£
France Ligue 1 (1)AS MonacoMboula, Jordi18RM856817£
England EFL Championship (2)
FulhamSessegnon, Ryan17LB856619£
France Ligue 1 (1)FC MetzThill, Vincent17CAM856322£

If that lot of the best young players in FIFA 18 doesn't interest you, perhaps you need to be playing a different game!

Buying High Potential Young Players in FIFA 18 - Tips and Tricks

Here are a number of tips to help you out while you search for the FIFA 18 best young players and wonderkids to buy in FIFA 18.

  • Don’t always target the best young player stars - While it would be great to sign Dele Alli or Dembélé, they are already high quality players, at big clubs who will be reluctant to let them go. If they do sell, it’ll be for extortionate fees.
  • Anyone over 80 Potential will be great - If you’re trying to build a good squad, any player with a rating over 80 will be worth investing in.
  • Low current ratings are cheaper buys - Players who have a low current overall rating are generally cheaper and more likely to be sold. A player like Josh Onomah was available at a reasonable price in FIFA 17, yet had the potential to reach a rating of 85. His rating of 70 meant he wasn’t a high target for the biggest clubs.

For FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Icon player ratings, check out our FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Icons Player Ratings guide.

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