Far Cry New Dawn Ethanol - How to Get More Ethanol Fast

Far Cry New Dawn Ethanol - How to Get More Ethanol Fast

Ethanol is the lifeblood of post-nuclear Hope County. Here’s how to get as much as possible.

Hope County is looking pretty worse for wear in Far Cry New Dawn, thanks to a certain shirtless cult leader going nuclear all over the place. Humanity has started to bounce back though, and have even started to develop civilizations dependant on ethanol as their main fuel source. Ethanol is worth its weight in gold then, so you’ll want to get as much as possible if you want to upgrade your homebase. We’ve been playing a whole lot of Far Cry New Dawn, and have put together this Far Cry New Dawn Ethanol Guide. We’ll outline how to get Ethanol fast and easy in Far Cry New Dawn so that you can bolster your base.

Far Cry New Dawn Ethanol

You’ll need Ethanol to upgrade your homebase of Prosperity in Far Cry New Dawn. This will allow you to craft better weapons, have higher base health, and make use of useful maps which lead you to collectibles and Treasure Hunts. It’s pretty much essential if you want to be able to take on the stronger enemies and harder missions, so let’s take a look at how to get more ethanol in Far Cry New Dawn.

Liberating Outposts For Ethanol in Far Cry New Dawn

The best way to get a ton of Ethanol is to liberate Outposts. There are ten in total in Far Cry New Dawn, each awarding Ethanol upon completion. You’ll need to eliminate all of the enemies in each Outpost, and you’ll get bonus Ethanol for doing so without being detected, and for not triggering any alarms. This method will yield you more than enough Ethanol to tide you over, especially if you use the Scavenging method.

Scavenge Outposts For More Ethanol in Far Cry New Dawn

Once you’ve liberated an Outpost and earned some Ethanol, you’ll get the option to Scavenge it. This essentially means handing it back to the enemy so that you can take it again. The difficulty will increase, and therefore the Ethanol earned by completing it. You can do this with all 10 Outposts essentially meaning that there are 30 to take on. You can even Scavenge them after that, for a serious challenge.

Far Cry New Dawn Ethanol Tanker

While out exploring the irradiated wastelands of Hope County, you’ll come across Ethanol Tankers. These can either be destroyed or stolen. If you steal one, drive it back to one of your bases to claim the Ethanol. This is a great way to pick up some extra Ethanol, so keep an eye out.

Can You Buy Ethanol Using Far Cry Credits?

Far Cry Credits can be used to purchase a multitude of different resources in Far Cry New Dawn. Unfortunately, this does not include Ethanol, so you’ll need to earn it the old fashioned way.

Far Cry New Dawn Ethanol Farming

In our time with the game, we've worked out that scavenging Outposts is the very best way to farm Ethanol in Far Cry New Dawn. You can continue to do so even after you've completed each one at the hardest difficulty, and make sure to keep things quite for even more Ethanol each run.

That’s everything you need to know about Ethanol in Far Cry New Dawn. For more on the game, why not check out our Far Cry New Dawn Treasure Hunt Locations Guide. You should also take a look at how to earn more Circuit Boards fast, so that you can craft Epic weapons.

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