Far Cry New Dawn Best Guns - Full Weapons List, Elite Weapons, How to Upgrade Weapons

If you want to make it out of Hope County alive, you’ll need to pack some serious firepower. Here’s the skinny on all of Far Cry New Dawn’s weapons.

You're going to be coming up against beasts of all shapes and sizes in the apocalypse of Far Cry New Dawn, so come prepared. In our Far Cry New Dawn weapons guide, we'll be providing you with a list of the best weapons in Far Cry New Dawn, so your weapons always pack a punch against even the strongest opponents.

For everything else related to Far Cry New Dawn, be sure to head over to our Far Cry New Dawn Guides Hub. It’s where we’ll be collecting all of our Far Cry New Dawn Guides Content. There are essential tips and tricks, Treasure Hunt locations, and more!

Far Cry New Dawn Guns

The weapons in Far Cry New Dawn are split into four rankings: Rank 1, 2, 3 and Elite. You won’t have access to Elite weapons until you’ve reached later on in the game, but with some careful planning, you can have a pretty good loadout relatively early on. Let’s take a look at the weapons of Far Cry New Dawn.

Far Cry New Dawn Weapons List

To help you plan out your arsenal, we’ve listed all of the weapons you can get in Far Cry New Dawn below. We’ve broken them up by weapon rank, as you’ll likely want to have a good range of different killing machines.

Far Cry New Dawn Rank 1 Weapons

Rusty 1911Handgun703808
Rusty .44 MagnumHandgun1002906
Rusty SMG-11SMG3380030
Rusty MP5SMG3481024
Rusty M133Shotgun2001807
Rusty AR-CAssault Rifle3890030
Rusty SVDSniper Rifle852805
Rusty M60Light Machine Gun4052650
Treebranch BowBow-Stealth200601
Rusty RPG-7Rocket Launcher300101
Rusty FlamethrowerFlamethrower7520100
Saw Launcher V.0Sawlauncher200821

Far Cry New Dawn Rank 2 Weapons

Makeshift M9Handgun15042510
Makeshift P226Handgun10041010
Makeshift MP34SMG5860032
Makeshift MP40SMG4855048
"Space Force" Vector.45 ACPSMG58120040
Makeshift M133 MSShotgun2731809
"Retro Sci-Fi" M133 MShotgun2731809
"Sin Eater" D2Shotgun6151802
Makeshift SBSShotgun4281802
Makeshift 45/70-TAssault Rifle - Stealth2001804
Makeshift AK-47Assault Rifle6760040
Makeshift 308 CarbineSniper Rifle2501655
"Claymore" SVDSniper Rifle2002805
Makeshift M60LMG60526100
"Hurk's Wrath M249LMG60800160
Makeshift RAT4Rocket Launcher500101
"Blast-Off" RAT4Rocket Launcher700101
Chosen BowBow - Stealth400601
Makeshift SlingshotSlingshot - Stealth400601
Saw Launcher V.1Sawlauncher - Stealth400821

Far Cry New Dawn Rank 3 Weapons

Optimized A.J.M.9Handgun85105018
Optimized SKORPIONHandgun6586930
"Guerilla-Gear" .44 MagnumHangun3252906
Optimized Vector.45 ACPSMG75120040
Optimized MP5SDSMG - Stealth 12581024
Optimized 1887Shotgun4151809
Optimized MS16Assault Rifle - Stealth25065015
Optimized AKMSAssault Rifle10060040
Optimized MBP .50Sniper Rifle - Stealth40016510
"Gardener's Fury" M249LMG85800160
"Graffiti" M249LMG85800160
Optimized RAT4Rocket Launcher700101
Optimized Recurve BowBow -Stealth800601
Optimized FlamethrowerFlamethrower 12520100
Saw Launcher V.2Sawlauncher800829

Far Cry New Dawn Epic Weapons

The very best weapons in Far Cry New Dawn are Epic Weapons. You’ll need to level up your Weapons Bench in order to be able to craft them. This will take a lot of Ethanol, so to learn the best ways to make Ethanol fast in Far Cry New dawn, head over to our Far Cry New Dawn Ethanol Guide. In the meantime, take a look at all of the Epic Weapons you can get in Far Cry New Dawn:

"It's A Tarp" P08Handgun - Stealth26537010
"DIY" D50Handgun40025510
"Blood Dragon" A.J.M.9Handgun135105018
"X-Mas TAPE" A-99Handgun - Stealth13585030
"Belt It Out" BZ19SMG10070084
"Spraypaint and Pray" SPAS-12Shotgun - Stealth3982409
"Such a Boar" D2Shotgun9451802
"Blissful Agony" D2Shotgun9451802
"Rock-Paper-Scissors" AR-CAssault Rifle15590030
"The Works" BP-2Assault Rifle - Stealth14080040
"Giant Tool" M-16Assault Rifle10090030
"Radiation-Pink" AK-MSAssault Rifle15560040
"Length Of Pipe" SA-50Sniper Rifle - Stealth80018010
"Space Force" SA-50Sniper Rifle - Stealth80018010
"Guerilla-Gear" MBP .50Sniper Rifle - Stealth80016510
"Blunderbuss" MG42LMG1151176200
"Bison Burger" M-79Launcher700301
"Color Spray" M-79Launcher700301
"Lucky Shot" Compound BowBow - Stealth1200601
"Blood Dragon" Recurve BowBow - Stealth1200601
"Weedkiller" FlamethrowerFlamethrower25020100
"Unicorn" Flamethrower Flamethrower25020100

Far Cry New Dawn Best Weapons

You’ll want to go into each battle with the best loadout possible, especially some of the final boss battles. To help you out, we’ve collected a list of all the very best weapons in Far Cry New Dawn.

  • Lucky Shot Compound Bow - For our money, this is the very best weapon in Far Cry New Dawn. It can one shot up to Rank 3 anywhere on the body, two shots for Epic enemies. It can be upgraded too, and is completely silent.
  • Giant Tool M16 - If it’s an assault rifle you’re after, go for the M16. It has very low recoil, a great scope, and a screwdriver on the end. This final point, in particular, allows you to finish off enemies with ease.
  • Bison Burger M79 - You’ll need a launcher with you at all times in Far Cry New Dawn, particularly for when reinforcements are called in. This one is unstoppable, able to tear through even the most armored of vehicles like soft cheese.
  • Guerilla Gear BP .50 - This silenced sniper rifle packs a real punch, and allows you to decimate an outpost from afar.

How to Upgrade Weapons in Far Cry New Dawn

Once you’ve purchased an Epic weapon in Far Cry New Dawn, you can upgrade it further at the weapons bench. You’ll need extra materials to do so, but you’ll increase the damage of it each time. For example, upgrading the Lucky Shot Bow adds 5 percent damage per upgrade, which can mean one shot kills to Epic enemies.

Far Cry New Dawn Melee Weapons Breaking

Melee weapons are the only type which work a bit differently than the rest. This is most noticeable in that melee weapons will break over time. The higher the rarity, the more hits you'll get until your weapon breaks. If it does break, then you just need to get to a weapons store to add it back into your inventory, free of charge.

That’s everything you need to know about weapons in Far Cry New Dawn. For more on the game, why not check out our Far Cry New Dawn Treasure Hunt Locations Guide. You should also take a look at how to earn more circuit boards fast, so that you can craft Epic weapons.

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